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Where to apply women’s perfume for best results?

womens perfume

Applying perfume should be a delightful, appealing, and soothing instance; a perfect “personal experience” just like the Elia Parfum. Celebrities and high-profile brands churn out a new women’s aroma monthly, which can make it frustrating to decide where to apply the perfume to get the optimum fragrance for long-lasting results. Follow our advice on where to apply your perfume to get optimal everlasting results each time. This way you can try out all of the fragrances to find the best one that provides you a distinct seductive aroma every time.

Behind Your Ears

Sprinkle your perfume on the flanks of your neck behind your ears to pinpoint your pulse points. Successfully locating a pulse point entails finding a location where blood is usually warmer. This means that fragrance lasts longer when applied to pulse points because of the natural warmth of blood. This preference of position will be especially desirable if you are about to meet a lot of people as they will be able to savor your presence and identify you with a faint seductive fragrance.

Collarbone & Base Of The Neck

A little dab’ll do you on your neck and collarbone of your favorite brand of perfume from a distance of 6 to 8 inches. Maintain this distance to ensure that the alcohol content in the scent does not dry out your skin. Make sure you are not wearing any jewelry when you spray on your perfume as this could have a negative impact on the jewelry. Apply vaseline on your neck and collarbone before applying the aroma so that it has a long-lasting impact without drying out your skin.

Wrist & Forearms

Gently spray perfume onto the wrists resisting the temptation to rub your wrists together. This is another pulse point of application that will emanate fragrance when you make dynamic gestures during conversation and shake hands with people. Rubbing your wrists together after applying the aroma will “dull” the effect of the scent due to the heat relayed from the friction of rubbing your wrists together. Perfumes are designed to work with the effect of body heat, any unnecessary heat can alter the effect of the fragrances.

Behind The Knees

The skin behind the knees is softer and warmer because the veins are closer to the skin. This is the ideal position of application in the summer when you can dare to bare all of your legs. Perfume naturally rises, so applying perfume behind the knees creates a positive aura by a perfume on the people around you.


Apply perfume generously to your chest area because this is the spot where you will smell the perfume the most in comparison to others and usually before others. This is an especially nice point of application if you are going to have an intimate encounter with someone. Your admirer will be able to smell the perfume just as strongly as you do. It is recommended to use this location in coordination with one of the other positions mentioned above.

In Conclusion

Whether you are at work, at a party, a wedding ceremony, or a family get-together the right kind of perfume will have everyone charmed and captivated into being in your company. It is recommended to apply perfume after bathing once you have dried off and used some light moisturizer to ensure the fragrance is long-lasting.

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