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Chest Exercises Men Need to Try Now

Chest Exercises Men

Men tend to push their bodies to the limits when they try to do chest exercises effectively. Although this might not apply to everyone, many experts agree that being extreme in doing chest workouts with barbells and dumbbells is unnecessary.

Therefore, you have to consider this if you want to have bigger pecs since you might get a severe injury instead of healthy chest muscles.

Therefore, when doing chest exercises, you need a balanced approach. With that said, continue reading to learn the best chest exercises for men.

Barbell Bench Press

According to studies, incline press exercises are the most ideal. However, that does not mean that using a barbell bench press is not beneficial. In fact, many consider this the best workout to have chest mass.

So, if you do not overdo or underdo this exercise, you can have healthy and strong pectoral muscles. Additionally, it is ideal to have a nearby spotter and not move your chest or bend your back every rep.

For this exercise, you begin barbell bench press by lying your back on the bench and placing your feet flat on the surface. You should also make sure that your eyes are at the same level as the bar.

Next, grab the bar using an overhand grip and position your arms a bit shoulder-width from each other. Then, with your arms extended, remove the bar from the rack so that you can hang it directly on your chest.

Maintain your elbows when you put the bar down and stop when it is at the level of your nipples. Hold the position for 1 second and pull the bar up with great strength until you return to the start and repeat.

Cable Crossovers

Cable crossovers are one of the most famous chest exercises for men for their gym workouts. Whether you choose to do it high-to-low or low-to-high, you need a cable machine with a pulley.

If you want low-to-high, you choose the lowest setting, place a D-handle on the sides. Then, with your palms face up, hold each handle and your feet shoulder-width from each other.

Ensure that your back is straight, your chest is up, and your arms are down and slightly bent. Next, raise the handles and move them towards eye level and slowly return them at the start position. It is recommended to do fewer reps with lighter weights.

If you decide to do high-to-low, prepare the machine and set it to the highest setting. Then, use an overhand grip to hold the handles.

Position your feet shoulder-width from each other. Then, extending your arms away from the side similar to a T-like form, slightly bend your elbow.

After this, move the handles to your gut until they are in front of your hips. Next, squeeze your pecs a little and engage your core by moving the handles slowly until shoulder level and repeat.

Inclined Dumbbell Bench Press

Gym-goers can attest that chest workouts and dumbbells go perfectly together. Nevertheless, using an inclined dumbbell press properly can activate and maximize your upper body when it contracts.

You can successfully do this by positioning your incline bench at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. Then, using an overhand grip, get two dumbbells and take your seat from the backmost.

Keep your feet on the surface and raise the dumbbells higher than your face and stretch your arms. Then, drop your dumbbells on the level of your mid-chest on the side.

Raise them and move them a bit close to each other slightly and repeat from the start position.

Dumbbell Press

To do the dumbbell press, you need to lie on a bench and grab dumbbells with medium weight and directly hold them over your shoulders. As a result of this exercise, you embrace not only your core but also tighten your glutes.

Then, you begin this chest muscle by squeezing your shoulder, flexing your shoulders and elbows, and moving the dumbbells down your chest.

Briefly stop and move the dumbbells up. When your arms are straight, you can try pressing your chest. This is done with only a single rep.


Push-up is the ultimate chest muscle exercise for men. That is because you can do this exercise virtually anywhere. You likely know how to do this, so here are some quick reminders.

Make sure that your hands are shoulder-width from each other and your legs hip-width from each other. When you do this as a home workout, you have to keep in mind that your shoulders have a wide-angle of 90 degrees.

Lastly, you are doing the exercise incorrectly if your palms and tips of your toes are in contact with the floor.

Chest Dips

You are progressing in your chest workout if you can include dips in your daily dumbbell chest workout. Once you are ready, go to the parallel bars or dip machine and stand precisely in the middle of the bars.

Place your hands on the bars and raise yourself and lean forward until your chest is slightly downwards.

Then, flex your arms, maintain the lean, go down before you return to the start position. Aside from exercising your pectoralis major, you also make your shoulders and triceps stronger.

Pec Deck

The pec deck is another effective chest exercise that has been tried and tested by many men. To do this exercise, you first need to sit at the pec deck and position your elbows at a 90-degree angle.

Next, you place your forearms on vertical pads and use an overhand grip to put your hands on the handles.

It’s best to keep the angle of your elbows and draw the handles backward until you feel your chest stretching. Then, go back to the start and do the steps again.

It would be best if you always kept in mind not to depend on the balance from your hands since the energy should come from your upper body, such as your forearms and chest.


Finally, you now know some of the most effective chest exercises to make your pecs big and create the best chest. Also, keep in mind that chest training must always be included as a part of a general exercise program to encourage total postural balance. It will help you build your strength and, most importantly, look your best.

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