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Coughing, Sneezing and a Sore Throat: It May Be More Than a Cold

Sneezing and a Sore Throat

Quite often, people mistake the common symptoms of coughing, sneezing, and throat issues as a mere cold. However, when the coughing, sneezing, and aching throats persist, it’s time to seek medical guidance. Specialized physicians and medical professionals such as ear, nose, and throat specialists can help diagnose the causes of sore throat, coughing, and more. You don’t have to suffer continually and perpetually consume over-the-counter medications in an attempt to alleviate your discomfort. Specialized treatments are available and also use winter jackets at the cold time.

Detecting Ear, Nose and Throat Issues

There are signs that you may be experiencing untreated ear, nose and throat issues that are not related to a cold. They include but are not limited to:

  • runny nose
  • recurring sore throat
  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • uncomfortable sinus pressure
  • nose bleeds
  • breathing problems
  • hearing loss
  • loss of smell

While many of these symptoms are associated with the common cold, it is the duration and persistence of them that is cause for concern. If you’ve noticed that you are experiencing any of these conditions over an extended length of time, it is essential to speak with a physician to get to the root of the problem. If it is determined that you are dealing with a possible ear, nose, and throat issue, your physician will recommend a consultation with an ear, nose, and throat center such as Becker ENT Center.

What Causes ENT Issues?

There are a host of causes for many of the common ear, nose, and throat issues. Once a common cold is ruled out, your ENT specialist will determine why you are experiencing specific symptoms. Some of the common causes of ENT problems include:

1. Infections:

Constant sneezing, a runny nose, postnasal drip with an unpleasant aftertaste as well as headaches are all linked to infections. If you have pressure in the sinus area along with the conditions as mentioned, you may want to make sure you aren’t dealing with an untreated infection. If left unaddressed, the infection can spread causing more pain and discomfort.

2. Acid Reflux:

If you are experiencing a sore throat, you may be suffering from acid reflux. Acid reflux can irritate and erode the lining of the throat and the esophagus causing throat pain overtime. It is important to monitor and treat this condition effectively to alleviate an itchy, sore throat.

3. Allergies:

When seasonal allergies become a daily experience, it is time to consider an allergist. While seasonal changes do produce flare-ups of allergies, there are also various sources of irritation in the environment that cause allergic reactions such as pollen, air pollution, and even mold. Seeking the assistance of a qualified allergist who can conduct comprehensive testing is recommended to help you get to the bottom of your allergy-related ear, nose and throat concerns.

4. Asthma:

Sometimes the cough you think is due to a cold is triggered by asthma. Issues with breathing are often amplified with shortness of the breath and wheezing. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, treatment for bronchial asthma may be necessary.

5. Sleep Apnea:

If you have ever stopped breathing while asleep, this is a serious condition that requires treatment. While you may feel tired upon waking, your body is suffering from the lack of proper air intake. Eventually, sleep apnea results in strain on the heart and lungs due to the body working harder to supply the body with oxygen.

If you are experiencing any of the above health issues, a consultation with an ENT specialist in Princeton is recommended.

Coughing, Sneezing and a Sore Throat

Seeking Treatment

To properly address and resolve ear, nose, and throat concerns, it is essential to obtain the proper treatment. The Becker ENT Center offers high-quality, thorough testing and analysis for those seeking resolution of ENT health concerns. The tests performed are based on the type of condition you may have, and the defining symptoms associated with the condition.

For example, someone dealing with sleep apnea could be offered the opportunity to undergo a sleep study depending on the severity and impact of the condition on the individual. In some cases, non-invasive surgery is an option when doing so will effectively treat sleep apnea.

Individuals with ear issues may undergo extensive ear examinations, which include an audiometric test, more commonly referred to as a hearing test. The ENT specialist will likely inspect the ear for possible infection or obstructions, as well as the buildup of excessive ear wax.

People suffering from recurring throat issues to include sore throat and difficulty swallowing may receive throat cultures, testing for thyroid issues as well as inclusion in swallowing studies so that the ENT specialist can determine the root of the throat issues.

Coughing, Sneezing and a Sore Throat

Because ear, nose, and throat issues are varied, it is essential to seek the assistance of qualified ear, nose, and throat specialists. They can help you get to the bottom of your persistent health concerns. It is important to remember that treatment options vary, and they are based on the specific condition and what is most beneficial for your health and wellness.

At a quality ENT center, such as Becker ENT, there is a team of specialized practitioners who focus on combining their expertise to assist you with alleviating uncomfortable conditions so that you can regain your health and normalcy. Your team of ENT professionals could include allergists, otolaryngologists, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and nurse practitioners, and specialized physicians. All of the practitioners play an essential role in helping you get to the root of your ear, nose, and throat concerns so that you can feel and be at your best.

When it comes to obtaining quality care for ear, nose, and throat problems, people in the Princeton area trust the experienced practitioners at Becker ENT Center. The team provides high-quality, specialized ENT services and care suited to your health concerns. Offering effective, solution-based ENT treatments to the public is their goal. For more information on the stellar team at Becker ENT Center, contact (609) 430-9200.

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