Nose Jobs

Famous Botched Nose Jobs and How to Avoid One

Botched nose job is a very well-known and magic treatment that can change your nose shape. As we all know that the nose is a very important factor in your life to look beautiful. Some people are not happy with their nose shape so they do rhinoplasties. If you also want to change your nose shape and want the surgery first you have to do some research and choose a skilled surgeon.

Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Kardashian had nose jobs and came out looking way sexier than they were.

But every so often there will be news of a celebrity who went in for a better nose but came out with a less than impressive one. Michael Jackson once had a surgery that left him unable to breathe, and there are claims that he wore a prosthetic nose after botched nose jobs.

If anything this is proof enough that a botched rhinoplasty can affect the best of us.

What Could Go Wrong?

Rhinoplasties are delicate surgeries and therefore, must be carried out accurately and by an experienced doctor. If one part of this equation is missing, then several things could go wrong.

Here are the more common ones.

Polly beak deformity

This is a common problem where the little dip of the nose is filled in a bit too much. As a result, the nose acquires a beak-like look that causes it to bend downwards. It is so usual in almost 40-60% of cases where the professionals have to undergo a secondary botched nose job to fix the supratip which can take from weeks to several months to heal.

Over-extend nose-tip

This occurs to patients looking to flatten a bump on their nose. This is a fragile surgery, and inexperienced surgeons tend to make this mistake where there is too much cartilage holding the tip.


Tip bosses or knuckling happens when the cartilage at the sides of the nose is cut too much. This causes the nose to lose springiness. The result is distorted, unflattering cartilage which creates lumpy, unsightly knuckles.

Nasal collapse

Nasal collapses are more serious surgical mistakes. They require two or more additional surgeries to fix. A nasal collapse happens when the valves located in the narrowest section of the nose collapse giving it a droopy effect.

Distorted tip

A distorted tip arises from aggressive cosmetic surgery. In this case, a surgeon takes off excessive nose cartilage. This causes the nostrils to collapse, which makes the nostrils appear pinched.

Aside from these mishaps that happen during surgery, not following the prescribed care regimen can also cause your nose not to heal properly or to get an infection. Possible post-surgery complication that you must be aware of includes:

  • Difficulty in breathing from nostrils
  • Bleeding nose
  • Desensitised nose
  • Loosing the admired symmetry for nose

How to Avoid a Botched Nose Job

While surgeries come with a certain level of risk and uncertainty, certain actions on your part can greatly minimize negative outcomes. Here are some things to do to help avoid the chances of ending up with botched nose jobs.

Do Thorough Research

Begin by being very clear about your desires and expectations. This exploratory phase should also include you looking at photos of before and after to see if what you want is achievable.

With this in mind, you can show prospective surgeons these photos as you consult, and they can let you know if they are able to achieve the required results.

Research is significantly necessary as this is going to be a permanent change once it’s done, so you might as well start learning about the repercussions of rhinoplasty.

Choose a skilled Surgeon:

Keeping in mind that a nose job changes your appearance eternally, it’s imperative to do your due diligence on the surgeon that is to handle it. There is always a possibility that your rhinoplasty might go wrong if you go with an inexperienced surgeon or are careless to do whatever is needed after the surgery.

Doing a little research on different surgeons can give you this information and help you pick the most experienced one.

Similarly, look for the necessary accreditations. By picking a doctor with accreditation from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you are guaranteed to have a surgeon that is qualified and board-certified. Aside from an individual doctor’s accreditations, ensure that they work in a reputable medical facility. Dr. Deepak Dugar, MD based in Beverly Hills, California is one of the leading plastic surgeons focuses on ‘Scarless Nose’. He is very reliable when it comes to customization, also has a very subtle sense of aesthetics. Of course, you can go for any other specialist but be absolutely certain about their medical history.

Look Out For Extra Qualities

Aside from stellar academic credentials, a good surgeon is also open to discussing the procedure with you, the expected outcome, and aftercare.

Being comfortable with a doctor is key in being able to discuss your expectations and fears in a full-fledged way.

As a patient, you are likelier to want to do this with a doctor you can strike a rapport with. There are no formulae to this, and you largely have to depend on your gut.

Be Clear About What You Want

The best way to get the nose you want-or as close to it as possible is by having a clear mental picture of what you want and articulating this to your surgeon. With this in mind, a good surgeon will do some imaging to help you visualize the nose you want on your actual face so that you see what the end result will look like.

