Is Celsius Drink Good for Our Health? How It Works

Celsius drink is that type of energy drink which not only gives you energy but also comes in good taste. It boosts your calorie-burning capability by boosting metabolism so it is an ideal one for everyone. This drink comes with 5 different tastes and sparkling is the best of them. It contains caffeine and green tea which helps to boost energy and increase metabolism.

The energy drink has come an extensive way from weird tasting and thick beverages which made our hearts race for a long time. But whenever it comes to offering delicious which promises health benefits, the first name that comes into our mind is Celsius drink.

It is one of the most famous drinks which boosts your calorie-burning ability by boosting metabolism. It is one of the ideal drinks for anyone who needs to get work for most of the day & live fit. According to the official website of Celsius, their drinks are clinically proven and best to accelerate body metabolism, provide crucial energy, and burn fat.

Celsius energy drink is best for those people who want to get a hustle-free lifestyle after doing a workout and staying active. It is different from other energy drinks as it has no flavors or artificial preservatives, no aspartame, and has a very low amount of sodium. The best part of it is that it is free of fat, preservatives, and sugar. And it contains ginger root, vitamin C and B, green tea, guarana, and so many other nutritious ingredients.

Celsius drink is also good for losing weight as it helps to increase metabolic rate as well as heart rate by increasing the body’s temperature. But some people were facing some problems by using the product as some ingredients did not suit them.

So, in this context, you might have a question what is Celsius drink, how does it work, or is it good for you? However, in this article, we will discuss each of every detail about it.

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What is Celsius drink?

Celsius drink is a clinically proven energy drink that provides essential energy and accelerates metabolism. The drink passed all of the clinical tests and has so many positive sides. It is deadly recommended to burn calories, and increase metabolism. According to the University of Oklahoma, it is proven that Celsius is totally safe and equally effective as well.

It is also good as a pre-workout meal which enhances reimbursements of chronic workout on body configuration plus cardiorespiratory fitness. It also improves response to your body exercises. Celsius energy drink comes with five different types of drinks such as sparkling, Celsius heat, Celsius BCAAS, Celsius stevia, and Celsius on the go.

The energy drink is made with much healthier ingredients including green tea and ginger and such essential vitamins, as and guarana & Taurine. There are so many other benefits of using Celsius drinks which we discussed below. However, in this context, we can say that we get the actual result of the question: what is Celsius drink.

Is Celsius an energy drink?

Celsius is a functional energy drink packed with seven essential vitamins, minerals, no aspartame, no high corn syrup, zero artificial colors, and no preservatives. There is a high amount of caffeine and the drink contains green tea. However, the drink helps to boost your energy burn calories, and increase metabolism.

Does Celsius energy drink help to lose weight?

One of the major reasons for the continuously increasing popularity of Celsius drink is it helps to boost metabolism as well as burn your body fat. However, the company uses many ingredients which reduce body fat such as taurine, glucuronolactone, guarana extract, green tea, ginger, and caffeine. According to the studies it is proven that Celsius helps to reduce body fat. But you can also take this mainly for boosting energy even if you don’t want to reduce your body fat. But we suggest you take a doctor’s consultant before taking this drink as it increases caffeine intake.

Is Celsius Drink Good for Our Health How It Works

What are the ingredients?

Celsius energy drink is made with several healthy ingredients’ green tea, caffeine, guarana extract, vitamin B and C and so many other nutrients.

Green tea: green tea is one of the essential ingredients which help to burn calories and increase metabolism.

Vitamin B: it is indispensable for energy creation and helps to regulate metabolism and cell health. It also helps support adrenal glands to recover from your fatigue.

Guaran Extract: Celsius uses Guarana seeds which contain that amount of caffeine more than a coffee bean.

Vitamin C: it is also called ascorbic acid, is a very essential nutrient that helps your immune system, repair tissue, and improves enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters.

Ginger Root: it gives a spicy flavor that supports the thermogenesis process and also boosts the digestive systems with positive effects.

Chromium: it is very essential to control hunger and helps to normalize the level of your blood sugar plus enhances metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Other ingredients are:

  • Taurine
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Carbonated water
  • Fruit juice
  • Citric acid
  • Vegetable juice
  • Natural flavor
  • Sucralose

A 355ml pack of Celsius drink contains:

  • 200mg caffeine
  • 2g carbohydrates
  • 60mg vitamin C
  • 50mg calcium
  • 6mcg cobalamin or vitamin B12
  • 2mg pyridoxine or vitamin B6
  • 10mg vitamin B5
  • 300mcg biotin or vitamin B7
  • 20mg niacin or vitamin B3
  • 1.7mg riboflavin or vitamin B2
  • 50mcg chromium and
  • 0g sodium

Type of Celsius drinks:

In the market there are 5 types of Celsius drink Costco such as:

Celsius sparkling:

There are so many different flavors of Celsius sparkling drinks available. Those are sparkling tropical vibe, Peach Mango Green Tea, Raspberry Acai Green Tea, Sparkling Cola, Grape Rush, Watermelon, Wild Berry, Kiwi Guava, Orange, Fuji Apple Pear, Peach Vibe and Strawberry Guava. All of the flavors are sweet and exotic and perfect for summer. All of them provide essential energy, no sugar, zero preservatives, seven essential vitamins, and no artificial flavors.

