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Hot Chilli Food And Travel Blog

Hot Chilli Food And Travel Blog

Have you ever gone out to dine, snapped a gorgeous photo of your meal, and wished you could reproduce it at home? That’s why we began this hot chilli food and travel blog, after all. Hot chillies are here to help, whether your goal is to tour the world or improve your diet.

For anyone who likes to enjoy different cuisine, this site is fantastic. This site includes all the information you need, whether you’re seeking new recipes or restaurant reviews!

If you enjoy spicy food, it goes without saying that you are constantly looking for new dishes to try or places to eat that will tingle your taste buds. If you enjoy spicy cuisine or create hot chilli food and travel blog, these top 5 food bloggers will keep you notified on the greatest hot chilli recipes and the top restaurants.

What Are Hot Chillies? 

Any variety of chilli pepper that has a fiery flavour and is moderate to extremely spicy, burning, and spiciness. They provide meals with a peppery such as hot or spicy flavour.

Due to its ability to excite nerve endings and produce euphoric sensations when ingested in tiny amounts, the hotter varieties of chillies have little potential for addiction. 

However, if these sensations are absorbed in excess, they swiftly transform into agony. It’s been said that eating extremely hot peppers feels like having a fire in your mouth

Health Benefits Of Hot Chillies:

So, welcome to the world of hot chilli food and travel blog. It is commonly known that chillies can boost metabolism and promote fat burning; studies suggest that eating capsaicinoids, the active component in chillies, boost calorie expenditure by about 150 per day.

It is typically known that chillies can boost metabolism and promote fat burning; studies suggest that eating capsaicinoids, the active component in chillies, boost calorie expenditure by about 150 per day.

Eating a spicy meal will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer because this impact lasts as long as your body is exposed to them.

Also, finishing a lot of chillies lowers LDL cholesterol, or “bad” cholesterol, and lessens the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Capsaicin stimulates intestinal bile acid synthesis, which boosts the excretion of extra cholesterol, according to researchers.

Finally, consuming a lot of chillies may help lower blood glucose levels if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. 

But the additional study is required to fully understand these possible advantages. So why not say yes the next time someone asks whether you’d like some spice with your meal? It might be beneficial to your health!

Top 5 Hot Chilli Food And Travel Blog:

1. Chilli Pepper Madness: 

The person behind the scenes: Husband and wife duo– Mike and Patty. 

About The Blog: From classic American dishes to hot sauce recipes, this blog features hot recipes from around the world. At chilli pepper madness, where you can find so many recipes in hot sauces. 

There you can save both money and time by focusing on their recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare or don’t require so many ingredients. Mike also shares his knowledge of different types of chilli peppers and how high the heat can go for each type of pepper. 

Top social media: chilli pepper madness has quite a following with 28K followers on Facebook, 29.9K subscribers on YouTube, and 21.5K followers on Instagram

Most popular recipe or content: Mike and Patty share many mouthwatering chilli recipes on their blog on YouTube channel. However, the most popular recipe on their YouTube channel is “Adobo Sauce” with 98,000 views. 

2. The Curry Guy: 

The person behind the scenes: Dan Toombs 

About The Blog: In 2010, Dan Toombs started the Curry Guy as a way of sharing his love for Indian cuisine. Basically, the blog is that way for him to know how to use spices. And he began to develop his own Indian-inspired dishes. His recipes have developed over the year. Now, Dan has published 7 cookbooks on the topic of British Indian Curry House recipes. 

Top social media: You can follow Dan’s recipe on Facebook where he has over 54K followers. 

Most popular recipe or content: With 7 printed cookbooks you can be sure that Dan knows how to make a brilliant curry. Therefore, a “Curry Base Sauce” is the most popular recipe on his YouTube channel with over 137K views. 

3. Sinfully Spicy: 

The person behind the scenes: Tanvi 

About The Blog: Tanvi began her blogging career after moving to the United States and realising how much she missed her home country. To engage with her culture, she began to cook, create recipes, and share them online. 

