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Jimmy Johns Menu: Delicious Finger Lickin Menus With Essential Details

Jimmy Johns Menu

Jimmy Johns menu can bring a smile to your face with its delicious and nutritious foods. Their four different delicious sandwiches especially the smoked provolone one can make you a fan of their menu. You can anytime place an order or reach their store as they have more than 1750 stores all over the world.

The first name that comes to our mind whenever we are thinking about tasty and delicious sandwiches, is none other than Jimmy Johns. Jimmy Johns is one of the best sandwich and fast food franchised restaurant chains in America. The world’s greatest sandwich franchise-owned through Inspire Brands.

In 1983, Mr. Jimmy John Liautaud opened the store in champaign. People loved the Jimmy Johns menu that much, the company launched more than 2750 stores all over the states in just 35 years. Research showed that 98% of stores are authorized by the direct company in 2020.

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In 1982, Jimmy’s father gave him two options: either join the army or start a business. Jimmy chooses the 2nd one and starts a hot dog business with $25,000. After that, he realizes that opening a sandwich shop is better than the hot dog business. In 1983, he started his sandwich business.

The jimmyjohns menu contains 4 sandwiches which are made with fresh-baked bread and hand-sliced meats. Within 2 years the franchise opened its 2nd and 3rd stores in IL. In 1994, jimmy johns opened its first franchise in Eau Claire and today it’s been 3000 locations with more than 700 small entrepreneurs serving the same jimmy johns menu with the same taste.

The Year of 1997, the franchise opened its 1st drive-thru location in UT. In 2001, the company opened its 100th store in MI, in 2007, the 500th store was opened in WA, in 2010, the 1000th store was opened in OR.

Jimmy Johns launched their website in 2008. So that people can check the Jimmy Johns catering menu and order online. In 2015, they launched their official app for both Android and iOS. One should be very curious to know about Jimmy Johns menu so in this article we will discuss all the details of Jimmy john’s tasty and finger-liking menu.

What Is Jimmy Johns Menu?

Jimmy johns launched its menu with four different types of sandwiches. Such as smoked provolone and ham, homemade capicola and tuna salad, salami, and hand-sliced turkey. And Now the Jimmy Johns menu nutrition full up with 18 different sandwiches with various combinations of applewood smoked bacon and medium roast beef. The famous first four sandwiches are The Pepe, Turkey Tom, Vito, and Totally Tuna.

In 1993, J.J GARGANTUAN, a large sandwich made with 1 cheese, 5 types of meat, and all the favorite toppings were added to the menu Jimmy Johns. The sandwich is enough to remove the hunger as it fills up with all-natural capicola, smoked ham, salami, beef, provolone cheese, and hand-sliced turkey.

In 1998, the company launched its chocolate chip or raisin oatmeal cookies named Jimmy Cookies. Which are made with butter, eggs, and vanilla. Jimmy Johns created 2003 a new low-carb fresh lettuce-wrapped sandwich named UNWICH. In 2004, they launched their new product, Jimmy Chips with five different flavors such as vinegar, salt, jalapeno, regular, and BBQ.

In 2018 they launched another product named Jimmy Peppers. Which is blended into the buttermilk & mixed with their special seasoning toppings. Below we discuss all details about their menu with prices and also discuss where you can download the Jimmy Johns menu pdf.

Conducting the Menu: 

The essential menu will offer you a feel of your choice while you can complete a traditional sandwich at Jimmy John’s. There you can select from customary sandwich components, like cheese, sauces, veggies, and deli meat.

If you want to decrease the calories and the carbs of your sandwich, then the most comfortable way is to pick the Unwich alternative for your demand. These creative sandwiches have all your dearest sets. But it exchanges bread for lettuce. To increase the nutrition of your meal, you can also assemble a few other recommendations or changes to the menu.

1. Spoon out the sub-

If you’d like the bread over the lettuce cover and if you want to reduce calories, try to request the worker who is completing your sandwich to excavate the stuffing from the maximum portion of a French bread sub. This easy offer can easily preserve 100 calories.

2. Cut your sub-

Stake your sub in half when slicing a sandwich doesn’t vary its carb and calorie computation. It might promote you to eat exactly less amount of sub. A full portion sub may contain high-amount of calories than you require for lunch or dinner. You should try to keep half-portion for another meal, so cut your sandwich from the start.

3. Choose thinner meat options-

If you are trying to save calories in your check, then ham, turkey, and roast beef are the finest meat choices and we think so. Tuna salad made with mayonnaise is an example of a high-calorie option. And you should know that garbled meat like salami can be elevated in sodium and fat.

