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Mexican Candy Shot: The Best Recipe of Goodness and Happiness

Mexican Candy Shot

Mexican candy shot or the most loveable candy shot is pucker up along with spicy and sweet tequila. Once you have it, there is no comeback; you just are in love with these candy shots. The pair of fruit juice and tequila makes it more delicious and it is the main reason for the high demand.

Candy shots are always at the top of the list of our priorities when we think about parties. There is no party without drinks and especially candy shots. And Mexican candy shot is one of the most popular and most demanded candy shots ever. Wrinkle up with spicy and sweet tequila shots gives the best feeling of having shots. A couple of hot sauces and watermelon pucker are the secret ingredients of this recipe.

However, there are other Mexican candy jello shots, and cucumber watermelon Mexican candy shot but it is above all. We can get this shot in any restaurant but it is too expensive.  But you can easily make these shots at your home by following a Mexican candy shot recipe.

Mexican Candy Shot is a tasty and wonderful traditional unique cocktail. It has a lot of fruity flavors and is nice and mildly highly spiced. Although the elements are the same as the ones within the unique recipe, the flavor profile is barely different. The name of this drink comes from a watermelon-flavored with covered chili powder and Mexican difficult sweet. There is no need for any extraordinary ingredients; you can easily get those ingredients. In this article, we will discuss How to make Mexican candy shots and bring happiness to your face.

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Whats in a Mexican candy shot?

Mexican candy shot is a cocktail that is made to resemble Mexican watermelon sweet. Whatever way you put together your Mexican sweet boozy drink, it ought to be highly spiced, fruity, and completely wonderful, transporting the taste of the sweet you again to the unique. Most recipes ask for watermelon pucker; however, others name watermelon fruit itself, at the same time as a few pass over the watermelon absolutely in choice of fruit juices like lime, strawberry, or raspberry.

The Mexican shot alcoholic beverage derived from those fruit juices, however, continues the fiery taste of the Mexican shot by utilizing warm sauces consisting of Tabasco.

Much of the time, tequila is the selected alcoholic beverage; however, rum is likewise regularly utilized. Vodka may be used instead for bourbon. The 3 essential factors are sparkling juices or else a pucker, highly spiced sauce, and an alcoholic beverage. The candy is referred to as a lollipop, that’s a Mexican-fashion Popsicle.

Basically, there are no unique elements listed for this sweet drink. However, each model has some primary elements. Rather than watermelon juice, a combination of mango, as well as strawberry, or else raspberry juice, may be used.

Where Did This Mexican Shot Form? 

This traditional cocktail has been everywhere for some items. It was created down in Mexico. It was assumably completed with fruit juices in Mexico and around the border towns including Texas, and El Paso. 

What Does A Mexican Candy Shot Taste Like?

This Mexican candy shot is certain to be a defeater as its sweet and a little spicy taste is filled with a delicious blend of fruit flavors. It is sweet and fruity with a slight tang with some kind of medium heat kind of spiciness. The tangy tastes come from the Tajin and the hot sauce. 

Why Is It Named A Mexican Candy Shot? 

The name of this drink is based on a Mexican hard candy lollipop or paleta. In Mexico, there you get down this drink called a Vero Rebanaditas pallets con chile. Paleta means lollipop. But people can also mean it as a popsicle. I’ve eaten them my whole life. If you have never tried them I suggest you try this paleta at least one time. 

This paleta is a Mexican watermelon candy covered in chili powder. It also comes in Vero Elotes with a strawberry flavor and Vero Mango which is apparently mango. Therefore, the chili powder can be a little massive for those who have not had it on a lollipop before. 

Mexican candy shot ingredients:

Traditionally watermelon juice is used to make Mexican Candy. However, you could use any fruit juice like strawberry, raspberry, or guava juice. Choose one with a red shadeation for an actual look. The high-quality Mexican candy shot has a balanced flavor and it’s absolutely refreshing.

Fruit Juice:

Fresh-squeezed juice is one of the most Mexican candy shot ingredients. You have to remove pulp. You can use watermelon or guava or strawberry juices.


It is the classic alcoholic flavor for the recipe. If you want to get a stronger one you should increase the amount of Tequila.

