6 Resistance Band Mistakes That Make Your Workout Ineffective

Workout Ineffective

Resistance bands are an excellent option for getting a good workout in. However, some mistakes can make your exercise ineffective and even dangerous. You’ll want to be aware of these mistakes, so you don’t make them yourself.

It’s always a good idea to ensure you’re using your workout gear correctly. You’ll see better results and won’t worry about injuring yourself. You’ll want to avoid these six resistance band mistakes to get an effective workout. Let’s get started!

1. You’ve Never Replaced Your Resistance Bands

Do you know how old the resistance bands you have are? If you bought them years ago and have been using them frequently, you may need to replace them. These bands can last long, but the material can stretch over time.

As the material wears out, the chance it will snap on you during your workout increases. Of course, it’d be painful if a snapped band hit you, so you’ll want to be careful.

If you use bands that come with handles, you’ll want to scrutinize them before each use. The resistance band is most likely to break where the handles connect with the band, so check that it’s still connected tightly.

Overall, it’s good to replace your fitness bands every few years. If it seems too stretchy, or you notice small tears on the band, it’s time to get a new one. Spending on a new set is much safer than using your current ones until they break.

2. You’re Not Using the Proper Form

Resistance bands can be a challenge to get used to, but if you’re not using the proper form with them, you could damage your muscles. They give you much more control over your movement. However, that means people often fall into an incorrect form while using the bands.

Placing the band in the wrong spot is one of the largest causes of an improper form. So, you’ll want to make sure you do some research on band placement when choosing your workouts.

Incorrect form can make the workout ineffective or even dangerous. If you can, you should practice in front of a mirror or record your reps until you know how to do the movements.

3. You’re Not Securing the Band Well

Next, you must ensure that you secure the band well. You want it to be secure wherever you place it. For instance, if you’re holding it with your feet or you connect it to another object, it shouldn’t slide off. 

If it does, it could come off and hit you, which is sure to hurt. Plus, you won’t get an effective workout if the band’s constantly sliding around. It’s easier to focus on your reps when you don’t have to worry about the fitness band falling off.

Resistance bands can be dangerous when misused. Part of using them safely means ensuring that you always secure them tightly.

Overall, just take a second to ensure the band is in place before you start using it. Doing so won’t take more than a couple of seconds, and it’ll help you have a more efficient workout. Beginners using fitness bands tend to let them slide around too much. 

4. You Secure the Band Around Rough Edges

Putting the band around rough edges can also cause issues. The resistance bands material will wear out much faster and can snap anytime. Sharp objects include furniture, like most tables, so you’ll want to be careful.

Always check the surfaces that your fitness bands rub against frequently. If it feels sharp or rough, it’s sure to wear through the latex on the band quickly. You won’t get as effective of a workout when the bands are worn out, too, because it won’t take as much force for you to pull on them during your reps.

So, you’ll want to take a few seconds to ensure you don’t secure the band around rough edges. As long as you do, you should be able to make the resistance bands last very long.

5. You Use Bands With Too Much Resistance

You also won’t get a good workout if you use bands with too much resistance to your current strength level. You’ll feel you’re struggling to complete each rep, making it impossible to maintain good form.

You won’t get an efficient workout when you can’t keep good form. Plus, you might accidentally damage your muscles.

You’ll know that you’re using a fitness band that’s too heavy if you can’t follow through with the full range of motion with the exercise. Your body will try using muscles that you don’t want to finish the move, which can lead to injury and strain.

Overall, you don’t need to use the heaviest bands immediately. Start with the lightest ones in the set and move on to the thicker ones as you feel comfortable with the exercise. That way, you can learn the correct form before adding more resistance.

6. You Use Bands With Too Little Resistance

Alternatively, you might also be using bands with too little resistance. While you’re not likely to get injured doing this, you won’t get an effective workout. You’re not building muscle if your body doesn’t feel resistance.

You want to feel a healthy burn but not strain, so finding a balance with your band’s resistance level is essential. Most people prefer to use stronger bands for their legs but lighter ones on their arms so they can practice the form.

In short, just make sure you’re using a resistance you’re comfortable with. It should challenge you, but every rep shouldn’t feel impossible. You should only feel very tired on the last couple of reps.

Avoid Making These Resistance Band Mistakes

To summarize, you’ll want to avoid making the above resistance band mistakes. When you do, you’ll have a much more effective, safe workout. That means replacing the bands every few years, using proper form, and choosing a band with the perfect resistance level.

You’ll have a great fitness band workout every time if you can do all that!

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