This is because a nose’s shape looks different with different facial features. Imaging is important because it shows you a nose as it would look on your face, alongside your other facial features. Or else you might repent when the shape is unlikely to your taste, like some celebrity nose jobs ( Mickey Rourke, Courtney Cox ).

The beautiful nose you want is a combination of realistic expectations and an experienced surgeon and skilled surgeon.

Adhere to After Care Directives

Your doctor will give you precise aftercare rules that you have to follow to the latter. Your surgery might be executed successfully, only for you to get an infection by failing to follow the aftercare regimen set by your doctor upon discharge. Failure to do this might even lead to an infection on and around your nose.

You will be shifted to an observatory room at least for a while as they want to make sure you’re not in unbearable pain. Ask closed ones to pick you up from the hospital as the anesthesia lasts for a couple of hours.

To minimize the inflammation after the surgery you should keep your head lifted and not touching the chest area. Although irrespective of the itchiness from the splints and dressing stuffed in your nostrils, if you feel stuffed or suffocated then kindly refer back to your doctor as early as possible.

Even if your doctor suggests keeping in the stitches before the area heals, you still should go for the removal after a week of the surgery. Your doctor will provide you with a drip pad to soak the blood and mucus discharge, and according to his/her advice change the pad as required.

If you notice any ache after coming back home then take painkillers but don’t go overboard, getting headaches and face looking reddishly swollen are typical symptoms in this case.

You will surely be recommended to avoid these activities after the surgery till the time your nose is completely healed: over-chewing, strenuous physical activities, brushing teeth aggressively so on & forth.

Rhinoplasty although concerns your nose but our facial features are interconnected, hence it could affect the region around the eyes. Eyelids might be swollen, discolored, or both. In critical cases the numbness can last over months, you should then apply a cold compress gently around the eyes.

Pick a Hospital Close to Home

Among the best things, you can do is follow is to get any plastic surgery done close to home. Botched plastic surgeries abroad come cheap, but you run the risk of having an unqualified doctor perform your procedure.

What’s more, you have little recourse should something go wrong with your procedure.

Another reason why people are dissuaded from going abroad for plastic surgery is the possibility of medication variance.

If you do not have enough money to sustain yourself in a decent hotel abroad, you will likely be forced to fly back home sooner than anticipated.

I had a Botched Surgery: What Next?

If you or a loved one just had a botched surgery, a New Jersey revision rhinoplasty specialist can help you correct it.

These specialists will examine the skin, cartilage, and bone on your nose after a botched rhinoplasty and suggest ways to correct it. So, yes; you can get a natural-looking nose again. And you can get it done in New Jersey or Philadelphia. In America, the estimated expense to get a rhinoplasty would cost you around $5,409 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But take into consideration of and about things that are related to getting a nose job.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can a botched nose job be fixed? 

– Rhinoplasty is an extremely complex process as after the change in nasal structure it can be difficult going back. However, if the primary surgery doesn’t go down as we want you can opt for revision surgery.

Q. What happens if you get a botched nose job?

– The science behind rhinoplasty has developed immensely. However, if you are to get a botched nose job then consider these risks – Anesthesia threat, Hematoma, Bacterial infection, permanent scarring, etc.

Q. What percentage of botched nose jobs have gone wrong?

– Even though a botched nose job is one of the toughest plastic surgeries, you can still get the results you aspire for. According to statistics, only 10-15% of rhinoplasty cases have gone wrong.

Q. How can I avoid a bad nose job?

– A bad nose job can make you insecure permanently. Follow these tips to avoid getting a bad nose job: Find a reliable and skilled plastic surgeon, look for their before & after pictures, Be sure about the nose shape you want to attain.

Q. Is rhinoplasty a surgery?

– Rhinoplasty is the surgery of changing the shape of the nose for either aesthetic or functional reasons. A survey it shows, nearly 220,000 rhinoplasties are performed yearly.

Q. Do nose jobs last forever?

– Yes the reason why most people get a botched nose is that they are permanent, unlike nose fillers. But with time and as you grow older, your nose can become loose and droopy.

Q. Are nose jobs a good idea?

– It generally depends on how desperately someone wants to get a rhinoplasty. But in the majority of cases, the patient seems to like it as this boosts confidence in an individual.

Q. Do nose jobs look natural?

– In certain cases, if the surgeon makes minor mistakes during the surgery, it could come off as unnatural. Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, Lisa Kudrow, etc are all really satisfied with how their nose job turned out to be.