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Container Store

Container Store is one such online platform that provides you with a range of containers suitable to diverse needs. Famous American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan once said :

” Chaos is a friend of mine. ”

Fortunately, we’re not stuck in the ’80s and are organized in a world full of clutter would be our only pal. From an organizer bin to re-useable silicone storage pouches there is a whole industry trying to help us deal with massive storage problems. Even if they’re only lifeless objects, some of them must be really difficult to donate or sell. After the unprecedented outbreak of the Covid-19, the consumers have shifted their mode of buying things to digital markets.

We hope this article leaves you with abundant choices for containers and where to start with.

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What Is The Container Store?

Container Store is a chain of retail stores that aim at presenting storage and modular closets to customers at affordable rates. In 2016 they made it to Fortune’s list of ” 100 Best Companies to Work for “.

The Container Store was started and administered by The Container Store Group Inc. for 17 successful years. On 2nd July 2007, they sold the retail chains to a Los Angeles-based private equity firm Leonard Green & Partners.

This company was founded by Garrett Boone and Kip Tindell on 1st July 1978 in a 1,600-square-foot (150 m2) retail space in Dallas.

After the company was taken over by Leonard Green & Partners in July 2007 they wanted to branch out 29 more stores across America.

The current CEO of the container store as of 2021 is former retail executive Satish Malhotra who succeeded Melissa Reiff.


1. Sale: 

The container store provides consumers with a customary discount of up to $5 if they shop for more than $50. They also have different periods where they offer clearance sales in categories like cabinets, backpacks, food storage containers, toiletry bags, travel bags, etc. For instance, the Reisenthel black hanging toiletry organizer is a compact and portable travel accessory to carry had an M.R.P of 1,978.00 which after being discounted 50% is selling at only INR989.

2. Shop Products:

They have more or less 20 distinct categories for you to shop from, meaning that accessibility will no longer be your headache. The variant categories are kitchen, closet, clothing, shelving, garage, office, bathroom, drawer organizers, craft & hobby, laundry & cleaning so forth.

3. Shop Closet System:

This is an exclusive category of the container store where they custom design closets of different sizes for convenient spaces. Keeping the price range in the attention they divided up the sub-category into three sects which are Elfa closet solutions, AVERA custom closets, and Laren luxury closets targetting adjustability as well as heavily built-in construction.

4. Design Center: 

Their design center works as the compilation category for three sorts which are Elfa closet designer, Elfa door & wall rack designer, and Elfa drawer unit designer. Recently to make things smooth and comfortable for the customers, the container store has introduced the free use of Virtual In-Home Closet Design alternative to directly guide the designers according to your personal needs.

5. Explore Inspiration:

In this category, the creative employees put together blogs and DIY projects for the customers. Namely, ” How to wrap large & oversized gifts? “, “Stress-free air travel tips ” to ” A new dad beams with pride over his nifty nursery ideas. “This initiative upholds the company to customer relation and excite them to utilize companies products to it’s best.

Nearby Stores: 

As we already know that The Container Store has outlets almost everywhere around America. You can reach them between 10 AM and 8 PM Monday – Saturday and 11 AM to 6 PM Sunday respectively & some of them are in the following locations ( Since I’m sure we missed some you can google for The container store near me for best results )

  • Dallas, TX 
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Pittsburg, PA
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • San Diego, CA

Container store Austin is one of the most visited ones.


1. Curbside Pickup & Delivery –

The most relevant option for you would be to visit the store which makes the delivery actually free as well as fast. You could also choose Curbside pickup as they’ll deliver the product to your car. If you purchase from their store or buy from online you can get it delivered anywhere in Manhattan for only $20 which sounds like a great deal.

2. Organization Studio  –

Now that you’ve bought an organizing rack, travel bag, or a customized closet. How are you planning to use it? For that, you have this particular service which presents you with a real plan on exceeding other benefits.

3. In-Home Organizers –

This service lets you appoint a proficient designer to your home. They then will try and make the most out of your space while you can address your obligations.

4. In-Home Design Service –

The ultimate catch is that it’s free of cost. From scheduling an In-Home consultancy to getting measurements and design again free of cost is nonetheless exciting for customers.

5. Virtual In-Home Design Service  – 

This is similar to the aforementioned service, this was made known since the pandemic as we’re stuck in our houses or apartments we should at least be cozy in that space. So, now you can select this to virtually plan, renovate, organize or install with the help of designers all along.

6. Free Design Services –

It allows for you to pick a free design consultation service for Elfa range installations or get the DIY guide to get involved precisely.

7. Installation Services –

This service is a tedious one but you don’t have to worry about it as The Container Store gives you measurement guides, delivers to your home, and even installs the product in your admired space.

8. Business Solutions –

If you have bulk orders or queries regarding any product you can contact them at 855-827-0336 or fill a form to connect with business solution experts. The business assortment starts from residential, corporate & commercial, healthcare, education, etc.

9. Closet Service Areas –

Highly organized closets to walk-in one need the best attention and should be designed accordingly to your lifestyle which The Container Store concedes. Customize the isles of your new closet with built-in jewelry drawers, LED-lit shoe storage, hidden hampers.

Container Store Hours:

This varies from one location to another, for eg. the container store Raleigh functions from 10 am-8 pm while the container store Omaha starts at 11 am-7 pm.

The Container Store Login:

If you’re new to their website then you must create an account to be able to place an online order. For doing that you will have to lend them your full name, email id, and zip code.

Ways To Shop On Container Store:

1. Gift Cards:

Their e-card system allows for you to book a product attached with a personalized card justifying the design, color so on.

2. Online Catalogs:

The Container Store’s online catalog gives you a chance to shop directly from sub-categories like office organization, The Container Store x KonMari, custom closets, and more.

3. Container Stories Blog:

Blogs by fellow customers to collaborating with Design professionals you can read from and enjoy a beforehand experience of associating with this brand.

4. Sustainable:  

This is a creative collaboration of the container store with acclaimed designer Marie Kondo. The series consists of organizing products made from maize husk, water hyacinth, bamboo, etc which are out and out sustainable plus a suitable alternative for our planet.

Contact Details:

If you have any inquiries regarding customization, products, or shipping you can connect with them at 1-888-CONTAIN, 1-888-266-8246 from Monday through Saturday, 8 AM ā€“ 8 PM, and Sunday, 9 AM ā€“ 6 PM (Central Time).


Q. Can You Order From The Container Store Online? 

– Yes, you can opt for both picking directly up at a store or order online and select curbside pick-up while checking out.

Q. Who Owns The Container Store?

– Leonard Green & Partners are now the owner of this retail chain prior to that it was founded by The Container Store Group Inc.

Q. Where Is The Container Store Located?

– Other than having 80+ stores all around America if you want to visit their headquarters which is located at 500 Freeport Pkwy, Coppell.

Q. How Long Is The Container Store Sale?

– Majority of clearance sales in The Container Store last for about six to eight weeks. Their gala annual Elfa sale starts at Christmas and extends up to two or three more months.

Q. Is The Container Store Ethical?

– The Container Store has been functioning for 43 straight years and is really flexible and respectable with their employees, customers, middlemen. They also provide various sustainable options.

Q. Does The Container Store Charge Sales Tax?

– The M.R.P’s doesn’t include taxes and additional charges for shipping and handling as it will be added to your shopping cart.

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