7 Smart Tips That Solo Travellers Must Be Aware Of

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According to Oyo, the number of bookings made by solo travellers increased by 133% in 2018 compared to the previous year.

More and more travellers prefer to travel solo, and experts predict that this burgeoning trend is set to grow exponentially in the years to come. While the idea of embarking on a solo trip seems exciting, it can be challenging as well. However, following a few smart tips and by availing travel insurance online, you can keep yourself safe on a trip.

Here are some of the expert-approved tips for a hassle-free and safe trip:

Keep check of your belongings

Solo travellers are often victims of criminal activities. Stay alert at all times and never put your backpack or any baggage down on the ground. Moreover, while boarding a bus, load your luggage securely.

Carry documents in handbag

Travel and identification should be kept on a person at all times during a journey. This is especially important in case you are travelling to a foreign country.

Study the routes

Travelling to an unknown place can be daunting, especially if you don’t have any idea about the roads and it will be amazing experience if you travel travel party bus Moreno Valley. Being stranded in such an area has a high-risk amount of risk involved. It is advisable that you have a downloaded version of maps on your phone or a hard copy in your carry-on bag.

Share information with your family

While travelling solo, another person must have your details, such as destination, hotels of residence, flight information etc.  

Get the best travel insurance online

Travel insurance is of utmost importance if you decide to undertake a solo trip, as it keeps you covered from all aspects like:

It provides coverage in case of loss of personal belongings, baggage, expensive assets etc.

Blocking all your digital cards with a single call in case of pickpocketing.

In the unlikely event of an accident, the financial institution providing insurance bears hospitalization expenses, emergency evacuation cost, etc.

Problems incurred due to transportation issues such as delayed flights, cancelled flights, etc. are reimbursed by the NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv. Any additional hotel charges are also covered under this scheme.

In case of loss of important documents such as passport, PAN card etc. travel insurance allows you to get assistance for the generation of a duplicate copy.

There are various types of travel insurance tailor-made to suit your trip. In case of a trekking tour, you can avail a trek cover to keep you guarded during unforeseen circumstances.

Similarly, in case of a road trip, availing roadside travel insurance would provide emergency assistance in case of trouble arising midway.

You can also keep your house protected while you are away on the road with home protection insurance. This keeps you covered in case of loss, damage due to fire, theft, etc. This feature allows you to safeguard both your physical as well as financial assets kept in your house.

Thus, buying travel insurance online in India would ensure financial safety as well as assistance in case of emergencies.

Distribute the valuable stuff –

When you travel solo, spread-out your valuable things like cash, cards, passport and electronics – to minimise the chances of losing everything at once. You can use an anti-theft bag to keep all the cards, documents and cash safe.

Simultaneously, availing coverage under the solo traveller insurance can lend you peace of mind and experience your trip to the fullest.

Appear as a part of the crowd –

If you look like you’re native to a place, chances of you getting scammed are considerably less. This tip is predominantly vital for solo women travellers, who can ensure their security to a certain extent in this manner.

Researching on the place of travel – their clothing and eating habits, etc. can help you blend in as a citizen.

Moreover, when you buy travel insurance online, check if it covers trip cancellation and emergency medical assistance costs. Furthermore, be specific while choosing an insurance cover and settle on one that best caters to your needs.

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