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Marco’s Pizza: World’s Most Delicious Pizza Menu, Price, Offers And Location

Marco's Pizza

Marco’s Pizza, the name is so popular that, whenever we think about tasty and cheesy pizza the first name comes into our mind. The company received the best pizza brand honor in 2019 and has its chains in more than 35 countries. On the menu, you will get meat, deluxe, pepperoni, and white cheesy pizzas.

Whenever we thought about tasty delicious pizza the first name that came into our mind is Marco’s Pizza. Pizza is one of the most favorite dishes in our lives. From kids to old people loved to eat pizzas. However, there are so many pizza-making companies but no one is better than macros. As we all know Marco’s is one of the best pizzas-making franchises in the United States and now spread their love internationally.

Furthermore, Marco’s Pizza Colorado Springs and pizzas were the best pizza brand in 2019. People are eagerly waiting for their every newly launched pizza. However, in the United States, it has many tough competitors such as Domino and Pizza Hut. But the franchise is continuously growing in the US.

Marco’s Pizza is a famous American restaurant and interstate franchise in Toledo in Ohio and operated by Marco’s Franchising LLC.  The franchise opened its first store in Ohio in 1978 by Pasquale pat Giammarco. In 2017, the franchise opened its 800 stores in 34 different states including India and the Bahamas. At the end of the year 2018. The franchise created their doubled size Marco’s Pizza and opened their 1000 stores. 

The reason behind the popularity of Marco’s Pizza Bowl is their three cheese blend, pizza sauce, and dough. However, the franchise received so many accolades and awards in a few years.

In this article, we will discuss all the details about the famous franchise pizzas.

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What is Marco’s Pizza?

Marco’s Pizza is one of the tastiest and delicious pizza-providing franchises in the United States which is now famous worldwide.  In 2016, it was ranked no 10 on Pizza Today content of Top Pizza Franchises in the US. The franchise was also called one of the Marketing Quarterly’s apex 25 Pizza Chains plus named by the Franchising World as 8th number on the magazine’s catalog of “Fast and Serious Growth Franchises”.

Pasquale Pat Giammarco is the founding father of Marco’s Pizza. His father and he made the sauce recipe this is utilized in Marco’s Pizza places. In 2002, eating place enterprise professional Jack Butorac requested to research 3 eating place principles as capability boom opportunities, along with Marco’s Pizza.

However, in 2005 national Marco’s growth began. Marco’s skilled fast growth beneath Butorac’s leadership. Since Butorac has owned the company, it has greater than doubled in length and improved to over 35 states, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and India.

Butorac was offered the distinguished Golden Chain award, a lifetime-success award within the eating place business, with the aid of using Restaurant News in 2017. The franchise and its president, Bryon Stephens, had been featured in the 2016, episode of the CBS tv application Undercover Boss. The episode received its time slot within the TV rankings with 7.4 million viewers.

However, the business operates locations in 33 states including Puerto Rico. Moreover, Store locations also offer online purchasing and payment.

Marco’s Pizza Menu:

You can enjoy the original sauce, crust styles, signature 3 kinds of cheese, and your favorite toppings in the nearest Marco’s Pizza stores. The menu contains pizza, wings, salads, subs, CinnaSquares, Cheesy Bread, pizza bowls, and co-branded Ghirardelli brownies.

Some of their specialty pizzas contain White Cheezy, used for which the company won the gourmet contest in California. Marco’s Pizza menu is available for take-out or delivery, while several locations proffer dine-in plus catering alternatives.

Among the specialty and unusual pizzas found at a range of times on Marco’s Pizza menu are Pepperoni Magnifico, Chicken Florentine, Spicy Fresco, Double Pepperoni Spicy-Fresco pizzas, and Chicken Fresco. So, the signature element of Fresco pizzas is their special Giardiniera which is a genuine Italian pepper enjoyed.

In pizzas, you will get:

  • All meat
  • Deluxe
  • Garden
  • Hawaiian chicken
  • Pepperoni magnifico
  • White cheesy

In Marco’s Pizza Bowl you will get all meat and deluxe which come with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green papers, and Italian sausage and baked with their original sauce & three slices of cheese.

In subs, you will get the chicken club:

  • Italiano
  • Steak and cheese
  • In salads you will get
  • Italian chef
  • Chicken Caesar
  • Greek
  • Garden

Insides you will get cheesy bread:

  • Chicken dippers
  • Chicken wings

And in the desserts, you will get the tastiest cinnasquares.

Marco’s Pizza Bowl offers:

In the nearest Marco’s Pizza stores you will find many kinds of offers. You will get some coupon codes when you are ordering food online.

