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6 Surprising Benefits of Facial Massage


Getting a facial is probably one of the wellness world’s favorite self-care rituals at the moment. Face masks, nice creams, and even aromatherapy are all parts of a facial, but the most relaxing one and the one carrying the most surprising benefits is the facial massage. What is great about facial massages is that you can do them by yourself at home, but you can also go and have them done professionally. Read on to find out more about the greatness of facial massages.

1. They have anti-aging benefits

Not one person is looking forward to having an old saggy face and so there are a lot of different treatments you can do to postpone the effects that aging has on your skin. One of the least invasive procedures which have anti-aging benefits is facial massage. By improving blood circulation, collagen production is stimulated which leads to better skin elasticity and therefore less fine lines.

2. They can help you with pain

Anxiety and headaches are the most common ailments of the 21st century. If you suffer from headaches and facial tension, facial massages could be the cure for you. A lot of the time headaches are caused by being stressed and since massages are known to be relaxing there’s no way you will leave the treatment without having your pain relieved. If you’re keen on traveling to wellness destinations in order to ease your pain we’re recommending you visit Singapore. Facial massage in Singapore which has garnered a great reputation for alleviating pain is called acupressure. It relaxes your facial muscles, leading to improved circulation and no more migraines.

3. You will have smoother skin

One of the most attractive benefits of facial massages is smooth skin. If you’d like to have skin as smooth as the baby’s, getting regular facial massages is the key. Facial massages help with skin texture because they boost blood circulation. Another reason is that by massaging the face, the products your esthetician applies to get absorbed better. By being worked in your skin, they are able to have a deeper effect.

4. They have detoxifying effects

Pollution and dirt which are all around us have a detrimental effect on our skin, especially the skin of our face which is always exposed. Facial massages help get rid of these impurities, such as blackheads, product, and oil build-up. Detoxifying your skin will leave your complexion glowing and more healthy-looking.

5. It helps reduce acne and acne scarring

Acne can be very annoying and persistent. The most natural and non-intrusive way to cure acne is by getting regular facial massages. As we’ve mentioned before, acne purifies your skin. Clogged pores and impurities lead to acne, so by having your pores regularly cleansed you will see the improvement in your acne situation. What is also known to you is that facial massages lead to better blood flow, so the scarring you may already have will have a better chance of improving and eventually fading completely away. If you suffer with acne, be very careful when you massage your face in order not to irritate your skin even more.

6. It brightens your complexion

If you don’t have acne or blackheads but your skin still doesn’t look perfect, it may be because your skin tone isn’t even. Massaging your face on at least a weekly basis will leave your skin glowing and your skin looking more even. It will depuff your face by draining the lymphatic centers of your face. If you want to do this on your own, massage your face with medium pressure and move your fingers downwards, from the highest points of your face to your neck.

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