10 Gemstones with Health Benefits

Healing crystals or gemstones have been used for ages in ancient China, India, Greece, and Rome, for their healing and energetic benefits.

Now, people are increasingly becoming attracted to their mystical and medicinal powers.

Using them as a form of self-care has grown in popularity, and now it’s simpler than ever to obtain any favored crystal.

Even though there is no scientific evidence of their abilities, a vast number of people firmly believe that each crystal has various effects on the mind and body.

Whether you believe in their powers or not, no one can dispute the fact that they look wonderful, and they look even more appealing on jewelry.

The good way to incorporate crystals in your life is to wear the jewelry made from them, place them throughout your living area/workspace or simply carry them in your pocket or a handbag.

Alternately, you can drink from the gemstone-infused bottles or meditate with them.

Always make sure to cleanse them after each use, as they absorb energy.

Just for our readers, we created a list of 10 gemstones with health benefits.

Clear Quartz

Made from silicon and oxygen, the two most plentiful elements on our planet, clear quartz can purify and re-energize other crystals and neutralize negative energy.


Opal is pale when pure, but it appears in a wide assortment of colors, coupled with white, golden, azure, black, orange, and green.

Regardless of the color preference, they all have things in common, such as enhancing health generally, balancing the body water content, strengthening the memory and wellbeing.

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This crystal comes in many colors, such as mahogany, golden, black, or snowflake.

Each color has its characteristics, and some of them include discharging negative energy, growing self-control, and strengthening a weak aura.


This crystal can help you improve your immune system, promote digestive health, diminish headaches and make your skin healthier.

Due to possessing far-infrared radiation, it can aid blood flow.


It is said that moonstone holds remarkable calming features, which can come in handy if you are coping with being overly aggressive or anxious.

Moreover, it can help with curing insomnia and eliminating negative energy.


Also called Celestine, it is made from strontium sulfate.

It can be utilized for eradicating toxins from your body and treating the ears and eyes.

Additionally, it can be used to soothe muscle tension, and calm your mind.

Black Onyx

This gemstone is associated with the planet Saturn, it is comforting and known to help release negative energy.

Additionally, it is assumed that it can assist with eye, teeth, and bone problems, skin issues, and infections.


AKA Heliotrope, this gemstone is a form of Chalcedony.

Its regular colors are dark green or greenish-blue with little red spots.

It is believed that it can improve blood circulation and support the immune system.

Furthermore, it is being utilized as an aphrodisiac as well.


Also known as the wisdom stone, it frees from stress and depression and eliminates unwanted thoughts and confusion.

It also helps with stimulating concentration, strengthening the veins, and soothes overactive body systems.


One of the most famous gemstones, it was mentioned in Sanskrit writings and Bible as well.

It was a most common gem choice of European royalties since it is thought that it can attract health, wisdom, and success in love.

Nowadays, Ruby prevailed as the popular option of many people, since it can help enhance mental health, relieve depression ad stress, and help with blood pressure regulation, indigestion, and spine problems.


These were some of the various gemstones with health benefits.

Considering that each gemstone has its benefits, choose the right one for you according to your needs. Or try combining various gemstones to see which one is the most suitable for your demands. Besides, there is no harm in trying, so even if you never used them earlier, consider giving them a chance. You never know until you try!

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