How Do You Spell Restaurant Correctly

How Do You Spell Restaurant

Most of us enjoy eating in restaurants, it allows us to enjoy delectable dishes prepared by highly skilled and talented chefs. However, many of us do not know How do you spell restaurant. There is a simple solution to this problem which is exactly what we will discuss in this article. You can learn simple tricks to help you memorize the word and also get familiar with other restaurant-related words we use every day.

Eating outside is fun as you see and meet new people. You can enjoy the food that you usually do not prepare at home. People who work far from home also prefer to eat at a restaurant near their workplace. 

Sometimes you might want to save time and instead of going through the trouble of going to the grocery store, buying stuff, cleaning, cooking, and then washing dishes, you might prefer to go out to a restaurant. 

The word “restaurant” is often misspelled as “restorant” or “restorent”. However, the correct word “restaurant”  specify a place where you can eat and meal and pay for it. In restaurants, the food is usually brought to you at your table by a waitress or waiter.

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What Is A Restaurant?

A restaurant can be defined as a basic idea or concept we have in our minds. It is a structure that describes a restaurant. Each restaurant differs from the others in terms of theme, cuisine, menu design, room decor, and most importantly the food.

The word “restaurant” comes from the French word “restaurer” which means “to deliver food for”. Restaurants in most cases let you sit comfortably and enjoy delicious food and drinks made by chefs in return for money. 

Restaurants differ significantly in semblance and their offerings, together with a wide variety of cuisines and services that ranges from inexpensive fast-food restaurants and cafe to mid-priced restaurant for families, to exorbitant grandeur establishments.

What Is The History Behind The Restaurant?

The existence of a public eating establishment dates back to 512 BC as mentioned in the records of Ancient Egypt. The concept began with one simple dish which consisted of onions, cereals, and wildfowl. 

Followed by Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome which began serving ready-to-eat food and beverages and introduced a modern concept of food. These establishments may be compared with the modern restaurants we have today. They were mostly visited by people who did not possess a private kitchen. They were also popular in The Roman Empire in small cities.

Another similar establishment much like a restaurant was Inn, an Inn had a similar setup and was mostly present alongside to serve people who were traveling between cities offering not only food but lodging too. Meals were served at the table which was common for all guests. However, it only served a limited variety of dishes and didn’t have menus back then.

They also existed in Ancient India and the proof lies in the Arthasastra references where a regulation states “those who trade in cooked rice, liquor, and flesh” are to live in the south of the city. This confirms that some sort of restaurant existed as regulations were directed toward the restaurant owners.

What Are The Types Of Restaurants?

Restaurants are labeled or distinguished in assorted ways. The main focus however on being food. A restaurant can provide food that could vegetarian or vegan, a steakhouse, or one that has seafood in it. The cuisine can include Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, French, Mexican, and Thai dishes. It may also differ in a number of ways such as location, service, cost, location, or theme. 

Restaurants can be economical serving breakfast to dinner at a low cost or they can be a little fancier where families can eat a meal in a nice and simple setting or they could be expensive establishments that serve exclusive food and first-class wine.

Identical Words To Describe A Restaurant:

Identical words are words that we sometimes use to describe a restaurant and they include:

Cafe: It is a type of restaurant that only serves coffee and tea along with certain refreshments such as baked biscuits or snacks.

Eating house: an establishment where people go to eat meals.

Diner: A Diner offers a wide range of foods, mostly American cuisine, a casual environment, and, characteristically, a series of booths, served by a waitress and a long sit-down counter with direct service, and simple dishes. 

Eatery: An eatery is a small place with a focus only on food.

Bistro: means a small and inexpensive restaurant.

Cocktail lounge: A public accessible room usually in hotels, clubs, or restaurants where cocktails and other drinks are served.

Barroom: A room where alcoholic drinks are served.

Canteen: A restaurant in an organization like a school, college, factory, or company for students or staff.

Greasy spoon: A cheaper, run-down restaurant that serves fried foods.

Grillroom: A restaurant that serves food that’s grilled.

Hash house: A small affordable restaurant.

Lunchroom: A place where people bring and eat their lunch.

Rotisserie: A restaurant that specializes in selling roasted or barbecued meats.

Steakhouse: A restaurant whose specialty is steak.

Tea Parlor: A place where tea and light snacks are served is called a tea parlor.

Espresso shop: A place where only espresso coffee is served.

Estaminet: A small cafe selling coffee, beer, and wine.

Pill in or Pill Up: A roadside coffee shop for truck drivers.

Automat: A cafe where food is dispatched by machines.

Why Is The Spelling Of The Restaurant Unclear?

The word came from the French word “Restaurer” but however similar words are used to describe a similar setting as Italians call it “Ristorante”, British English and American English have different pronunciations of the same word with different accents. So, this leads to confusion as to how exactly should we spell and pronounce it.

How Do you Spell and Pronounce Restaurant?

Even after knowing the meaning, types, and history of the word, it can still prove to be confusing as in British English we call it /ˈrestərɒnt/  where it has no vowel in the middle between “t” and “r”, and short “o” thereafter. However, in American English, we pronounce it as /ˈres.tə.rɑːnt/ without this additional vowel and where a long “ah”. 

Both are correct and after knowing the difference one may pronounce it as per his or her location and preference.

Techniques To Memorize The Spelling Of Restaurant: 

There are three ways in which you can memorize the spelling of the word “Restaurant”:

  • You can try to memorize it by remembering the origin of the word from the French word.
  • You can write it down and this will help in fixing the spelling and pronunciation in your mind. 
  • You could always go through the basics of learning a spelling by looking at it, saying it, covering it and writing it down, and checking it.


If you have difficulty pronouncing any complicated word such as “restaurant” and are not certain as How do you spell restaurant, you should always break the word down by using a trick that is unique to you. 

For example, if we are to break down “restaurant” we can take the first four letters as rest so it’s easy to remember that it is somewhere we can rest and leave au in between the last four letters again could be rent we pay for the services they provide. 

In this manner, we can break down complicated words using our own logic and spell and pronounce difficult words.

There are words we use every day that have an ancient origin. The words were discovered in ancient civilizations but are still used today. 

Some words may have similar meanings and pronunciations around the world like the word restaurant which leads to confusion. One can always look up the spelling and listen to its pronunciation so it’s easier to remember.


1. Why is the spelling of “Restaurant” uncertain?

The main reason why people get confused with the spelling of the word is people around the world have different spelling and pronunciation. It’s pronounced and spelled differently in Italian and French languages, even the English word has two different pronunciations as British and the American say the word in different accents.

2. How many ways can a restaurant be spelled?

 Many speakers mispronounce the word “Restaurant” as “Resturant”(10.1%), “Restront”(5.3%), “Restaurante”(9.4%), and even “Resteraunt”(3.1%)also. 

3. How old is the word restaurant?

The word was first used in France back in the 16th Century to describe street vendors who sold soups.

4. How do you spell restaurant in French?

Restaurants are spelled as “Le restaurant” in French which has the same meaning as a hotel or cafe.

5. What are some of the similar words?

There are some other businesses that offer similar facilities and they are called 

diner, cafes, eatery, and many more names discussed above.

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