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Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

If you are one of the gym freaks or sports enthusiastic then you must be wondering how to gain weight fast? For some people, gaining weight or adding muscle can be just as hard as losing weight for others. You can simply add some healthiest foods to your diet that can make your weight gain an attempt both healthy and more effective. There are several best foods to gain weight that you need to know. Also, there are a lot of foods to gain weight fast, but those foods must be healthy for health.

A person who is underweight, that person has experienced some health issues like developmental delays, infertility, osteoporosis, an increased risk of complications during surgery, and malnutrition.

What Does Underweight Really Mean?

Being underweight is very worrying for most people. The thin people always try to gain weight following massive tips. Gaining weight is similar to losing weight. Underweight means below-average weight. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control) people whose body mass index falls below 18.5 then they belong to the underweight category. To calculate whether you are overweight or underweight you need to provide proper height and weight. If you are thin-skinned but naturally healthy that does not mean you have any health problems.

What Are the Health Consequences of Being Underweight?

According to a study, being underweight can be associated with the risk of various diseases for both men and women. It can lower your immune power function and increase the risk of infections. Below are some health problems that created for being underweight:

1. Problems of skin, teeth, and hair problems:

If a person hasn’t enough nutrients and doesn’t add nutrients to their diet chart then he can face health issues. With fewer nutrients power can cause hair fall, thinning skin, and poor dental health, dry and rough skin.

2. Osteoporosis:

According to studies, women with less weight can cause Osteoporosis that is very harmful to them.

3. Mental disorder:

For underweight, you can suffer from mental disorders. This happens if you do not eat properly nutrient-rich foods. Below average lower weight can resist common development of mental health.

4. Getting sick:

If a person hasn’t carried healthy body weight and doesn’t have consumed proper nutrients he gets sick frequently. 

5. Feeling tired all time:

If you haven’t enough calories then you can’t get enough energy. Always you feel tired no matter what you do. 

Causes of Being Underweight:

“Underweight” this word does not always mean physically unhealthy. But those who are underweight with low immunity power can face dangerous health problems. 

1. A high metabolism:

Being underweight doesn’t necessarily mean you are not eating enough or lacking in nutrient intake. People with a higher metabolism tend to burn calories quicker thus making it hard for them to gain weight. Metabolism rates indicate how our bodies break down the energy and fuel us.

2. Mental illness:

Just like healthy foods support our brain health and improve memory retention, mental illness can also make you gain or lose weight. In a survey from Japan, it shows that 17% of Japanese patients with Schizophrenia are somehow also underweight. Depression & anxiety in certain cases can also lead to loss of appetite and results in being underweight.

3. Family history:

Yes, it is absolutely correct that our genetics affect our weight, height, shape, and various other factors. Research shows that individuals with additional copies of certain genes are naturally skinny. Maybe in one person out of thousands, chromosome 16 is duplicated meaning men to be 23 times underweight and 5 in cases of women.

4. Frequent physical activity:

Physical activity like exercising, swimming, boxing, etc has been essential in maintaining a proper weight according to your age and height. But individuals who have existing eating disorders or are dangerously skinny should absolutely avoid exercising.  

5. Physical illness:

People with prior medical conditions like type 1 diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal problems, liver issues may be causing you to be underweight. This could be because your body isn’t registering the nutrient intake and also not absorbing it. 

How to Gain Weight Fast?

1. Eat frequently: 

It is absolutely necessary to eat at least three to five times a day. As snacking will keep you full. Which prevents habits of overeating or mindless eating. Your meals should include lean meats, nut and nut butter, fibrous fruits and vegetables, and carbohydrates. Eating more often means that you’re eating more calories than your body needs or burns.

2. Consume nutrient-rich foods:

The most important reason to cut down on junk food is that they lack nutrients. Whatever food we’re going to incorporate in our meal should add some nutritional value. While trying to gain weight in a conscious way you should focus more on muscle gain rather than fat.

3. Try smoothies and shakes:

Smoothies and shakes are an easy way to amp up on calories. Especially for busy people, a calorie-packed drink with bananas, peanut, milk, spinach, berries, celery is said to be a proper meal replacement. 

4. Take drinks in time:

Drinking liquids doesn’t always mean that it is being absorbed by our body or discharged. Thus when or how we drink water, shakes, soda etc can slow down our appetite. Before or whilst eating a meal drink water only if you’re actually thirsty. 

