Propane or charcoal barbecue?

We are in the middle of the barbecue season and the grill masters are splitting into two distinct clans: propane VS charcoal! These two cooking methods have their advantages and influence the taste of the meat differently. Before buying a new appliance, ask yourself what you will use it for and what your cooking preferences are. The word “barbecue” comes from a word of Amerindian origin in the West Indies designating a wooden panel used to roast or smoke meat. It is undoubtedly this roasted or smoked side that we are still looking for today.

It’s up to you to choose the device that will suit your meals!

Charcoal barbecue

hardwood lump charcoal is the result of a simple process we call charring, and it is the best type of charcoal. The objective is to reduce the mass of the coal by heating it with very little air so that it does not burn. This high level of control will allow you to vary the cooking temperature quickly.

Increasingly popular in Quebec, charcoal barbecue allows, among other things, to smoke food using wood chips. These give a different taste to food, depending on the origin of the chips used. If you cook pork, hickory shavings are great, while for red meat mesquite is the perfect flavor. Fruit trees (apple trees, cherry trees…) are ideal for flavoring fish or chicken.

Bbq charcoal

It should be noted the main drawback of the charcoal barbecue: it takes longer to heat up, it takes up to 25 minutes to reach the right temperature. However, this type of barbecue can be transported very well when camping, because the device is less bulky than the propane barbecue. You could wow your family with a recipe for smoked ribs with maple shavings, during your next picnic!

 “It’s more authentic, it gives a richer taste. This is an indication that you have taken the flame seriously.

Propane barbecue

Very versatile, the propane barbecue is easy to use, easy to maintain, and reaches the right temperature quickly, which simplifies meal preparation. Usually equipped with several adjustable burners, this type of appliance allows you to vary the direct or indirect cooking simultaneously. For example, you could cook asparagus on a backup rack, while grilling sausages on the other side. Rather practical, when you receive several guests at home!


It is wrong to think that using a propane barbecue will give food a gas aftertaste. In reality, cooking with propane allows food to retain its authentic taste, versus cooking with charcoal which adds a smoky taste.  If you opt for the propane barbecue, but still want to enjoy the smoky taste of your meat, you can get an adapter in the form of a wood chip container.

The smokehouses

There are also vertical smokehouses with three floors (for example the Weber Smokey Mountain). The first stage consists of a combustion tank, which raises the coal from the bottom to allow it to breathe better with the help of air inlets. The second stage comprises a bowl, in which water is added if one wishes to obtain more tender meat. It is also possible to add bourbon, wine, beer, or even apple juice, in order to flavor food. The third floor of course contains the grilles and air inlets. By evaluating how you will be using your barbecue, you will be able to choose the appliance that will best suit your needs. Whether it is charcoal or propane, remember to maintain your barbecue properly: if it is of good quality, you can cook your favorite meats on it for more than 10 years!


The trend to cook at home will not abate this summer. And who says summer also means grills and barbecues.

If the smell of your neighbor’s grilled steak makes your mouth water and you too want to get a barbecue, we have prepared a short guide for you to navigate through the variety of products available.

The majority of Malagasy households use charcoal as fuel. But did you know that it’s not just for lighting the fire? Here are 5 benefits of charcoal.

1) Charcoal promotes digestion

Charcoal strengthens digestion. It acts against substances that are harmful to health and regulates intestinal transit. This fuel is an excellent remedy for digestive disorders and diarrhea. Indeed, it intervenes effectively against bloating thanks to its ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

2) Charcoal detoxifies the body

Charcoal is known to absorb toxins that harm the body before expelling them. Considered the best decontamination agent, it acts against heavy metals, hydrocarbons, chlorides, pesticides, synthetic hormones, and drugs. Also, it is an excellent remedy against insect or snake venoms, but also against toxins produced by certain plants.

3) charcoal whitens teeth

Despite its black color, charcoal acts as an excellent whitener on teeth. If you run out of toothpaste at home, don’t panic, charcoal can do just fine!

4) Charcoal is great for the skin

Thanks to its detoxifying action, charcoal is an excellent cosmetic product. It eliminates toxins and impurities that attack your skin by absorbing them. To do this, use it as a mask. You just have to powder it and mix it with water. Note that it also prevents skin aging.

5) charcoal eliminates bad odors

Thanks to its absorbent property, charcoal helps you get rid of bothersome odors (in the refrigerator, in shoes). You just have to place a piece where the smell is coming from so that it sucks it in.

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