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7 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Losing Weight

“I’ll lose 5, 10 or 20 pounds this year”, is something most of us begin our year with. Though how successfully we achieve our goals is another different story. No matter where you are now, you can always find a reason to shed a few more pounds.

Weight-loss struggles and success stories have become an integral part of our lives. Though these stories and struggles are as unique as people themselves are. Owing to this huge difference, everyone has their understanding of weight loss.

Weight loss Struggles

Just like understanding, people have got their reasons for losing weight. For me, the part of my weight loss struggle began when I visited a heart specialist doctor in Islamabad due to having constantly high blood pressure and an uncontrolled pulse rate.

Why aren’t you losing weight?

Being a person with toxic eating habits and a passive lifestyle, the biggest trouble for me was what to start and where to start. Though over time, I learned about the facts behind weight loss. There is a point in every person’s weight loss journey where weight loss seems impossible. Here are some of the reasons that could hinder your weight loss process, including;

1- You are not realizing the change

Many times we are losing weight but we are unable to see it, or our weight loss isn’t letting us see this. Remember it may take up to a few days for your body to show an evident change on the weight scale but it doesn’t mean that you are not losing the weight. Be a little more patient and wait for the change. Another reason could be that maybe your fat loss is getting compensated by the muscle gain. For this, you need to monitor your habits and any particular change in your fitness routine to find out the exact cause.

2- Your body is getting deprived of protein

In your weight loss, one particular ingredient plays a key role in protein. To make lean muscle mass and boost up your metabolism you need adequate amounts of protein in your diet. In the absence of protein your metabolism can slow down that can ultimately hinder your weight loss progress.

3- You are off the track, unknowingly!

Weight is about continuously moving on and off the track but there are times when we go off track without even realizing it. Not keeping track of what you are eating or estimating your calorie intake rather than calculating it can be one of the major causes of getting off track.

4- You have messed up your calories

Weight is just a game of calories, the calories you intake and calories you are burning. The more calorie deficit, the more significant will be the weight loss. Though one possible reason that you are not losing weight could be that you have messed up your calorie intake. Either you are not able to calculate those or track them properly. In both cases, your chances of weight reduction can go down by several folds.

5- You are overeating healthy foods

Weight loss is about what you are eating and how much you are eating. If you miss any one of these, you are more likely to add to our troubles. If you have lost a certain pound you can relate that you have the urge to binge eating. Remember binge eating isn’t only limited to unhealthy foods, if you are uncontrollably eating healthy foods you will still not lose any weight.

6- You are not getting enough sleep

Apart from food and workout, your sleep pattern affects your weight loss to a greater extent. Not only is it crucial for your mental and physical health but also determines your overall weight loss progress by affecting your metabolism. If you are not getting proper sleep, you are less likely to observe any evident change on the weight scale.

7- You have an underlying medical condition

Weight-loss struggles are as different as people are and losing weight with a medical condition becomes much more difficult. Despite all your efforts if you are not losing weight, then you should contact a physician to figure out if there is an underlying cause of your reluctant weight loss.

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