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7 Unique Cocktails From All Around the World Your Girlfriend Will Love

The representatives of the weaker sex prefer light alcohol. Such drinks have an exquisite aroma and are pleasant to drink. Men believe that a lady with an elegant glass in her hands looks much more feminine than a woman, throwing back a snifter of strong alcohol. The cocktail world is amazing and diverse. Let’s consider some unique cocktails from all around the globe your girlfriend will surely love.


Metroid is something fantastic both in the way it looks and tastes! It is not surprising that this marvelous drink with three strawberries floating in the green liquid was named after the cult computer game created by Nintendo. The cocktail ingredients include apple and coconut rum, sprite, and a mixture of kiwi and strawberries juices. Your girlfriend will surely like this amazing drink!


This cocktail is served in an eggshell. Its ingredients are rum, chocolate, and cinnamon. It is known that in the eighteenth century, pharmacist Antoine Amedee Peychaud used eggshells to serve drinks at Masonic meetings in New Orleans. It is believed that its name comes from the word “Coquetiers” – so the pharmacist named his glasses with an unusual shape. Two hundred years later, staff members from the Berlin bar “Pret Diner” decided to recreate the historic recipe. This unusual alcoholic cocktail with a fragrant flavor palette allows nobody to stay indifferent! cocktails are a good aphrodisiac for intimacy, but cenforce 100 and fildena 100 try for the best happy intimacy life.

Camel milk cocktail

Cocktails with milk are no longer a rarity. Modern luxury hotels provide guests with an abundance of milk-based cocktails. But in Abu Dhabi (Ritz-Carlton Hotel), they serve a more original version of such a drink – a cocktail with camel milk. Such know-how was invented by Mohammed Daoud, the mixologist of camel milk and the only representative of this profession throughout the world. Initially, the cocktail was created for Muslims who could drink it during Ramadan. Compared to cow’s milk, camel milk has three times more vitamin C. Also, it is rich in iron, fatty acids, and vitamins. Moreover, your girlfriend can taste several flavors of this drink – strawberry, cherry, and nut.

Platinum Passion 

In the whole world, there is no girl who will not want to taste this unusual cocktail! You can taste this drink at Duvet Restaurant in New York. It includes French elite champagne Ruinart and collection cognac L’Esprit de Courvoisier. A special refined shade is given to this cocktail by freshly squeezed lemon juice, passion fruit syrup, berries, cane sugar, and wild honey. Moreover, each branded glass is decorated with an orchid flower. Buy this wonderful cocktail for a girl you like, and you will no longer wonder why do girls play hard to get.

Magie Noir

This wonderful cocktail consisting of Hennessy cognac, Dom Perignon champagne, and Crème de Mure blackberry cream liqueur is served at London’s Umbaba Club. The cocktail was created by a bartender Giles Andre, who was inspired by regular visitors to the club – successful young bankers who were tired of celebrating their huge wage bonuses with a traditional bottle of Cristal champagne.

A special savor is given to the Magie Noir cocktail with the help of lemon juice, the pulp of lychee fruits, and the Enantia Chlorantha bark extract, which is traditionally used in medicine as a natural aphrodisiac. This masterpiece of cocktail art is served in a crystal wine glass with a small tube made of 24-carat white gold according to the sketches of the famous jeweler Tom Binns. 

Gunpowder Plot

The cocktail Gunpowder Plot, which was created by Sydney bartender Grant Collins, is a tribute to the famous Guy Fawkes. The main ingredients are dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and jelly. Also, this cocktail includes such ingredients as gin, special herbs, and egg white. To make the cocktail saturated, a bartender shakes it strongly to create a thick layer of foam at the very top of the drink. Then, the drink is covered with a glass cap, and all the herbs are burned. Thus, the cocktail becomes saturated with wooden shades that completely change its taste. You can try this unusual drink in the Sydney Zeta Bar. 

Doug Laming’s Margarita

Doug Laming is the owner of the Rabbit Hole Bar in Sydney. It was he who invented this unusual cocktail. Its peculiarity is alcoholic pearls made from Cointreau liquor. To create such alcoholic “caviar” that bursts right in the mouth, bartenders use lemongrass syrup, lime, sodium alginate, calcium lactate, and special accessories. Cenforce 200 also the best option to treat ed.

Doug often makes this cocktail himself, so you will be very lucky if your drink is made by the hands of this person. He sorts out the ingredients like a magician to mix everything in the correct order. Many people say that this is a kind of scientific experiment, which goes brilliantly time after time.

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