5 Places To Enjoy An Amazing View In Nantucket

Amazing View In Nantucket

So, you are planning a trip to Nantucket and want to take some stunning vacation photos or simply enjoy the mesmerizing views? Well, don’t worry because just about every spot on this tiny island is Insta-worthy.

You can start enjoying these views as soon as you set foot on the ferry to the island or check in to your rented house or another accommodation for your stay on Nantucket. Many of the available local homes for short-term rent are Instagram-worthy by themselves.

Still, if you want to visit all those places and enjoy the views you have been admiring only on photos from Nantucket, then here are some of the places to add to your vacation itinerary.

Sconset Bluff Walk

This walk, also called the Cliff Walk, is the most famous walking path in Nantucket. It is only a mile long but offers visitors the unique opportunity to view from up close the exclusive rose-covered cottages. These historic homes are surrounded by manicured turfs and gardens and white picket fences in the village of Siasconset.

The path was developed by William Flagg back in 1892. Today it is the only way to get so close to these fairytale-like, weathered gray shingle-style cottages all covered with roses.

The scenic walkway leads to the market of the village and then to the picturesque bluffs or to the Siasconset beach on the east coast of Nantucket. The beach itself is beautiful, and the views of the ocean and the nearby red and white striped historic Sankaty Head Lighthouse are like no other.

Brant Point Lighthouse

This is the second oldest working lighthouse in the USA. Plus, it is the first and last building, which you will see when arriving or leaving the island via ferry.

It was built in 1746 and has been destroyed and rebuilt nine times since then.

It is the smallest of all three historic lighthouses in Nantucket, and the current tower was built in 19901.

Brant Point Lighthouse and the Nantucket Harbor offer beautiful views during all seasons. It is a great place to enjoy gawking at the super yachts and boats in the harbor too.

In the spring, the locals adorn the lighthouse with a daffodil wreath for the famous Daffodil Festival. Around the holidays, a Christmas Wreath decorates it for the famous Christmas stroll.

When leaving the island, don’t forget to throw two pennies in the water as the ferry passes by the lighthouse. This is an old tradition and is believed to grant wishes as well as ensure that you return to Nantucket in the future.

Steps beach

The north shore beaches on the Nantucket Sound coast are preferred for the calmer, shallower, and warmer water. Despite not being as popular as other north shore beaches in Nantucket, such as Children’s, Dionis, or Jetties, Steps beach is, without doubt, the one that offers the most scenic views.

It is located close to the historic downtown on a cliff-edged shore, so to get to the beach, you will need to walk a steep set of steps, hence the name Steps beach.

While the beach itself is gorgeous and less crowded than the more popular neighboring beaches, the real treat is the view from the top of the steps.

From there, you can see the Nantucket Sound, Great Point Lighthouse, and lush greenery. Also, you can admire the occasional grand waterfront property or mansion hidden among the untouched flora.

At the end of the summer season, you can watch some fascinating bioluminescent sea creatures swimming close to the shore after the sun sets at Steps Beach.

Sanford Farm

Thanks to the dedication and endless efforts of the local conservation organizations, nearly half of the land of Nantucket is conserved and protected from any development.

So, there are many wildlife refuges and conserved territories you can explore during your visit to Nantucket.

One of these conservation areas which offers some of the best views is Sanford Farm. It is part of three interconnected properties, along with Ram Pasture and The Woods.

The farm owned by Anne Sanford was used as a grazing pasture for the cows and sheep of the first settlers on the island back in the 17th and 18th centuries. Then it was a dairy farm until the 1920s.

Today, this area is protected and has several walking trails which are open to visitors.

The area offers some breathtaking views of the ocean, the Hummock Ponds, the North Head, the endless grassland and the historic barn and stone house, and the undeveloped beach on the south.

Cisco Beach

Cisco Beach is among the top preferred south beaches by surfers, watersports lovers, and youngsters in Nantucket.

Besides its constant swell, shallow sandbar, and rolling surf which surfers love, Cisco Beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and offers an enthralling view of the ocean, especially at sunset.

The beach is long and wide, with soft white sand and tall dunes.

It is home to one of the two Nantucket surf schools, where you can rent some gear or sign up for surfing lessons and classes.

Keep in mind that due to the stronger currents and bigger waves of the open Atlantic Ocean, the water there is not suitable for newbie swimmers or children.

It is usually crowded, especially at the peak of the summer season, though, so it is not the place to spend the day if you want a quiet time.

But if you are looking for a fun spot with a lot of youngsters and with some of the best food trucks in Nantucket, then Cisco beach is perfect for you.

It is also one of the best places to go for a romantic picnic and enjoy the ocean or sunset view.

On your way back from the beach, don’t forget to drop by Cisco Brewers for some local brews, wines, or cocktails, live music, delicious fresh seafood snacks, and loads of fun.

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