  • You can use the code PEP MAG to enjoy the pepperoni magnifico at just $999.
  • We can use the code HOT2GO to enjoy the unlimited large two topping pizzas at just $899
  • We can use the code SPECIAL3 to enjoy the large specialty pizzas with $3 off
  • When you order extra and call it an encore you will get unlimited medium one topping pizzas at just $799
  • When you install the app you will get 25% off on your first purchase.
  • The one of the best parts of marco’s pizza is it provides contact less delivery in this COVID-19 situation.


Marco’s Pizza is aware of the significance of offering entire and correct nutrient records to our customers. Because each purchaser makes use of nutrient records differently, we offer 3 approaches to view our nutrient records. Here you will get the nutrition calculator so that you can check your daily preferable calories and nutrition.

You will get the menu about the allergen and calories. There is a list of allergen items so that you can choose your one. Such as eggs, fish, milk, shellfish, wheat, soy, tree nuts, and peanuts. For this, you just have to visit the official website of Marco’s Pizza Colorado Springs.

Nearest Marco’s Pizza:

Who would not need to flavor the world’s best pizza? If you’re concerned approximately their shop area or from wherein you could order their product or need to recognize approximately nearest Marco’s Pizza then simply takes a look at their internet site and visits the shop locator to locate the closest shop.

You can without difficulty locate Marco’s Pizza close to me through their shop. We all can get the tasty pizzas via means of ordering from the app or internet site because the franchise presents pizza shipping regardless of what region the paintings or home are. You get equally tasty and scrumptious pizza at home.


Based at the Average Unit Volume of the pinnacle 50% of our Franchised Stores for economic yr 2020. Based on economic yr 2020, 142 of 369 Franchised Stores within the category (38%) met or handed this average. These statistics seem in Item 19 of 2021 FDD – please talk to our FDD for entire statistics on monetary performance. Your consequences can also additionally differ. There isn’t any warranty that you’ll do as well.

Gift cards:

Another best part of it is that it provides gift cards to their customers. You can purchase fresh-made dough, original sauce pizza, signature cheeses with the gift card.  It is perfect for every pizza lover. You can purchase the gift card through their official website or app. Or you can also visit the nearest marco’s pizza store.


Marco’s Pizza is presently indexed at #eight in Pizza Today’s Top one hundred Pizza Chains for 2017 and changed into named via means of Franchise Times as wide variety 8 at the mag’s listing of Fast and Serious increase franchises. In 2012, it partnered with privately-held film condo chain Family Video to open Marco’s places in as many as 350+ Family Video stores.

However, in 2014, Marco’s Pizza changed into named the third fine pizza chain via way of means of Consumer Reports mag on its listing of Best and Worst Fast Food Restaurants in America primarily based totally on survey consequences

Social media platforms:

You can also follow macro’s pizza on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, It has more than 18k followers and on Facebook, it has more than 300k followers. On both the platforms you can know about their everyday offers and menu. You can also get to know about their newly launched items through social media.


Marco’s now no longer best presents the tasty and scrumptious pizzas however additionally presents a bendy profession for everyone. One can without difficulty get any type of task at any shop of Marco’s pizza. Each area of their Franchise is separately owned in addition to operating below the franchise agreement thru marco’s pizza franchise LLC.

For any questions regarding employment to be engaged to the shop or franchise owner. And the Franchise LLC has to now no longer take any movements for the shop employment. You can without difficulty discover your appropriate task from a reliable internet site or from the app. You can visit the careers and choose your state, radius, zip, and your ideal task kind after which click on search.

Marco’s Pizza App:

Another best part of macros pizza is you can also access and purchase your favorite pizza through their app.  You can download the app from Google play store or apple store as it has access to both devices. However, a mobile app makes your work and purchasing experience better. So, even you will get an extra 25% off on your first purchase after installing the app.

Marco’s Pizza Ratings:

However, Marco’s pizza is one of the fastest-growing pizza franchising companies in the United States. It received so many positive ratings such as:

  • Number one favorite pizza company of America
  • Second restaurant business magazine by their pizza category
  • Ranked 2nd among all pizza companies on the business insider’s list
  • Ranked 3rd on franchise gator top hundred franchises
  • Technomic Top five hundred Chains
  • Top 200 company in the Franchise Business Review


In the end, we can say that Marco’s Pizza is not only good in taste but also a growing company. So, the franchise had done a tough competition with domino and Pizza Hut in the United States. And the franchise continuously provides its best service to people worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Marco’s Pizza?

Ans: Marco’s pizza is one of the tastiest pizzas providing franchises in the United States.

Q. Who is the founder of it?

Ans: Giammarco is the founder of it.

Q. How to download their app?

Ans: You can download the app from google play store or apple store on your mobile.

Q. Are they providing free delivery?

Ans: It’s actually depending on your delivery area location.

Q. How much does it cost?

Ans: You can anytime check their menu and prices on the official website or in the app.

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