4. Use toppings sensibly-

Ignore mayo and cheese to reduce fat and calories. Try relying on a light coating of avocado instead if you like to switch up the consistency and flavor of your sub. This trade can make for a delicious sandwich with all the usefulness of nutritional fat but less dripping fat. Loads of nutritious veggies to rely on devouring without adding a high amount of calories.

Jimmy Johns Menu Pdf:

On Jimmy Johns menu you will get 17 different types of sandwiches with different sizes and different prices. You will also get sides, The J.J GARGANTUAN, Freebies, plain slims, and the one only famous JJ UNWICH.


All of the tasty and finger-like sandwiches are 8 inches long and made with the finest meat, fresh veggies, fresh bread slices, and cheese. On Jimmyjohns menu one can get all types of sub sandwiches at a flexible price which is $4.40. here you can check all the different items and their relative prices.

#1 PEPE: On Jimmy Johns catering menu, there are 6 types of sub sandwiches and PEPE is the favorite one. It is made of provolone cheese and applewood smoked hum and garnished with tomato, mayo, and lettuce.

#2 BIG JOHN: this sandwich is made of medium roast beef with toppings of mayo, tomato, and lettuce.

#3 TOTALLY TUNA: this delicious tuna sandwich is made of fresh homemade tuna and mixed with onions, celery, and jimmy johns’ special sauce with the toppings of lettuce, alfalfa, tomato, and mayo.

#4 TURKEY TOM: this sandwich is made with fresh turkey breast and topped with tomato, mayo, lettuce, and alfalfa.

#5 VITO: it is an inventive Italian sandwich made with provolone, capicola, genoa salami, tomato, lettuce, and real Italian vinaigrette.

#6 VEGETARIAN: the true vegetarian sandwich made with layers of avocado spread, provolone cheese, sliced cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, mayo, and tomato.


The delicious giant club sandwiches are made with twice-handed cheese or meat with fresh baked 7-grain sliced bread with 11 different flavors. The price of all types of giant club sandwiches on Jimmy Johns menu is $5.40.

#7 GOURMET SMOKED HAM is made with real smoked ham, lettuce, provolone cheese, mayo, and tomato.

#8 ITALIAN NIGHT is made with genoa salami, smoked ham, Italian capicola, provolone cheese and topped with tomato, mayo, and Italian vinaigrette.

#9 BILLY CLUB is made with roast beef, provolone cheese, smoked ham, mustard, lettuce, mayo, and tomato.

#10 HUNTER’S CLUB is made with fresh roast beef, lettuce, provolone, mayo, and tomato.

#11 BEACH CLUB is made with turkey breast, avocado, provolone cheese, cucumber, sprouts, tomato, lettuce, and mayo.

#12 COUNTRY CLUB is made with fresh turkey breast, provolone, applewood smoked ham, and a lot of lettuce, mayo, and tomato.

#13 BOOTLEGGER CLUB is one of the best sandwiches on the menu Jimmy Johns is made with roast beef, lettuce, turkey breast, mayo, and tomato with a classic American flavor.

#14 GOURMET VEGGIE CLUB is a double provolone sandwich made with avocado spread, cucumber, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, mayo, and tomato.

#15 ULTIMATE PORKER made with applewood ham, bacon, lettuce, mayo, and tomato.

#16 CLUB LULU made with fresh turkey breast, lettuce, mayo, and tomato.

#17 CLUB TUNA, the giant sandwich is made of fresh tuna salad, sprouts, cucumber, provolone, tomato, and lettuce.


One can get 6 different types of sides with different prices in Jimmy Johns near me menu. These sides are soda pop, oatmeal raisin cookie or giant chocolate chip, the extra load of meat, real potato chips or dill pickle, hot peppers, and extra avocado or cheese spread. So, relatively their prices are $1.40/$1.70, $1.50, $1.50, $0.95, $0.25, $0.50.


Freebies include onion, lettuce, mayo, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, cucumber, vinegar & oil, oregano, and Dijon mustard.


The sandwich was conceived by Huey, Jimmy’s brother, whose price is $7.65. This giant sandwich is enough to remove your hunger with the favor of genoa salami, smoked ham, roast beef, capicola, provolone, and turkey, and smothered with mayo, onions, tomato, lettuce, and Italian dressing. 


There are 6 slims including ham and cheese, roast beef, tuna salad, turkey breast, capicola-salami- cheese, and double provolone with a relative price of $3.50.

In Jimmy Johns menu nutrition you will also get a special sandwich with a low-carb name UNWICH.

If you want to get the Jimmy Johns menu pdf you can simply go to the official website or the app and download the pdf. From there you can also download the allergen info and nutrition guide in a pdf format.

Jimmy Johns Catering Menu:

Jimmy john’s franchise also provides catering with home delivery. On Jimmy Johns catering menu you will get all of the sandwiches for any occasion such as parties, platters, and lunch boxes as well. They deliver their products 7 days of a week with a delivery charge of ¢25 for a single item.

