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The Ultimate Macro Calculator to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Counting macros and calories really matters to maintain a healthy weight regardless of fitness goals, training, or diet plans you are working on.

Keeping track of your macros gives a clear idea of the right amount of nutrients that you need to provide energy to your body perform daily errands.

So, before setting your fitness or health goals, it is important to understand properly macros and how they play their role in a healthy lifestyle.

Table of content

  • What are macros and why they are important?
  • How to calculate macros in your diet?
  • Why do you need to calculate macros?
  • How to hit your macro targets to accomplish your fitness goal?

What are macros and why they are important?

Macros are short of macronutrients and they are referred to as those nutrients that are required in large amounts for the proper function of the human body.

These macros are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and they carry loads of minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

In simpler terms, macros are a group of nutrients that have particular roles in our body and our body cannot survive without them.

Ø Protein

Let’s get started with the proteins that you all know are made up of amino acids. Proteins play a significant role in building our body muscles including nails, hairs, and other body tissues.

Lack of healthy proteins in the diet can lead to abnormal tissue growth and severe health complications.

Besides that, protein-rich meals (eggs, chicken, meat, fish, etc.) help you grow healthier and fill you up for a longer period which is also essential for keeping your diet in control.

Ø Fats

Next, fats or lipids are essential too but most people think that eating fat will make you chubbier that is completely incorrect.

No doubt, excess of everything is bad. Similarly consuming too many bad fats will definitely put a huge weight on you but here we are talking about healthy fats.

It is a scientific fact that fats in the body can only be cut by eating fat, it is surprising, right? The reason behind this is that fats are insoluble in water-based foods so for cutting down excess fat in our body, you need to add up some healthy fats to your diet.

Sources of healthy fats are dry fruits, peanut butter, avocados, etc.

Ø Carbohydrates

Last but not least, carbohydrates are the main fuel of the body on which our whole-body activities rely on. Eliminating carbohydrates from your diet to accomplish your fitness goal is a bad idea.

Cutting down carbs in your diet may help you reach your goals fast but keeping on a low carb diet for longer may leave you extremely unfit or sick.

The reason is pretty straightforward. Your body cannot work properly without providing an adequate amount of fuel in it.

You may have noticed all the diet plans, they always focus on taking a low carbs diet rather than eliminating it.

Deficiency of Carbs in diet can lead to severe complications such as lack of movements, cravings, headaches, and body aches.

How to calculate macros in your diet?

The concept of counting macros cannot be understood without paying attention to calories because they both go hand in hand.

Every macronutrient carries a particular number of calories per gram:

One gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories

One gram of protein = 4 calories

One gram of lipid = 9 calories

Calculating macros has become easy and simple by using a macro calculator. A macro calculator provides a great way to determine and fulfill your fitness goal.

This macro calculator asks you for information such as your gender, age, your goal, and lifestyle, perform calculations using advanced algorithms, and gives a proper guideline about taking macros.

Why do you need to calculate macros?

  1. Keeping count of everything you eat can be daunting and time-consuming sometimes but when you make it a habit, you can accomplish every fitness goal you make.
  • Moreover, tracking macros can work pretty well for bodybuilders and athletes as it helps them be consistent on their healthy diets.
  • Counting your macros also saves you from eating junk, processed, and packaged foods that are high in carbohydrates and bad fats.
  • Fitness influencers and people who want to shred some pounds, keeping their macro counts help them to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.
  • Also, it is important for understanding what type of food your body needs and what type of food you’re giving to your body.

So, we can say that macro counting is of great use if you put it in your fitness journey.

How to hit your macro targets to accomplish your fitness goal?

Now, you may be convinced of the importance of the right number of macros in your diet, but one thing that may have probably stuck in your mind is what should be your macros target? No worries, we have covered you here as well.

The first thing that you have in your hand is your macro count by the macro calculator. You can hit your macro targets by simply following the outcomes.

But there are chances that you would not get 100% results, the reason is that everyone’s body is different from one another.

So before giving up on your goals, we recommend following these simple modifications in your lifestyle. Hope you would get your fitness goal soon.

Be consistent

Consistency is very essential because you cannot shed pounds overnight. Also, everyone’s body behaves differently when you change something in diet and lifestyle.

So, before deciding to change your diet, we recommend you stay consistent on your target for at least 3 weeks.

Check your workout routine

Working out at right time can seriously take you to the results that you think impossible to attain. Other than tracking macros, you must follow a well-planned workout routine.

Your workout routine helps you become stronger because it makes your muscles stronger that fastens the fat loss.

If being consistent and working out for straight 3 weeks is not helping you hit your fitness goal then you need to employ something else in your routine.

It can be done by cutting down overall calorie intake from your diet. The thing to keep in mind while cutting calorie intake is maintaining the right number of macros. For this, keep your protein intake high and use low-carb diet for the next three weeks, and see results.

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