Explore Toranmal Hill Station In Maharashtra

Today, we will discuss the toranmal hill station, a little plateau area with about 41 square km surface area that is part of the Satpura Hills. The hill station has borders with Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, and Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, the hill station is part of the Nandurbar district.

This area is essentially tribal. The old tree that produced so many blossoms that the locals started to worship the fertility goddess Torana Devi is said to be the source of the name Toranmal. The Satpura hills are home to the goddess Torna’s temple, which is part of the Toranmal Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Barwani hills of the Satpura range are gorgeously enclosing Toranmal, a small and undiscovered hill station. Toranmal is thought to have been created by cutting a watercourse from north to south. In the state of Maharashtra, Toranmal is recognized as the second-coolest station.

Toranmal Hill Station Tour: 

Tucked away in the Satpura Mountain Ranges’ luxuriant green jungle. The elevation of this lovely hillock is 1143 meters above sea level. Hundreds of tourists and many adventurers are drawn to this remote paradise by Toranmal’s breathtaking beauty, which is studded with treacherous mountain cliffs and rugged terrains.

Its name is the result of several different stories. One is the Torana plant, which is widely grown here. Others assert that the location’s name derives from the tribal goddess Torana, whose temple is located atop the toranmal hill station.

This location, which is blessed with scenic beauty, is a photographer’s paradise because it provides a wealth of natural treasures to be photographed. 

The magnificent Yashwant lake, legendary Machhindranath caverns, and breathtaking vantage points are some of the main attractions, in addition to getting to see the lives of diverse tribes including the Bhils, Nhahalas, and Pavers. The three nights and four days of the tour include visits to these locations.

Best Time To Visit Toranmal Hill Station:

The months of January, February, October, November, and December are the ideal times to explore Toranmal Wildlife Sanctuary. The weather does make this a good time to travel there. On the eve of Maha Shivaratri Day, thousands of people from Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra congregated at the Gorakhnath temple to participate in a fair.

Hotels In Toranmal:  

Find a complete list of toranmal hill station hotels, resorts, cottages, and bungalows. Discover comprehensive information on the accommodations offered at Toranmal. To make the most of your trip, Toranmal offers a wide selection of opulent and reasonably priced hotels and resorts. Because a lot of tourists visit the location. It is always advised to reserve a room in advance at the hotel before traveling. Some notable hotels of Toranmal are discussed below.

Lake-N-Hill Resort In Toranmal: 

The Lake n Hill Resort was a great place to stay. Excellent services were offered by the hotel. As a result, the spa’s service was likewise excessively good. Furthermore, the view from the room was so tranquil that one could have slept on the balcony for hours just taking it all in. Additionally, the personnel was overly polite and rendered services quickly. The 

Toranmal Hill Resort: 

We could feel anxious due to our personal and professional requirements. Therefore, everyone has the right to take a break now and then. Numerous luxurious resorts are accessible for this function. A resort is a very safe and enjoyable place for both kids and adults. They make the perfect picnic spot for large gatherings of friends, families, and even companies.  

Vimlai Hill Resort: 

However, if you’re searching for a fun resort, we suggest going to the Vimali Hill Resort in Toranmal, Nandurbar. If you are visiting Vimlai Hill resort on a weekend, make a reservation in advance. Given that it is located next to Lake Hill in Toranmal, Nandurbar, you can find Vimlai Hill Resort with ease. The majority of resorts serve meals to their guests.

Toranmal Hill Station Places To Visit:

Temples, lakes, and waterfalls may be found in the hill station. Broken figures of Hindu gods and deities that are said to be centuries old can be seen in the ruins. So let’s look at some of the attractions of Toranmal.

Gorakhnath Temple:

Hindu worshipers are drawn to the Gorakhnath temple by Toranmal, especially during Maha Shivaratri when a fair is held there. On this day, a large procession is led to the Gorakhnath temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This day, the Nagarjun temple. Another temple that has a strong following among followers is the Nagarjun temple.

Yashwant Lake:

Its area is 1.59 square kilometers, and its depth is 27 meters. It is a naturally formed lake recognized for its picturesque appearance, and it is situated near the southern end of the plateau. At Yashwant Lake, one may go boating and fishing while being surrounded by a variety of plants and animals. A pedal boat ride lasts for an hour and costs Rs 100. A little over a century-old, quaint blue protestant church, which is visible from the lake, adds to its beauty.

Machhindranath Cave:

A natural structure called Machhindranath Gumpha protruded from the mountain. According to legend, this is where Sage Machhindranath used to meditate, and getting there requires crawling.

Khadki Point: 

Khadki Point, a photographer’s dream, provides a panoramic view of the nearby valley, sunset Point, and lotus Lake. It is a fantastic region for trekking as well. The tourists would undoubtedly have a blast climbing the enormous mountains.

Torna Devi Temple:

This temple, which stands on a mountaintop, is only eight years old. However, the temple has a black stone Torna Devi deity that is positioned outside the building and is thought to be older than 600 years.

Sita Khai:

A spectacular gorge can be seen in the Sita Khai valley, which is about 1.5 km from Toranmal. Here, a waterfall flows, and the monsoon season is its most lovely time. There is also an echo point in Sita Khai.

Lotus Lake: 

Lotus Lake, which has an area of 41 sq km, is located in the same stream as Yashwant Lake further down the northern end of the plateau. It is a natural lake that goes by the name Kamal Talao in the area and gets its name from the lotus flowers that are perpetually growing there.

How To Reach Toranmal? 

On the Satpura range, in the Maharashtra district of Nundurbar, is the hill town of Toranmal. This small plateau, which is hidden away at a height of 1461 meters, is one of the most tranquil places on earth. If you’re looking for a charming location for a relaxing vacation, this place will undoubtedly satiate your senses. This lovely little hill town offers many attractions and rates fairly high among all the tourist spots in Maharashtra. 

How To Reach Taranmal By Road?

In the Nandurbar district, Toranmal is located about 50 miles from Shahada City. While the distances from Nasik and Surat, respectively, are 295 km and 258 km, respectively, away. There are numerous public buses that travel from Dhule, Nandurbar, and Shahada to Toranmal.

How To Reach Taranmal By Train?

The closest railway station is Nandurbar Railway Station, which is located 84 KM away. Dondaicha Station is located 75 KM away from this Hill station. It is preferable for tourists to go from Mumbai through Chalisgaon (145 km) and Dhule (90 km). Some of the trains that stop at Nundurbar are the Prerana Express, the Malda Town-Surat Weekly Express, and the Chennai Jodhpur Express.

How To Reach Taranmal By Air?

The closest airport is in Aurangabad, and it is simple to get to Toranmal from there via public transportation, as well as private tourist buses and taxis. Air travel between Aurangabad and the majority of the nation’s main cities is convenient.


Toranmal hill station Maharashtra is the ideal location for anyone who wants to quickly escape their city’s the busy atmosphere. The summers at Toranmal Hill Station are rather cool. People travel from all around to visit its wildlife reserves and lush landscape. The natural beauty and peacefulness of Toranmal are the ideal combination.

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