What can you do with a master’s degree in design?

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Design degrees focus on building a fundamental aspect of designing activity, from methodology to philosophy and values. The students enrolled in a master’s degree of design can learn to define particularities of a given object or concept, functionality, utility, shape, size, color, etc. A well-structured M. design program allows aspiring students to become compatible with working in a multi-disciplinary environment. It also teaches you to address contemporary issues independently and creatively and become an integral part of the stimulating and gratifying career option.

Master’s degree in Design: Program Overview

The course aims to nurture design professionals and entrepreneurs while encouraging them to use the latest tools and technologies, develop thought processes for designing and design transformation. During Master’s in design is a course that promotes a multi-disciplinary learning approach through an amalgamation of customized courses, live projects, and practical projects. During the post-graduation program in design, the students also get the opportunity to get exposure through live classes conducted with leading designers and industry specialists.

There are several design courses offered under the master’s program in design. So, here are the most popular M. design courses offered by prestigious universities in India:

  • M. design Interaction Design
  • M. design Transportation and Mobility Design
  • M. design Product Design
  • M. design Fashion Design
  • M. design Graphic Design

The students get the liberty to choose a specialization based on their future objectives.

Why pursue an M. design course?

An M. design course is suitable for students who aspire to enter the creative industry with the latest knowledge and skills. So, these design courses are appropriate for students who want to join the design industry, including fashion designing, product development, graphic designing, or UI/UX designing. During the course, prospective students can explore the global design industry in depth after their bachelor’s. 

Add skills to your CV

A post-graduate degree holder in design is likely to demonstrate the following skills: 

  • Project Management
  • Computer Skills
  • Creative thinking/Creativity
  • Logical thinking and Problem-Solving skills
  • Hands-on Project Management
  • Software Skills
  • Presentation and Communication Skills
  • Editorial and Research skills
  • An eye for detailing

Career progression after earning a master’s degree in design

Career options for a graduate with a master’s degree in design are immense. Nearly all sectors require designing professionals who can work on the product’s appearance. So, even for digital marketing, the marketers need design graduates to design websites and other media platforms. However, here are some of the job options to choose from:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • User Experience Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Landscape Architect


If you opt for a master’s degree in design, you can acquire new and valuable skills. A master’s degree in design opens up a world of possibilities and serves as a great medium to strengthen your theoretical and practical skills in designing. If you are a creative individual trying to build a career in the creative industry. So, we encourage you to inquire about this course. So, Sign in now to learn more about the master in design course!

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