5 West Coast Cities to Visit

West Coast Cities

The west coast does everything differently!  With a flair for creativity and fun energy regardless of the city, most visitors are surprised to see how varied the cultures can be along the west coast.  Although beach views, and celebrity sightings, can be a lot of fun: there’s more to this coast than Los Angeles homes for sale!

These are the top cities to visit if you need an excuse to take a fun and exciting vacation.


Seattle may seem obvious, but it doesn’t get enough attention as a tourist hotspot!  With far less summer heat and a lot more culture and creativity, this should be a go-to spot for vacationers. The visitor should aware of travel fraud during outings. In addition, Seattle has some of the best food on this side of the country; with Pike Market offering cuisines from Indian to southern American dishes, you’ll find a restaurant that speaks to you.  There’s a reason so many people love Seattle; it’s time for you to visit and see a couple of reasons for yourself!


Another artsy city, Portland, is a little more affordable than Seattle and has a completely different vibe.  If you want high-class and have expensive taste, Seattle is for you: but there’s something a little more earthy about Portland.  Residents prefer to bike rather than drive, and there are constantly new green and eco-friendly avenues being approached that are attempts to help the world be a better place.  Being in Portland can feed your soul and make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger; it’s more than worth a visit.

San Diego

If you’re a pop culture nerd and are interested in getting to know the iconic franchises you love a little better: San Diego is where to go.  Famous internationally for how many animation and creative studios are here, this city is full of artists.  Unfortunately, if you’re visiting, you’ll have to come by car, or you could face huge Uber or Lyft fees since the city isn’t built around being walkable.  San Diego is also a great stop for sports fans or anyone who wants to enjoy some beautiful sunshine and incredible people.


Alaska is often overlooked as an east coast city, but it shouldn’t be!  Anchorage is the perfect mix of cool summers and beautiful winters that will leave many wanting to move permanently.  If you visit during the summer, Anchorage has an incredible amount of sunlight, with the mid-sun festival happening: because on June 21st every year, the city gets 22 hours of daylight.  This can be fun and dazzling and is something everyone should experience at least once.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, California, is a great place to go if you want to sneak away from crowded cities.  Beautiful coastlines that seem to stretch on forever show off white sand against bright blue water and make this city feel like an oasis.  Although this does have peak tourism times, the town itself is relatively small and can feel nice and quiet as a summer getaway spot for anyone who needs a little time by the seaside.

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