Tanvi, who is located in Las Vegas, showcases the delicious North Indian food she cooks, including entrees, sides, and desse.rts. Her blog is a wonderful gold mine of incredibly flavorful and spicy vegetarian and meat-based meals.

Top social media: Follow Tanvi on Instagram @sinfullyspicy, where she has gained 51.3K followers. 

Most popular recipe or content: Tanvi’s most popular spicy dish is “Masala Macaroni” combined with cheesy pasta and masala spices. And this recipe has over 200,00 views on Instagram. 

4. Korean Bapsang: 

The person behind the scenes: Hyosun 

About The Blog: Mother Hyosun was reared in America after being born in Korea. Since launching her blog, she has become very well-known and has received press attention from both the New York Times and the Washington Post. For anyone desiring to substitute vegetarian or vegan ingredients for meat in her traditional Korean dishes, Hyosun offers useful guidance. 

If you want to give your food a hot edge, Hyosun’s blog contains over 50 spicy recipes with simple instructions and advice on where to get the materials.

Top social media: Hyosun has a large number of followers on his Facebook page even on Pinterest, and youtube. He has earned over 100K followers on his Instagram page. 

Most popular recipe or content: Hyosun aspects many wonderful recipes on her blog and there is plenty for those who like their food hot and spicy. Her recipe for “Spicy Stir-Fried Rice Cakes” is one of her most popular dishes. 

5. Stella N Spice: 

The person behind the scenes: Stella N Spice 

About The Blog: Stella’s recipes combine smoky Mexican and Korean flavours. Stella started cooking on her own when she was 18 years old, with a little help from the Food Network. Stella is focusing on making delectable spicy cuisine now that she has an accounting degree and a flourishing bartending business.

Top social media: Stella has a lot of followers on Instagram and TikTok. Her TikTok account, which mixes her love of cuisine and bartending, has more than 1.2 million followers.

Most popular recipe or content: On her site, Stella features a tonne of delicious-looking spicy food. Stella’s favourite Mexican dish, Tortas Ahogadas, is one of her delectable recipes.

5 Most Spicy Hot Chilli Foods You Should Eat: 

Through discussing hot chilli food and travel blog, we must inform you of a warm, spicy taste. Eating hot chilli cuisine also serves to invigorate your body. In order to maintain our health, we should eat more of these foods. Here are 5 hot, spicy foods that you should taste.

1. Suicide Chicken Wings: 

This spicy culinary dish has nothing to dislike it. Not by accident are they called “suicide chicken wings.” Do you want to know more about the suicide mission?

Chopped chillies, hot red-chilli sauce, pepper, and additional red chilli flakes are used to make this dish. It is not surprising that this dish is known as suicide if you are not used to highly spiced foods because it comprises Korean, Mexican, and Chinese peppers.

2. Hot Chilli Lime Chicken Wings: 

Hot Chilli Lime Chicken Wings

Better dry rubs are used at Pluckers Wing Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and all around Texas, so you don’t have to keep cleaning your fingers.

An incredible example is the hot chilli lime chicken wings from Pluckers, which combine chilli, lime, and sea salt to create the most flavorful wings ever without the use of any additional sauce.

3. Kimchi Jjigae:

kimchi jjigae is one of the most famous dishes in Korea. The Korean people know how to make the best spicy dishes. Even without chilli, this kimchi jjigae is just a stew and tastes spicy. To make this spicy dish, you just need lots of garlic, mushrooms, scallions, vinegar, tofu, and red chillies. 

4. Vindaloo: 

Vindaloo is an Indian dish with a little kick of spice. Goa is an Indian state where the foods have adapted to many Portuguese tastes. In addition to red wine, green peppers, and garlic cloves, the original, pork-based version is also preserved. 

The Goans added palm vinegar, Indian green and Kashmiri red chillies, as well as other spices like cinnamon, cumin, coriander, turmeric, and more to make it slightly hotter.

