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Ways To Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Child's Immunity

While it’s a good thing to bring a child to this world, the most daunting task is to raise a healthy child. But how can you effectively do this with an endless array of both viruses and germs surrounding your child each and every day? Although it’s quite unfortunate, it goes without saying that taking care of your sick child is part and parcel of parenthood.

Basically, everybody enters the world with a fragile and inexperienced immune system. As time goes on, our bodies develop impeccable immunity by constantly battling against invasive germs, viruses, and other harmful organisms. In the end, our body toughens up and can withstand such invasions.

Even so, the good news is that there are habits that you can adopt to ensure that your child’s immunity is utterly boosted. Aside from the habits that we are going to talk about, emotional stability plays a vital role in boosting your child’s immune system. Thus, providing them with something that can contribute to their emotional well-being is very important. One way to contribute to stabilizing their emotional well-being is something that they enjoy doing like hobbies, toys, or some creative stuff like bobbleheads. You can find some custom bobbleheads from cheap bobblehead site, and what’s fun about it is your child can choose whatever design or styles they like as bobbleheads can be customized.

Now, read along some pointers to ensure that your child remains free of any diseases.

1.Feed Your Child Plenty Vegetables and Fruits

Foods such as green beans, oranges, carrots, and strawberries contain a lot of carotenoids. This substance is crucial in boosting the body’s immunity.

Also known as Phytonutrientw, they work by incredibly increasing the number if white blood cells in the body which are important in fighting infection. At the same time, Phytonutrients produce interferon, which is an antibody that prevents disease transmission by coating the white blood cells thus preventing viruses and any harmful organisms from interfering with the white blood cells.

2.Ensure Your Child Gets Enough Time

Did you know that a lack of regular enough sleep can drastically affect your immune system? Even worse is your child’s ability to resist any infection when he lacks enough sleep.

According to research, sleep deprivation among kids makes them more susceptible to different types of illnesses. This is because a lack of sleep deeply affects the body’s natural killer cells, which are weapons of the immune system that fight against cancer cells and other microbes.

If your child is in daycare, always remember that he is particularly at higher risk of getting enough sleep since he is mostly occupied. This begs the questions as to how long your child needs to take a nap. Well, if your child is an infant, it is advisable to lay down your child for at least 16 hours per day. However, if your child is a toddler, 11 to 14 hours if sleep per day will do just fine.

3.Breastfeed Your Child

One of the best ways to boost your child’s immunity is to ensure that you breastfeed your child always. Contrary to common belief, breast milk comes with a lot of immunity-enhancing antibodies and white cells. These antibodies are not only turbocharged, but they also act as bodyguards against different infections such as meningitis, pneumonia, ear infections, allergies, and many other conditions.

At the same time, recent studies show that breast milk works wonders on your baby’s brainpower. This means that it helps to protect your baby against conditions such as Insulin-dependent diabetes, colitis, Crohn’s disease, and different forms of cancer. A vast majority of the healing properties are found in colostrum, which is thin, yellowish milk that is found in the milk during the first few days after birth.

4.Regular Exercise

Exercise in children is another great ingredient for boosting body immunity. Just like in adults, exercising your child regularly will go a long way in increasing the body’s number of natural killer cells.

Remember that children always follow suit in what their parents do. Therefore, being a good role model for your child will ensure that he will grow knowing the importance of regular exercise in boosting body immunity.

To ensure that your kid grabs the importance of exercising regularly, ensure to exercise with your kid, rather than letting him go outside to play alone. Develop fun family activities such as skating, hiking, bike riding, and playing basketball among others to get your child involved as often as possible.

5. Guard Your Child Against Germs

Although guarding your child against germs is not a way to boost his immunity, it is a good way of reducing your child’s immune system. To ensure this, ensure that your child practices all the necessary hygiene tactics, which includes regularly washing hands with soap.

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