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Top 10 Healthy Fast Food Breakfast Ideas To Try Now

Fast Food Breakfast

In the morning we feel extremely lazy and if we have hurry for office then don’t have enough time to prepare healthy heavy meal. We search for something easy healthy fast food breakfast options that take few times or order from nearest restaurant. But the question is the morning meals that we order are really healthy? Or the package foods that we prepare at home are really healthy? Well there are lots of questions about health issues of fast foods. But do you know there are lots of healthy breakfast food ideas that can be make easily and quickly at home?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast will perfectly cheer up after an early awakening and give a boost of energy for the whole day. Hearty and healthy breakfasts include cottage cheese, cereals, omelettes and fried eggs. Here I bring for you some healthy fast food breakfast ideas that keeps you healthy and fit but at first you should know about the first food.

What Is Fast Food?

Fast food refers to all foods that can be prepared and served very quickly. Any food that takes a short time to prepare can be considered as fast food, but usually fast food refers to the food that is mainly sold in hotels and restaurants, and is served as per the demand of the buyer. Fast food mainly means food like burgers, fried chicken, pasta, Maggi etc.

When we eat too much fast foods, our body converts them into fat and too much sugar can damage our teeth and skin. Fast food never falls into a balanced diet. Fast food lacks the vitamins and minerals we need. Eating fast food makes the body of adolescent children sick. Natural fresh food is better for health than packaged or canned food.

Is Fast Food Called Junk Food?

We now eat a lot of food in the name of modernity. But some foods are not only safe for the body but also pose a danger, which is termed as junk food and its negative action is not yet understood by the common people. Foods that are high in salt, sugar, fat and low in nutrients are considered junk food. There is a difference between fast food and junk food. Fast food may be ‘junk’, but junk food may not be ‘fast’.

Why ‘Fast Food’ Is Harmful? Reasons:

Demand for the fast food has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Since the demand is only available at hand, more attention is paid to the availability rather than the price. However, this ‘fast food’ has harmful effects on the body in various ways.

Saturated Fat:

The Journal of Clinical Oncology, dietary fats and saturated fats increase the risk of lung cancer.

Fried potatoes:

According to a study by the UK’s Food Standards Agency, crispy fried potatoes are harmful to health. Although it is fun to eat brown fried potatoes, it makes ‘acrylamide’ in the body.

High-temperature cooking of fibrous foods produces acrylamide, which increases the risk of cancer. That is why it is best to fry any fibrous food including bread without turning it completely brown.

Hot Coffee:

Tea and coffee lovers need to be aware. Coffee is not harmful. However, drinking hot tea or coffee all the time increases the risk of oesophageal cancer. The oesophagus is the muscular oesophagus that runs from the back of the mouth to the stomach. Which helps the food reach the stomach. Drinking hot tea or coffee all the time can lead to throat tumours. Coffee is not harmful. You can prepare a flavorful coffee using a coffee press that is safer than other methods.

Soft Drinks:

People who can’t eat without soft drinks of choice should know that one can of soft drinks contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, which increases the risk of cancer. Diet soda or other beverages are also not healthy; because it contains artificial sweeteners that increase the risk of stroke and obesity.

Processed Meat:

Processed meat is bad for the body. According to various researchers, chemical ingredients in processed foods increase the risk of stomach cancer.

10 Healthy Fast Food Breakfast Ideas:

Fast Food Breakfast

1. Metabolism and Gain Strength:

Consider a few healthy food recipes. The first in our rating will be dishes consumed in the morning, that is, for breakfast. Healthy keto breakfast fast food diet cereals. The carbohydrates contained in them will help to be in good shape throughout the first half of the day. Feeling of hunger will not distract during work, your hand will not reach for a “malicious” sandwich. Buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, and barley porridge are a healthy and nutritious product.

Cooking Methods:

  • The recipes for making cereals are quite similar:
  • Combine one part of the cereal (pre-rinse) and 2 parts of water, cook over low heat.
  • Salt is added in a minimal amount, because it provokes the body to “store” water and negatively affects the work of many organs.
  • Nutritionists do not recommend adding oil to porridge.

2. Banana Cheesecakes:

Banana cheesecake is the best keto breakfast fast food idea. For this healthy dish you need cottage cheese, egg, vanillin, rice flour, Sweetener, and banana. At first, you need to pre-heat the pan and remember – it must be dry to prepare it. Then separately, beat the egg well. Grind the cottage cheese with a blender, this gives an airy consistency to the cottage cheese. Add banana to the curd mass and mash. In the resulting homogeneous mass, add a beaten egg, sweetener and vanilla. Done, you can start frying.

The dough may begin to stick to your hands; moisten them with plain water. Roll up the ball and gently press it to the non-stick pan.