Hot Sauce:

It puts a nice temperature to the drink. Tabasco sauce is the best.


you will need sugar for rimming the edge of shot glasses. If you want a sweeter taste you can also add sugar.


It is optional. For garnishing, you can add it.

Ice Cubes:

To make it more chilling add Ice cubes as you need.

Salt or Tajin:

For a chile-lime salt taste, you add salt or tajin.

How to make Mexican candy shots:

To know How to make Mexican candy shots just follow the below steps:

  • At first, you have to rub tajin or salt just about the rims of the chilled shot glasses.
  • Then pour the hot sauce onto the flat plate then press the rims of the chilled glasses of shots into the salt or Tajin with average pressure.
  • If you want to get a strong mixture, you can add some extra salt to Tajin.
  • Once you have finished with the tajin rimmed shot glasses, twist the blended watermelon or any other fruits to extract the juice.
  • Then in the cocktail shaker add tequila, watermelon juice, mango juice, Tabasco, salt, lime juice, and strawberry juice.
  • Add ice and shake the mixture to let it cool.
  • Then, pour the mixture into your shot glasses with the garnish of Tajin rims.

Finally, the shots are ready to serve with all the Mexican candy shot ingredients.

Tips for Mexican candy shot recipe:

  • Use the correct tequila-to-juice ratio. For a balanced flavor, I advocate beginning with a 1:2 ratio. You could make minor changes primarily based totally on your preferences.
  • If your juice isn’t enough candy, you could want to include more sugar. Pertain the sugar regularly to keep away from over-sweetening.
  • New juices or a pucker, warm sauce, as well as an alcoholic drink, are the 3 primary elements. Tequila is the favored alcoholic beverage a lot of the time, however, rum is regularly used. As an opportunity to drink bourbon, vodka can be used.
  • Paleta is the Mexican sweet and then the drink is named. Despite being named after paletas, the sweet is not often used in the drink’s preparation. However, Paletas are scrumptious frozen sweet treats that might be particularly famous amongst Mexican children.

Mexican candy names:

There aren’t any unique elements listed for this sweet drink, however, each model has some primary elements. And if the model you drank at that party you already topped the high-quality party of the yr did now no longer have those primary elements, then what you drank turned into maximum possibly now no longer the Mexican sweet drink.

Watermelon pucker is utilized in maximum recipes, however, a few names for the watermelon fruit itself. On the other hand, forgo the watermelon absolutely in choice of fruit juices consisting of raspberry, strawberry, or lime. However, through the usage of warm sauces consisting of Tabasco, the Mexican sweet alcoholic drink crafted from those fruit juices keeps the highly spiced taste of the Mexican sweet.

More variations:

Do you ever think whats in a Mexican candy shot? There are lots of variations of Mexican candy shot such as:

  • You can add vodka to this cocktail 
  • Instead of traditional hot sauce, this paleta can prepare with Chamoy(A saucy flavoring which is made of lime juice, dried chilies, and fruits)
  • You can add mango to the shots
  • You can also add strawberries to make jello shots.


In the end, we can say that Mexican candy shot is one of the most popular and trendiest foods in the world. No party is completed without this. It is easy to make, delicious to eat, and fast to prepare. Each and every person enjoys the shots. They are beautiful and they are fine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does this paleta taste like?

Ans: A Mexican candy shot tastes sweet, refreshing, and spicy with a tang of spice. 

Q. What is a Mexican candy shot?

Ans: Mexican candy shot is one of the most popular shots made with fruit juice, especially with watermelon.

Q. What kind of juice is best for Mexican cany shot?

Ans: We prefer watermelon as the most favored juice for this recipe but strawberry or mango can be used as an alternate. 

Q. what’s in a Mexican candy shot?

Ans: The answer is Tequila, fruit juice, lime juice, salt, Tajin, and ice cubes.

Q. Can I use mango to make the shots?

Ans: Yes you can use mango juice.

Q. How many calories are in these shots?

Ans: A Mexican candy shot contains 127 calories.

Q. How much time does it take to prepare?

Ans: It will take approximately 5 minutes to prepare.

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