A Few Myths about the Life of a Travel Writer

Travel Writer

An amazing thing about career paths in the 21st Century is that they are not the standard 9 to 5 office jobs many thought about before. Because of technology and the growing curiosity about what life has to offer, there are many exciting jobs for people to try.

One such career path is that of a travel writer. According to the some of us religiously follow their blogs, while others might read them if they pop up in our social media feeds. But most of us are amazed that such people can seemingly live a life of adventure while earning a living.

Three myths we are not aware of

But like many things in life, sometimes things are just too good to be true. The following are some myths about the life of a travel writer that aspirants should be aware of.

Myth #1: The location is the big draw

Some think all they have to do is pick a location exotic enough, and editors or sponsors will be begging to pay for their article or mailing in a check to cover the expenses. Unfortunately, with so many writers around the world visiting the same locations, this is not going to be enough.

Your story needs to have a unique slant that will interest your editor (if you have one), corporate sponsor (if you have one), and your readers. Think of something different you can investigate while you are there, not the usual stories of fancy resorts and places to swim or eat.

Myth #2: Readers want to know all about your experiences there

Because of vloggers (real celebrities or otherwise), the running thought for those who are dreaming of earning as they travel is that people want to know about them. Thus, they focus on how they feel and what they think.

Sadly, unless you are very popular, most readers will not care about YOU per se, even if you try to pass your blog off as something from the point-of-view of a regular joe or jane. Readers today are more selective about what they want to read. While you can be in the story, it has to be able to draw them in as well.

Myth #3: Travel writers make a lot

Although some travel writers do earn much, this is rarely the norm, especially if you are just starting. The market is quite saturated with full-time and part-time writers; therefore, it will take lots of time, great writing, and even charisma to receive what you are aiming for (if you ever achieve it).

Adding to the challenge is that articles are not always paid after submission. Some editors may say they like your piece, but they only pay once they decide to publish it, which could be weeks or months later. Travel expenses may also not be covered ahead of time (if they are ever covered at all), meaning you’ll have to invest in yourself.


It’s a great thing that people have many options where work and travel can be combined. But before jumping into travel writing, it’s important to know the reality before committing to such a career.

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