how many ml in a shot

How Many ML In A Shot? [2022 Updated Guide]

What is a party without cool music and shots! Though some people go for a beer as it has limited alcohol in it. Cocktails are becoming the lifeline of urban parties. A quick question that comes to our mind while preparing for the cocktail recipes is ‘how many ml in a shot?’  

If you are running out of shot glasses, it would be quite difficult to take the precise measuring of MLS in a shot. Facing the same struggle? Do not worry as we’re here to elevate this for you. Keep reading to learn more about how to measure a shot without a shot glass. 

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What Is A Shot? 

Before we get on to our main question ‘how many ml is a shot?’, we think it’s equally important to have a proper understanding of a shot. As we all know, different alcohol type is served in different glass across the globe. For instinct, red wines are served in stemmed flute glasses, Rums in German mugs, beers in pint glasses, etc. Similarly, vodka and tequilas are served in shot glasses. 

Shot glasses hold short quantities of beverages as compared to other glasses. These glasses are transparent and usually conical in shape due to the small diameter of the thick base (particularly occupying ¼ of the whole glass) than the open mouth. Several different designs and shapes such as perfect circular to square shape glasses introduced to make your indoor bar collection worth watching. 

What Drinks Are Served In Shot Glasses? 

Initially shot glasses were used to serve vodka and tequilas. But with the advent of time, different cocktails are also being served in these glasses. Though the serving may vary from one club to another and the choice of bartenders. We have compiled a list of beverages served in these shot glasses. Knowing what beverages are served in the shot glasses will also help you in understanding the compilation of a shot is how many ml

  • Lemon drops, a compilation of lemon juice, syrup garnished with a wedge of lemon. 
  • Jello shots are made from a mix of vodka and gelatin. 
  • Kamikaze is made of vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, and a wedge line. 
  • Cinnamon shot, prepared from whisky, rum, and cinnamon powder put together with granular sugar. 
  • Some bars also serve liquid Marijuana cocktails which are made from rum, lemon juice, pineapple juice, and blue curacao. 
  • Girl scout shots are prepared from peppermint-flavored schnapps, whipped cream vodka, and chocolate liquor

How Many ML In One Shot? 

This particular question has more than one answer and all are considered valid as the volume of shots differs from one country to another. This is because there is no standard unit of measurement of ml in a shot. Sometimes, you can also see variations in shot sizes with nations. 

Shots are categorized as small, single, and double. Basically, shots are measured in ounces and ml. According to some reports, the common shot size is around 1.5 ounces or 44 milliliters in the US. To know more about the single-shot size, refer to the table given below:

Germany200.71 ½
Ireland35.51.22 ½
Italy401.42 ½
Russia501.73 ½
Sweden401.41 ½
South Africa250.81 ½
United Kingdom250.81 ½
United States of America441.53

Double shots generally double the single shot. Another question that gets searched on the internet a lot is ‘ how many ml in a shot of alcohol?’ According to some reports, only a quarter ounce of hard alcoholic beverages are served in shot glasses. 

How To Measure A Shot In case Of Unavailability Of Shot Glass?

Struggling with the question of how many millilitres in a shot? Not anymore. The three different ways by which you can measure a shot size without the help of a shot glass are:

1. The 4 Count Method:

Before you throw an amazing house party, you should learn the art of free pouring. This is one of the simplest tricks you have ever come across. You just have to pour the liquid and count in your head. Each count represents half a shot. Before you apply this party trick, practice it by taking water and a glass. Slowly put the water in the glass counting to four. Then use a measuring cup to determine whether you learned it or you need some more practice. Within 8-10 times of practice, you would ace it without the need for any measuring cup. 

2. Measuring Spoons:

This is not a free pouring method, but until you pour the volume of beverages correctly it’s not a big deal! All you have to do is grab a spoon and refer to the tbsp table according to your country. The US measures 3 tablespoons for one single shot. Still, wondering how many millilitres is in a shot glass? Refer to the above-mentioned table. 

3. Medicine Cup:

This sounds a bit crazy but trusts me medicine cups are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to measure mls. Most medicine cups hold around 1-2 oz volume of liquid and the measuring lines make them one of the best available measuring cups. It can also use for easy cocktail creation. 

What Is A Double Shot? 

Many people do search about the volume of double shots served across the world.  But the answer is still the same. The quantities are different in different countries. As the name goes, the double shot is usually twice the size of a standard drink. A double shot holds nearly 2.5oz to 3.0 oz or 73.93 MLS. Do you know how many ml are in a shot? It’s 44.3602943  in a shot. 

Why Is The Specific Measuring Of A Shot Important? 

It is very important to know the shot size before you consume it as it shows how well informed you are about the volume of alcohol you are consuming. It may seem like an unimportant topic, but you should consider it to maintain good health overall. You should have the basic knowledge of how many ml is in a shot. It also helps in the preparation of cocktails as it is all about the volume till you make or break the flavor of your drink. 

The Bottom Line:

Purchasing glasses for different kinds of drinks is not an easy job. In the case of shot glasses, it gets even more difficult and confusing. Getting correct measurements is important for a delicious taste. In cocktails, the ratios are everything. Having a better understanding of shot glasses, how many ml, makes it a lot easier. You can include glasses with different volumes to serve both heavy and light drinkers. 


Q: What Does A Shot Glass Do? 

Ans: A shot glass is basically a glass used in the preparation of cocktails. It holds one shot for a gulp or for making a cocktail in a bigger glass. There are nearly 44.3602943 ml to a shot

Q: Will I Get More Drunk From A Shot Of Vodka Or A Beer? 

Ans: As getting drunk differs from person to person on experience. Usually, both will have the same effect, if you drink them faster. A shot of vodka contains the same amount of alcohol as a beer, thereby leaving you tipsy. 

Q: How Many MLs Is A Double Shot In India? 

Ans: Though 50 ml is usually considered a double shot in normal pubs. But the MLS keeps on changing with continental diversity. In India, 30 ml is considered a single shot, and 60 ml a double shot.