Foods That Impacts On Our Health

Good nutrition is one of the important keys to our good healthy life. You can maintain your health by keeping a balanced diet. You should eat food that contains minerals and vitamins, includes fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and a source of protein. Food impacts on health in various ways, if we eat too much food or food that’s give our body wrong instruction then we become overweight and maybe at the risk of the development of the diseases and conditions.

In short the food, we eat is essential to our health. We need to improve our eating habits for better nutrition.

Some Food Impacts on our Health:

It may be critical to change your eating habits. But small changing of eating habits helps you if you focus on little changes. Making changes to your diet may be beneficial if you diseases that can be made by unhealthy eating or drinking. Food impacts on health by unhealthy symptoms like lactose intolerance, kidney disease, and celiac disease can all improved by small changes in diet. The nutrient like vitamins and minerals in the food we eat allows the cell in our bodies to perform the important physical function.

Nutrients are important to grow our body and stay healthy. Here is a list of some healthy foods that create a positive effect on our bodies:


Almonds are the main source of vitamin C, copper, magnesium, good quality protein, and healthy fatty acids. Almond is good for health, it can prevent cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, blood sugar can manage weight.

Foods That Impacts On Our Health


Sometimes apples are called “nutritional powerhouse” because of its immense nutritional value. Apples are full of antioxidants, dietary fiber, and flavonoids. It may help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. It also can help to improve neurological health, preventing dementia, reducing the risk of a stock, lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, warding off breast cancer and obesity.

Foods That Impacts On Our Health


Leafy greens, arugula carries very high nitrate levels. Arugula is a type of vegetable that may help slow the progression of cancer and might also increase muscle oxygenation during exercise. It decreases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and overall mortality.

Foods That Impacts On Our Health


Naturally banana is free of fats, cholesterol, potassium, and sodium. The potential health benefit of banana are lower blood pressure, it can supporting heart health and reducing the risk of growing childhood leukemia. Banana also can prevent cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, and asthma. It is a tasty breakfast that everyone can eat for better health.

Foods That Impacts On Our Health


Asparagus is full of dietary fiber and contains high levels of vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, and calcium.  The health impact of asparagus includes; reducing the risk of diabetes, kidney stone and lowering the risk of neural tube defects in babies. It can also maintain a healthy heart, reduce the risk of depression, it can support fetal development, and it also can prevent osteoporosis and digestion.

Foods That Impacts On Our Health


Cantaloupe is known as muskmelon, mush melon, rockmelon, and Persian melon. Its high water content helps hydration and combat the heat. Its mildly sweet and juicy flavor makes it perfect fruit. Cantaloupe can reduce asthma, blood pressure, cancer, hydration, digestion, inflammation; it is beneficial for skin and hair.

Foods That Impacts On Our Health

Some other food impacts on health like  Carrots, Cauliflower, celery, chickpeas, chives, cilantro, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, collard greens, cranberries, edamame, eggplant, flaxseed,  garlic, ginger, grapes, grapefruit, green tea, honey, kale, kiwi fruit, mango, milk, mint, mushrooms, oats , oily fish , onion, orange etc .

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