3 Tips for Seniors to Boost Mental Health

Boost Mental Health

Unfortunately, loneliness and poor mental health go hand in hand, and it’s the elderly population who often suffer the most from this cruel duo; one in four older adults suffer from disorders such as anxiety, depression, and even dementia. Many…

Netf: How Netf;Ix Impacts On Our Mental Health

Mental Health

Observing the present situation, it is clear to all of us that we need special care for our mental health. Especially during this pandemic situation, we see death procession everywhere. We lost our loveable faces, love persons, relatives during this…

10 Gemstones with Health Benefits

Gemstones with Health Benefits

Healing crystals or gemstones have been used for ages in ancient China, India, Greece, and Rome, for their healing and energetic benefits. Now, people are increasingly becoming attracted to their mystical and medicinal powers. Using them as a form of…

7 Best Places to Visit in Asia

best places to visit

If you are intending best places to visit Asia, you are probably wondering where precisely you should go and what things you should see Making a decision can be very challenging, especially since people have limited time and resources, and…

5 Inner Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

How many times have you met a person that is not pretty in that conventional way, but there is something about them that simply shines through and you cannot deny that they are utterly beautiful? Beauty is so much more…