5. Wings With Lemon Pepper And Chilli: 

Your taste senses will perform a backflip when you eat the lemon pepper chicken wings from Atlanta’s The Wing Factory. Due to the wings’ crispy fried exterior, the flavour of chicken breast and lemon is a traditional combination for meals. 

Therefore, the wing factory has also middler options to go with blue cheese and veggies for those who are looking for something less spicy. 

Lists Of Countries With The Spiciest Food In The World: 

Wondering about hot chilli food and travel blog, you have to know in which country you can find the spiciest hot chilli food in the world. If you are one of those people who likes a lot of spice in their food, there are several restaurants that may satisfy your craving for heat with culinary speaking. 

We’ve put up a list of some of the spiciest spots to book a flight to so that heat-seeking foodies can satisfy their urges in a variety of nearby and distant areas. 

So that every type of palate can be satisfied, keep in mind that every country offers both spicy and pleasantly spicy cuisine.


Even though not all Indian curries are especially hot, many of them have the ability to burn your mouth. For instance, one of the most popular meals on an Indian menu is vindaloo.

The red chillies that give the Goan dish its spiciness can be coupled with a variety of meats. The bhut jolokia also referred to as the ghost pepper, is found in India and is widely used there. It is regarded as one of the world’s hottest peppers. 


Because of its well-known jerk chicken, Jamaica is regarded as a culinary hotspot. Although jerk seasoning can be used on almost everything, including fish and pork, it is most frequently associated with chicken and goat due to its potent hot bite. 

The spicy peppers used in the mixture, which are typically scotch bonnet chilli peppers or habaneros, give jerk flavour its scorching spiciness. 

In Jamaica, there are many jerk huts, each with its own variation on the well-known seasoning mix.


Thai chillies

Even though you might think the pad Thai, spring rolls, and creamy green curry you have at your local Thai restaurant are pretty moderate, some classic Thai foods are actually quite spicy. 

Go to Thailand if you’re shopping for spices. Both red and green, Thai chillies are crushed up and used in soups, curries, sauces, and salads in varied amounts and heat levels.


Because of its size, China has an almost infinite variety of dishes and cuisines, many of which are quite spicy. Particularly Hunan and Sichuan cuisine can be very spicy. As an illustration, Sichuan hot pot, which makes extensive use of Sichuan peppers, is notorious for being pleasantly painful.

Sichuan peppercorn powder is used to season the region’s popularly spicy Ma Po tofu. Try the Hunan spicy beef or the fresh red and green chilli peppers used to make Gan Guo in the region of Hunan.


Sichuan peppercorn powder is used to season the region’s popularly spicy Ma Po tofu. Try the Hunan spicy beef or the fresh red and green chilli peppers used to make Gan Guo in the region of Hunan.


Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cuisines, each of which offers a variety of spicy items to taste, are combined to form the main cuisines of Singapore.

Due to Singaporeans’ love of food, you will have access to a vast range of gastronomic options. The major component of the dish known as “fish head curry” is red snapper cooked with vegetables in hot curry. 

Chilli crab, laksa, and the fiery fried noodle dish mee Goreng from India are among the more spicy cuisines.


The Wat, an Ethiopian stew, is sour and hot. Paprika and local chillies are used to prepare the stew known as Sik Sik Wat. Another spicy dish is “Afgan,” which is also made in an earthen pot with a variety of spices.


Mexico is known for its beaches, resorts, cultural attractions, and frequently spicy gastronomy. Even though it might not be as hot as what you might get in Korea or India, Mexico does have some spice.

Salsa Roja and salsa verde can be made quite spicy, giving your tacos an immediate jolt of heat. Due to the usage of a variety of chilli peppers and other hot peppers, many Mexican dishes are quite spicy.

Final word:

So, this is our complete view of hot chilli food and travel blog. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these incredible spicy food bloggers and have discovered the ideal recipe to try at home. We are confident that you will find something to satiate your palate among the variety of foodies mentioned, representing various cuisines. 

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