What to Put on When You’re Invited on a VIP Event

Going to a VIP event is one of the most pleasurable things one can experience in his or her life. Such events carry great importance and it is always pivotal to look good while attending them.

VIP events vary from business meetings to Oscars. We can always see how women and men alike try to pick up the best clothes to look good. It could be tough sometimes.

When Sharon Stone appeared at the 1998 Oscars in her husband’s white shirt in 1998, it had the effect of an exploding bomb. The actress complemented the outfit with a Vera Wang skirt. Fashion critics were generous with praise, appreciating her courage.

The outfit is for you, not you for the outfit. But any celebration, whether it’s a wedding, a presentation or anniversary it is important to dress appropriately. Therefore, we need to learn to distinguish between four main types of holiday dress code.

If you ever happen to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony or at the president’s dinner, then your clothes will have to correspond to a dress code called a white tie. This is the most rigorous version of the evening look! The dress is only on the floor, the shoulders are always closed, on the hands are long white gloves, the shoes are velvet boats, the jewelry is made exclusively of diamonds, the hair is cut into the hair and decorated with a diadem.

The man should have a black tailcoat, a white shirt with a standing collar and a white bow tie, white or grey gloves, and black patent leather shoes. One can only rejoice that even Hollywood stars are not often forced to dress like that.

Dress code is not mandatory only at such events. It may seem a little surprising, but with the development of the gambling and casino industry, the appropriate outfit has become obligatory in online casinos for VIP players when they are going live. You can draw a parallel between the real poker events, for instance. If you look at the players, they are dressed according to the proper dress code. This goes for online players as well – and the dealers of the live casino should be dressed properly.

White Tie, Ultra formal

White Tie is the most strict dress code style used at events such as ball, presidential or royal receptions, and the presentation of a prestigious award. The basic rules of clothing for women are as follows:

  • In women, the dress should not have a length above the ankle;
  • Bare shoulders are not allowed;
  • Mandatory gloves are white in color above the elbow and stockings;
  • You should not wear jewelry; only precious jewelry is allowed here;
  • Hair should be collected in an elegant hairstyle;
  • Makeup – neat and discreet;
  • Handbag – miniature size.

A man is obliged to put on patent leather shoes, a tailcoat with a white bow tie. He also needs to wear his combat regalia tape, if one is available.

Black Tie Invited or Black Tie Optional

Black Tie is the second most rigorous dress code style, which is popular on many special occasions. In this case, a long dress of not too bright color will be excellent clothing for a woman. You can also give preference to a cocktail dress below the knees. Here you can use good jewelry and choose a small clutch. As for shoes, they should be closed and with a heel.

For men, depending on the name of the style (Black Invited or Black Tie Optional), you can wear or not wear a black tie. Here you can also choose the outfit: a suit or a tuxedo with a white shirt. From shoes, black shoes should be preferred.

Cocktail attire

This type of dress code is usually allowed for events such as a corporate banquet, dinner party, family celebration with a large number of guests. Despite the fact that it is not such a triumph as a White tie or Black Tie, you should still adhere to the following rules:

A woman can wear both a long and a short dress, and also prefer a suit – with a skirt or trousers. From jewelry, you should choose high-quality and stylish jewelry or modest jewelry with natural stones. As for shoes for women, it can be almost any, but only necessarily in heels.

A man can wear a suit, shirt, and classic shoes. It is not necessary to wear a tie.


VIP event differ from each other. Sometimes a pretty much regular event could be labeled as a VIP – it depends. However, both men and women should be aware of the fact that such events do not occur regularly and when invited to them, clothes should be chosen carefully.

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