5. Exercise:

It is a proven scientific fact that exercising can aid in gaining or losing body weight. Exercising does more than just keep you healthy, it can boost muscle stretch which will eventually make them grow. Someone who has a BMI lower than 18, may also have a low bone density so strength training can change that. 

Best Foods to Gain Weight Quickly and Safely:

Gaining weight can be very struggle and here a list of some healthy foods to gain weight fast. They can also increase muscle and boost your overall health.

1. Milk:

Milk offers us a mix of fats, protein, and carbohydrates. It is also a source of vitamins, minerals, and calcium. The protein of milk is a good choice to build muscle. If anyone looking to gaining weight or muscle then milk is the better option for them.

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

2. Homemade Protein:

Drinking homemade protein can be a highly nutritious and fast way to gain weight. Here are some variations of homemade protein that you should try at home such as Chocolate banana nut shake, Chocolate hazelnut shake, Vanilla berry shake, Caramel apple shake, and super green shake. These smoothies provide a high amount of proteins and other vitamins and minerals.  

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

3. Rice:

Rice is a low-cost carbs source that helps you to gain weight. One cup of cooked rice contains about 200 calories and it is a good source of carbohydrates, which contributes to gain weight. Many people find it easy meals containing protein and vegetables.

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

4. Red Meat:

Red meat is one of the best ways to build muscle and it is one of the best natural sources of dietary creatine and leucine. This meat is the nutrients that play an important role in boosting muscle mass. It contains both protein and fat that helps you to gain weight quickly.

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

5. Nuts and Nuts butter:

Eating nuts regularly can help a person gain weight safely. Nuts are great snacks and can be added to many meals. Dry roasted nuts are good for our health. It carries protein and healthy fats.

Nuts butter can be made without adding sugar and it is available in the online market.

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

6. Salmon and Oily Fishes:

Like red meats, salmon and other oily fishes are also magnificent sources of protein and important healthy fats. Salmon and oily fishes provide omega-3 fatty acids that are most significant and well known. They offer huge benefits for our health and fight diseases. The high quality of proteins helps you to build muscle or gain weight. I think this is one of the best meal to gain weight.

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

7. Dried Fruits:

Dried fruits are high-calorie snacks that provide antioxidants and micronutrients. You can get many types of dried fruits and they contain very high-level sugar and very ideal for weight gaining. It is full of nutrients and calories.

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

8. Potatoes and Starches:

Potatoes and other starchy foods are a very easy and effective way to add extra calories in your body. The source of starchy carbs are Oats, Buckwheat, corn, quinoa, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, winter root vegetables, beans and legumes, squash, etc. potatoes and other starches not only help you to gain weight, but they also grow your muscle glycogen stores. These are also important sources of fiber and nutrients.

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

9. Avocados:

Avocados are known as healthy fats. The calories of avocado help you to gain weight. It is also high in vitamins, various beneficial plant compounds, and minerals.

10. Dark chocolate:

High-quality dark chocolates provide antioxidants and health benefits. Like other foods to gain weight fast, dark chocolate is a very high-calorie density and is packed with fiber, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

The secret behind gaining weight is that you should regularly eat more calories than you need. These tips for healthy foods to gain weight and boost immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can I gain weight in 7 days?

If you can aim at a weight gain of at least 0.5-1 kg per day then gaining considerable weight in a week is possible. These tips can help you attain that: drink less to no water while eating a meal, eat on bigger plates, eat more often by breaking down meals, etc.

Q. What can I eat to gain weight fast?

There are explicit foods that can boost weight gain healthily such as red lean meat, rice, potato, and other starches, dried fruits, granola, etc.

Q. Which fruits increase weight?

Fruits are rich in fiber content; we’re all aware of that. Although you might not know that there are everyday fruits that naturally push our bodies to gain weight. For instance, bananas, coconut meat, mango, avocados will increase your weight.

Q. Can you gain weight in 2 days?

Yes, it is possible to gain weight in just two days however the weight you’d be putting on is most likely to be due to water retention. It is quite difficult to gain muscle weight in such a short span. 

Q. How long does it take to gain weight?

It takes a considerable amount of time to increase your overall weight. But if you can aim at amplifying your calorie intake by only 500 per day. This works for average adults who are looking to gain weight by 6.4kg or 15 pounds in six months. 

Q. Will, I gain weight if I overeat one day?

Gaining weight healthily also means you have to eat within your calorie count of the day. Overeating one single day though can easily add a few pounds to your weight which might be hard when compared to a day of dieting. 

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