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Fashion Design

Bangalore, popularly referred to as “Silicon Valley of India’ also has added attractions in the form of parks and nightlife. The lifestyle, culture, and young corporate professionals make it a perfect destination to pursue fashion designing course in Bangalore or Bengaluru. 

The city has around 1200 garment factories, as per an estimate that employs lakhs of people. Young working professionals, start-up culture, IT, entertainment, and handicrafts’ hub make the city an ideal choice for undertaking a fashion design course in Bangalore.  

It is imperative to choose the college wisely. Let us look at some of the factors to consider while choosing a fashion design course in Bangalore.

Campus Director

The leadership team defines the experience, expertise of faculty, and offerings to a large extent. Make sure you choose a course that offers leadership or a Campus Director who is a passionate academician, researcher, and industry professional. It would be an added advantage if the Campus Director is from a top management school and has pursued fashion courses from the global best. Relevant industry experience would, of course, add value to the learnings of students whereby real-life learnings would find their way to campus.


It is very important that the campus can boast of a rich team of faculty across courses such as school of fashion, school of media, school of creative practice, product and accessory design, fashion design, communication design, fashion communication, styling beauty, and image design. 

Student Life

The campus should offer student development and support that works towards a complete development and ensures the well-being of those taking the course. Students should be guided on both academic and corresponding non-academic matters of concern. The environment should be supportive, non-judgmental, and positive. 

Well-being of Students

The campus should have adequate medical services round the clock to help in case of any medical eventuality. It would be an added advantage in case there are tie-ups for emergency exigencies. Besides this, it would be an added advantage if the campus has canteens in multiple locations within the campus. The course-based stationery essentials should also be available within the campus premises.

Recreation Services

Creativity flows freely when the mind is at ease. It is therefore essential that there are recreational rooms within the campus to encourage fun with work. The Spirit of sportsmanship is further inculcated when tournaments are organized. They also inculcate the spirit of competitiveness in a safe and constructive manner.


Comfort is important when you are staying away from home. Accommodation should have apt services such as security, in-room amenities, electricity, wi-fi, good meals, entertainment, and housekeeping services. Certain colleges in Bangalore have tie-ups with top co-living service providers that ensure students live in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment.


Choosing a course in Bangalore is a wise choice given the opportunities and industry relevance of the city. The city has young vibes, a supportive environment, and mushrooming both start-up and stable industries. Choose a course and campus that offers that has a good faculty, conducive learning environment, offers industry-relevant education, and makes you future-ready. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the right one and make your dreams a reality

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