Fry at low temperature until golden brown. Then turn on the other side and fry again under the lid until the desired colour on the other side. Tender cheesecakes are ready. You can pour them sugar-free syrup or low-calorie jam. Bon Appetite!

A classic of the genre is oatmeal. One of the favourite options for breakfast is an athlete who is losing weight and even the simplest person who does not particularly monitor the balance of nutrients in his body.

But, when you constantly eat the same thing, it bothers. You simply can’t refuse healthy food, so it’s easy to model a new tasty option.

3. Oatmeal with Cottage Cheese:

For this healthy fast food breakfast, you need oatmeal, milk, soft curd, nuts, berries, fruits and sweetener. To prepare this, pour oatmeal with a mixture of milk and water, and set for 2 minutes. in the microwave. Next, season the porridge with cottage cheese. We put berries and nuts to our taste, you can pour it with syrup on stevia or add sweetener. Due to cottage cheese, porridge acquires an original taste and becomes more satisfying.

4. Fruit Salad:

Starting a morning with a fruit salad is both tasty and healthy. To prepare it, peel 1 banana and cut it into rings, sort the orange into slices, cut the pear into cubes, mix the ingredients and sprinkle with finely chopped mint and lemon balm (literally 5-6 leaves). And after a couple of hours you can drink herbal tea with honey.

5. Sprouted Grains:

To eat this kind of breakfast, you will need to prepare in advance. To prepare it, you need to rinse 2 tablespoons of whole wheat grain and cover a plate with them with a damp cloth. Leave the grain for 2-3 days for germination, the napkin must be constantly moistened. When seedlings appear, it is a sign that the grain can be eaten. In the sprouted grains add finely chopped 2 dried apricots and 2 prunes. The benefits of such a salad can hardly be overestimated. If you make it a rule to start your day with, you will feel the result right away. You will notice that the work of the gastrointestinal tract has improved, the mood has risen and a new surge of strength has appeared.

6. Apple Fried Chips:

Begin the morning with healthy breakfast food ideas that can give you proper nutrition. We generally eat potato chips which have different flavours. But chips which are prepare with apples are very healthy and tasty. At your home, in the morning you can easily prepare wonderful apple fried chips by slicing apples and mixing them with altered spices and frying them in vegetable oil. Although they are fried chips, these chips made with apples can be a nutritious fried food for you.

7. Apple Donuts:

Apple donuts can be one of the most delicious and nutritious healthy fast food breakfast for you. Apple donuts are not commonly found in restaurants or fast food outlets in India. However, apple donuts are a very popular type of fried food in foreign countries. Apple donuts are made by frying butter, eggs, sugar and various ingredients in oil. Apple donuts are one of the most nutritious and easily home-made fried foods. If you want, you can easily make this delicious and nutritious recipe at home.

8. Vegetable Soup:

Everyone knows about the importance of soups for the body. The first dish is recommended to eat every day. Vegetable soups are considered more useful, but not cooked “on the bone”. It is believed that many harmful substances accumulate in animal bones. In particular, radionuclides. And when cooking, it all falls into the dish. Low-calorie vegetable soups. They are easily absorbed by the body. Prepare quickly, easily.

9. Fruits Combination for Breakfast:

It is believed that one apple every day will deprive doctors of work. These fruits familiar to us reduce the risk of developing oncology, Alzheimer’s disease, heart pathologies; have anti-inflammatory effect, help the digestive system, increase immunity. Berries are very useful. They are needed for strong immunity, good memory and vision.

Regular consumption of blueberries prevents cancer cells from becoming more active. Currants contain a huge amount of vitamin C, a well-known antioxidant. Valuable substances in strawberries are involved in the process of haematopoiesis. Nuts are the natural sources of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The former “control” the level of cholesterol in the blood. The latter reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevent free radicals from starting their destructive activity.

10. Homemade Granola:

Muesli, of course, is the most convenient, fast and affordable breakfast. But regularly acquiring them for your family is unprofitable. You can cook this dish yourself. It will turn out no less useful and tasty. For this recipe you need oatmeal, dried apricots, prunes, walnuts, milk and salt. Cooking process of it are, firstly, boil oatmeal in milk with water. While the oatmeal is cooked, prepare dried fruits. Pour dried apricots and prunes with boiling water. After a couple of minutes, remove and cut into pieces. And Add nuts and chopped dried fruits to the porridge.


Recipes for healthy fast food breakfast, as well as easy for the stomach nutrition is easy to find in any kitchen in the world. We advise you to experiment with products and with combinations of tastes yourself. Firstly, it is interesting. Secondly, it gives confidence and reveals creativity. Thirdly, it has a beneficial effect on well-being and attitude. Do not forget about the three basic rules, and you can always be proud of both your figure and health.

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