Jimmy Johns Menu Nutrition:

Jimmy Johns not only provides the greatest sandwiches but also takes care of your hunger as well as your nutrition. We already told you that in Jimmyjohns menu you will get little john, regular 8inch, sliced wheat, unwich, and giant 16-inch French with 3 types of the combo little john, original combo, and favorite combo.

In a little john combo, you will get any little john sandwich with chips and a drink. In the original combo, you will get a regular original sandwich with drink and chips and in your favorite combo, you will get a favorite sandwich with drink and chips. Jimmy Johns menu nutrition contains low-calorie to high calories food.

In favorite regular sandwiches, you will get 700-1940 calories. You will get 300-1200 calories in the originals. In plain slims, you will get 400-1180 calories and in regular snacks, you can get 1080-2160 calories. You can change your calorie intake by eating different amounts of ham, roast beef, turkey, salami, capicola, tuna salad, cheese, bacon, and avocado.

You will also get soft drinks with different amounts of calories such as 0-440 calories. On the sides, you will get 70-300 cal. In the desserts, one can get 370-410 cal. In addition, you can get all the nutrition details of the menu with their calorie amount from the official website of jimmy johns. You can simply download the Jimmy Johns near me menu with a nutrition guide in a pdf format.

Jimmy Johns Near Me Menu:

Who doesn’t want to taste the world’s greatest sandwich? If you are worried about their store location or from where you can order their product or want to know about Jimmy Johns menu then just check their website and go to the store locator to find the nearest store.

You can easily find Jimmy Johns near me menu through their store. Anyone can also get tasty sandwiches by ordering from the app or website as the franchise provides sandwich delivery no matter what’s the place work or home. So, you will get the same tasty and delicious sandwich at home.


Jimmy Johns provides freaky fast rewards to every customer. You can get a sandwich for free after you place an order for the first time with these rewards. So, first, sign up on the app or website then order your favorite products then earn your rewards. So, remember that each and every order contracts you nearer to the next reward.


Jimmy Johns not only provides tasty and delicious sandwiches but also provides a flexible career for everyone. One can easily get any kind of job at any store of Jimmy Johns near me menu. Each location of Jimmy John’s Franchise is autonomously owned as well as operated beneath the franchise contract through jimmy john’s franchise LLC. 

For any questions concerning employment that should engage to the store or franchise owner, Jimmy John’s Franchise LLC should not take any actions for the store employment. So, you can easily find out your suitable job from the official website or from the app. You can go to the careers and select your state, zip, radius, and your preferable job type and then click on search.


Jimmy johns always provide the best sandwiches with great offers to their customers. There is at least one offer you will get at any time and in the peak season, you will get many offers. They also offer too many promo codes and discounts whenever you sign up in the official app or website you can take the enjoyment of freaky fast rewards.

When you will be a member of a freaky fast reward, you will be getting many exclusive promotions. So, is some information about the promo codes:

  • Enter the promo code at the time of placing an order online.
  • Promo code will be available for only the app with the updated version.
  • You cannot use promo codes and rewards at the same time.
  • You cannot use promo codes with group orders.


We all know jimmy John provides the best and tasty delicious sandwiches which are enough to remove hunger. There are so many who send their feedback to the Jimmy Johns menu and now you can also check the reviews from this article. Jimmy john’s franchise rank 256 among all the restaurant sites.

Though there is both positive and negative feedback as every customer has their own opinion. So, just place your order and taste the food then you decide which part is the best of their sandwiches and give feedback from their official website.

Contact Details:

If you have any questions or queries about their service or your orders you can contact the headquarter.

The details of the headquarters are privacy office, fox drive 2212, champaign, IL, pin- 61820.

You can also contact them through mail:

Or you can contact them by phone, phone no: 1-866-276-6302.


Here we discuss some FAQs so that you don’t have any confusion regarding the Jimmy John’s menu or their service.

Q. Does Jimmy Johns take any delivery charge?

Ans: Yes, but it depends on the store and your order value.

Q. What is the minimum order value?

Ans: Yes, you can check the value from the order summary.

Q. Is there cash on delivery available?

Ans: Yes, cash on delivery is available.

Q. From where I can check menu prices?

Ans: Prices are varying by location. You can download Jimmy Johns menu pdf from their official website.   

Q. From where I can buy the gift cards?

Ans: You can buy gift cards from the local store or from the official website or app.

Q. How do you get a free sandwich?

Ans: By using the freaky fast rewards, place your first order and earn a free sandwich.

Q. How to contact Jimmy John’s?

Ans: You can contact their customer service team by calling on this number 866.276.6302, Monday to Friday 7.30 AM-6 PM, and on Saturday from 8 AM-Noon.

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