Celsius heat:

Celsius heat comes into 6 different flavors with 300mg caffeine, some key vitamins which boost energy and increase thermogenesis. The flavors are jackfruit, blueberry pomegranate, cherry line, strawberry dragon fruit, inferno punch, orangesicle.

Celsius BCAA:

It is a drink with a tropical twist and a unique mixture of tart cherry, caffeine, and vitamin D3. It comes in two different flavors such as tropical twist and orange lemonade.

Celsius Stevia:

It is a non-carbonated drink with some key vitamins and green coffee and comes in 4 flavors such as watermelon berry, grapefruit, orange pomegranate, and cucumber lime.

Celsius on the go:

This Celsius drink comes in 6 different flavors such as guava lime, cranberry lemon, berry, coconut, dragonfruit, and orange. All of them are made with clinically proven products.

Benefits of drinking Celsius:

There are so many benefits of Celsius energy drink such as:

i) Burn calories:

According to the study, division of exercise science & sports nutrition of Ohio research group, it is proven that Celsius is better than other energy drinks to burn calories.

ii) Increase metabolism:

According to a university research study, it is proved that Celsius can increase metabolism. It also showed that those people who take Celsius can burn overall 100 calories in a 3 hour period.

iii) Safe & Effective:

The study by, university of Oklahoma proved that it has thermogenic ingredients which burn calories and increase metabolism without producing adverse side effects.

iv) Pre workout benefits:

Celsius drinks are the meal for pre-workout as it enhances all the chronic exercise’s benefits on your body composition.

v) Improve response to work out:

The 10-week study of the University of Oklahoma showed that a serving of it 15mins prior to exercising can improve the body’s physiological response towards moderate exercise.

Is Celsius drink bad for you?

As we told in the above context that Celsius drink is full of several healthy ingredients such as green tea, caffeine, minerals, vitamins, and other prominent ingredients. The energy drink not only helps to boost energy but also increases metabolism and burns calories. But it totally depends on the quantity you have taken as in short term it can help you with positive ways but in long term, it may show some negative sides. However, may it has not contain any sugar which can increase some health issues such as 

  • Insulin resistance
  • Migraine
  • Irritable bowel disorder
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Bad for teeth

Though it has few chances to have those diseases if you take it with proper quantity in a proper way it can be great for you. However, it contains so many nutritional ingredients including ginger root, vegetables, fruits, and green tea.

Where to buy Celsius drink?

There are lots of options available where you can buy Celsius drink. You can easily find out any nearby store by searching Celsius drink near me on your web browser. Before searching this make sure you have turned on your location. You can also buy this from the official website of Celsius where you can get all the products with their benefits so that you can choose the best one. You can also buy from any online e-commerce platform such as Amazon, Celsius drink Costco, and so on.

Celsius drink near me:

There are so many ways to find out Celsius drink near me stores. One of the best ways is using a store locator from the official website of Celsius. You can also use your web browser and location. Simply on the location and search for it.

Can I buy Celsius at Costco?

You can also buy the drink from Costco for this you have to search Celsius drink Costco on your web browser. You can also visit the official website of Costco or download the app and search for Celsius.

Side effects of Celsius:

Drinking irregularly or too much energy drink not just Celsius is definitely bad for our health. According to the studies, there are a few side effects of taking too much of it such as:

  • Nausea
  • Metabolic Acidosis
  • Convulsions
  • Marked Hypocalcemia
  • Dieresis
  • Hypertension
  • Palpitations

Too much consumption of Celsius drink among teenagers and adults has shown negative signs of psychological behavior like addiction, sensation seeking, depression, and lead to alcoholism and smoking.

Alternatives of Celsius:

Some alternatives are:

  • Guru
  • Monster
  • Bang
  • Xyience
  • Relentless
  • Rockstar
  • Red bull
  • Rip it
  • Bing


In the end, we can say that Celsius drink is full up of such minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional ingredients and it is not injurious for you. But taking too much can harm you.

  • You can decrese the risks by taking the below instruction
  • You can avoid caffeine overdose by drinking it in moderation.
  • Mostly extra vitamins go to waste.
  • Sucralose is not dangeropus for healthy people

So that you can take Celsius without taking any tension.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. What is Celsius?

Ans:  It is one of the famous fitness and energy drink with great taste. Celsius drink is ideal for anyone, especially for those who need to live fit.

Q. Is it okay to drink Celsius every day?

Ans:  Yes, it’s completely okay to drink it every day but with the proper amount.

Q. Is Celsius drinks well for our liver?

Ans:  Celsius has no side effects when you consume it with the proper amount and proper guidance. But when you consume it with excessive amounts it may cause some clinically apparent sensitive liver injury.

Q. Is Celsius drinks well for our teeth?

Ans:  Though Celsius does not contain any sugar but still taking an excessive amount of it can cause some irreversible injury to your tooth enamel.

Q. Is anyone can take Celsius?

Ans:  Anyone can take Celsius except the people who are sensitive to caffeine, nursing, or pregnant women and children who are below 18.

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