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Tips for Writing a Plagiarism-free Essay

plagiarism-free Essay

Plagiarism is academic dishonesty that can lead students to face a lot of travel with the administration and lead to expulsion. It involves copying the ideas of another individual and presenting them as your own. be advised that referring to other people’s concepts or pictures is only accepted if you acknowledge their word. Otherwise, you shall have plagiarized the content. Here are some of the tips that are made according to my essay geek reviewto avoid plagiarism.

Write the first draft

several students have difficulty in presenting their thoughts in the form of writing. Most students are unsure what to communicate, and some wouldn’t know the right answer to the question asked.

Students should understand and learn that the first attempt to write a paper or an essay brings forth the first draft, and it is always chaotic. As you write your first draft, remember to put earlier thoughts and ideas no matter how vague or random they are on your paper. Since this is your first draft, feel free to experiment with your dissertation, proposal, or research paper.

You should carefully plan for your first draft to create the foundation for the second one. You are allowed to exchange your ideas with other authors.


Concentration is a vital part when writing essays that are free of plagiarism.  After drifting your first copy, you will get to the rewriting step that will help you replenish your paper. You will, therefore, precisely express your ideas and shape them with clear and better concepts. If you analyze your thoughts, you will get better forms when writing. It is not easy to write a paper that is free of plagiarism.

Refocus and refine

As you continue writing, you will discover that your paper misses some concepts and needs to change some of the elements. You will then need to do any additional research. All the relevant ideas or events you may have included in your paper will have to be deleted. You will then need to focus on expounding or shrinking your words. It is imperative to double-check your facts meant to you soon in the first draft. You should also check on the exact keyword definitions as used in your paper be good.


It is the final stage of the process of writing. Editing entails shaping your text to be read by your professor or your peers, and it involves a few processes when it comes to writing. Therefore, it means that you must check your paper and make it as quality as possible and free of plagiarism.

Editing comes in two levels: The macro-level and the micro-level. The macro editing deals with your paper’s structure and checks to see if you have answered the essay question and if you have discussed the critical subjects in the assignment. Micro-level editing, on the other hand, deals with the finer details of the paper. They include punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Micro editing occurs at the final stage, so it is imperative to publish your essay before submitting it. Ensure you do not choose the vague language as it can make understanding a sentence is difficult. 

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