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How to Help Kids Stay Fit During Lockdown as Parents

Kids Stay Fit During Lockdown

According to studies, staying in a place without engaging in physical activities can lead to health issues. Most countries implemented a total lockdown in their respective countries as a result of COVID-19 happenings. Children and parents had to stay at home and avoid social places. Such a situation requires parents and guardians to implement measures to keep the kids fit while at home. offers the best tips on how to manage such a situation at home.

Such exercises do not only help kids but adults as well. In most homesteads, children have the habit of watching the television more than engaging in active activities. So, how can a parent motivate a kid to engage in physical exercises? It can be challenging to engage small kids in such practices, but that doesn’t imply parents should do nothing. There are many ways to convince small children to do the right thing. Read the tips below.

At-home exercises

The protocols require people to stay at home. We all know that the reliable place to conduct exercises is the gym, where there is adequate equipment for training. However, this does not imply that you can’t innovate creative ideas at home. As you stay in a lockdown, the WHO organization encourages individuals to take 180 minutes weekly and engage in good exercise.

The activities can vary. You can engage in cycling, jogging, or any other recommended exercise you can perform at home. The goal is to increase the oxygen intake and heartbeat rate. Still, you do not have to focus on vigorous exercises alone. Think of other activities that help to strengthen the muscles. These exercises are in plenty, and you can comfortably achieve them at home where there is no gym equipment. Examples include lunges, squats, jumping, pushups, and planks. You only need a good floor mat, and you are good to go. Sometimes the home space can be small, but as a parent, you can become creative and create some good space to exercise your daily goals. There are other productive activities you can conduct with your kids. It doesn’t have to be physical exercise. For instance, planting and watering vegetables in the garden, dancing to music, cleaning the home, and playing some games with the children.

Note: During the exercising, always take breaks after every hour of vigorous exercise. You can sit down and meditate or walk for some time.  Walking is one of the best ways to burn calories.

Stay Consistent.

When scheduling your daily tasks, bear in mind that physical activity must have its moment. It is better to conduct such exercises 30 minutes each day than to take three hours to perform the exercise after three days.

Sometimes, we can have the idea that we have essential activities to accomplish than the exercises. Such mentality will make a person remain inconsistent in the physical exercise activity. The best way to approach this issue is to use the concept of time blocking. You set aside time specifically for physical activity and stay committed to it.

Again, you can implement the concept of if-then thinking- With this concept, you include the exercise with other daily activities you have to accomplish. For instance, If I take the desserts, then I walk for 20 minutes; if I get up in the morning, I do ten pushups; if it is 6 PM, I do five squats. You can see that after every activity, there is an exercise waiting for you.


If you want to live a healthy life, you must incorporate physical activities into your daily routine. Even in moments of lockdown, the ideas of physical activities should still reign. You don’t have to be in the gym to achieve all these. To make sure to spend your time with kids to your fullest, check out child development research paper topics.

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