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How to Stay Fit During the Holiday Season

Food and Exam Performance

The holiday season is commonly referred to as the best time of the year, and for good reason. From doing the rounds at office holiday parties to spending oodles of time with loved ones, there’s a lot to like about this special time of year. However, if you’re worried about maintaining your weight or staying in shape, there could be cause for concern as well. After all, just about every major holiday event is packed to the max with seasonal specialties, often loaded with sugar, fat or both.

This doesn’t mean you have to abstain from ham, cookies and hot chocolate all season, but if you want to enjoy yourself in moderation while remaining in shape and being able to ride comfort bikes again come January 1st, you may need to strategize from the start of the season for how you’ll achieve that balance. Below, you’ll find some holiday health tips to help you stay fit while having fun.

Swap Out Sedentary Days for Healthier Commutes

If the weather’s not too freezing where you live, you could consider searching for hybrid bicycles for sale to use as your main mode of transportation. In warmer weather, it’s easier to take more walks and stay naturally active throughout the day, but as the weather begins to cool down, it’s all too common to become overly reliant on cars and slip into a more sedentary lifestyle. Fortunately, this is easy to combat. You can find men’s or ladies hybrid bikes and squeeze in a mini-workout while commuting, making the most of your time and giving you a few extra minutes in the day to spend enjoying the season.

Keep Up a Plethora of Healthy Habits Every Day

Part of the reason there are seemingly so many temptations during the holiday season is because it’s tough to predict which days your coworkers will be bringing in reindeer-decorated cupcakes or Santa-shaped chocolates. You can’t account for those little surprises, but you can ensure that you have a healthy foundation so that a little indulgence won’t do too much harm. The best way to get this solid foundation in place is by keeping up with everyday healthy habits. Be sure to:

  • Get in at least 30 minutes of daily vigorous exercise
  • Eat five or more portions of vegetables and fruit every day
  • Sleep eight or more hours each night

You can also try some clever tricks like bringing healthy snacks with you everywhere, just so you have an alternative option should temptation arise at an inopportune moment.

Whenever the holidays roll around again and the temperatures steadily start to drop, it’s more than a little tempting to start indulging in the treats that suddenly seem to pop up at every turn. If you still want to stay fit throughout the holiday season, you don’t have to turn down every party invitation or restrain yourself from every cup of hot chocolate. Instead, try priming yourself for the healthiest season possible with these easy tricks. There are plenty of ways to keep fit while enjoying the season. Grab your bike and squeeze in a little exercise on your way to that office party!

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