10 Look-Book Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Confused by ever-changing look-book trends? We have consolidated 10 trends you would want to watch and adapt if you want to rock through 2022!

1. Hygiene Matters

Your quest to find the top look-book trend of 2022 should begin with proper hygiene. The pandemic had a lot to contribute to the enhanced preference for keeping the body clean. The use of soaps or sanitizers became the new normal. Therefore, your favorite beautification brand adapted to following guidelines focusing on products that are safe to use.

This is predicted to be a popular look-book trend in 2022, as individuals maintain their devotion to their favorite beauty brands and purchase their products.

2. Minimal Makeup is In

Even before the pandemic, this was a prevalent tendency. On the other hand, Minimalist makeup is predicted to make a comeback in the future years. Even without using makeup accessories, people want to feel beautiful and self-assured.

Furthermore, detailed makeup processes take up a lot of time, and many clients do not have the time to devote to such routines. Simple make-up is guaranteed to be most favored. Minimal but effective application of beauty products is what would be a look-book trendsetter in 2022.

Right now, quiet beauty and natural skincare are all the vogue. As a result, many individuals are trying to figure out how to make their skin sparkle without using chemicals.

They want to say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace a healthier approach to maintaining beautiful skin on a daily basis. As a result, we will see more minimalist makeup in the future.

2. Lift Thy Lashes

Eyelash Lifting is a one-stop-shop for all your lash needs in 2022. Opting for Brow Bomb results in an eye-catching curl and lift of your lashes. You can expect fuller and longer lashes with a lash-lift. Natural lashes may be either straight or sometimes downward-facing. It gives your lashes a chunky and short look.

Mesmerize people with a lash tint, this year and become a part of this look-book trend. It’s the trifecta of excellence!

3. Eyebrows On Fleek

In 2022, brows appear to be considerably more natural, with far less pencil and powder being used to fill them in. To achieve on-trend brows, all that is required is a few hair strokes in bare regions. A smidgeon of clear gel to hold the hairs in place and provide a sheen will complete the look.

A gentle, modest arch appears to be having a trend right now. The emphasis is on creating a flowing curve rather than sculpting a sky-high arch.

Maintain a relaxed and natural brow, rather than digging in to enhance the arch. If you like, you can skip the highlighting beneath the arch.

Moreover, in 2022, the natural brow will be in vogue, with a focus on maintaining your natural contour while adding definition. It’s not as slim or as thick as it used to be; it’s more minimalist and streamlined.

This implies that all stray hairs are removed and thickness from the brow to the tail and a modest arch — nothing is overdone. Use slant tweezer (such as the Classic Slanted Tweezer) for best results.

The flat edge can be easily tilted to run parallel to the skin, allowing you to capture even thin hairs and draw them out more readily along the direction of hair growth.

4. Wing It Double

We established that the typical cat eye was a thing of the past in 2021. (at least for now). While the inverted cat eye was a major hit this year, we’re going for a double-liner look in 2022.

Celebs like Dua Lipa and Doja Cat have already embraced the look. And when Yara Shahidi didn’t shy away from clinching it, why shouldn’t you?

The beauty world has always shown special love to eyeliners. The latest trend, however, has taken things a little ahead. You can now enhance your looks by doubling or even tripling the graphic lines.

Unlike the standard, one-color liner we’ve seen in the past, this style has a greater impact and promotes color play. Makeup experts recommend combining blue, green, and white hues for a colorfully harmonized look.

5. Antibacterial Hair Products

Although we can’t see or feel it, our fingers are home to a slew of microorganisms. In addition, there are virus colonies that dwell on our skin. A person’s hair is also touched more than 40 times every day on average.

Although we can’t see it, bacteria and viruses are exchanged between your hair and fingertips. The hair has an adverse effect due to such elements. This is why scientists and specialists have been working to provide revolutionary hair-care products.

Antibacterial haircare may finally be available look-nook trend in 2022. Antibacterial haircare product lines, such as cleaning mists, antibacterial shampoos, and antibacterial moisturizers, are already being developed by a variety of beauty corporations.

These things should be able to fight off any germs or viruses, as well as provide antibacterial disinfecting chemicals that will keep your hair safe throughout the day.

6. Sustainable Luxury

Look forward to seeing more packaging innovation that is based on sustainability. True luxury will, in the end, be about 100 percent sustainable, from refillable lipsticks to biodegradable eye masks. There is still more work to be done, but we see some wonderful developments, which is quite exciting.

7. Dash of Drama with Alluring Lashes

Heavy and long lashes are often linked to the style statement of show-stoppers. That is why fake eyelashes and lengthy mascaras will be the latest preference. The expert beauticians recommend that one must cut the lash strip in three parts. Also, starting with longer and out end and then moving to middle and later to the shorter parts along the lash line.

8. Blue Light Protection

People have remained indoors or stuck due to the ongoing confusing pandemic crisis. It has raised the amount of digitization in our lives. People who had previously struggled to integrate technology into their daily lives were compelled to rely on it.

Because of their reliance on technology, many people have been over-exposed to blue light, which has been linked to skin damage. Beauty companies have seized the opportunity and begun developing unique solutions that reduce the effects of blue light on the skin.

The increasing preference for blue light protection clearly signifies that it would be a much-appreciated look-book trend-setting look for 2022.

9. The Charm Of Silky Smooth Skin

Color and formulations are predicted to be the most popular makeup trends in 2022. You can bet that everyone will be working for more environmentally friendly formulae and packaging. One can expect less superfluous packing and more focus on the effectiveness of products on resulting smooth skin.

Silky skin, which is a cross between dewy and fresh, will be highly popular. People are gravitating toward better skincare regimens and greater access to active ingredients than ever before.

10. All-White Serenity

This aesthetic is described as dreamy, ethereal, and futuristic. Korean beauty trends have had a big influence on us lately, and this one was a slow burner. Nonetheless, here it is.

Deeper skin tones and eye hues will make this look pop. Consider the music video for Ariana Grande’s Positions but in stark white.

But First, Here Are Some Christmas Ideas

Jennifer Hudson’s classic bombshell glam look

For a glamorous look, you cannot go wrong with Jennifer Hudson’s splendid bombshell glam look. Become the center of attraction with the deeply shaded crease on your eyelids blended with fluttery eyelashes. Enhance your beauty with red lips and rosy cheeks to make a style statement.

If you are concerned about getting the smoldering tone, try Sangria Lip Pencil. The Luxe Matte Lip color by Bobby Brown would be just perfect for best results.

Glittery Eyes

The Christmas season is finally here, and we may now confidently adorn our faces with glitter. The excitement and rush to start working on beautification and look-enhancement is all part of the fun of holiday times.

The good news is, one can choose from sophisticated and effective tips for shimmer application on the eyes. Be ready for a lovey and mature look! We’ve included some examples of how to make glitter eyes:

  • Begin with a subtle coat of glitter around eye edges
  • A splash of gold glitter on the eyelashes is the next look, that helps to draw the attention of people instantly. It would brighten your eyes without making them appear smaller
  • Avoid black eyeliner and use celebratory glitter flick
  • Go for the cat-eye trend and add particles of glitter to get the gripping look

Lips with a subtle sheen

Clare Mac, a talented makeup artist, produced this stunning, glossy, glittering lip, which we adore. Despite being as festive as they come, this lip look is really wearable, thanks to the mild shimmer of the gloss. Look for products that contain powdered particles so that they can be applied effectively.

Eyeliner In Green Or White

It is not necessary to go overboard with your Christmas cosmetics. Use a white liner for application to the outer and inner eye corners. Alternatively, you may adventurously try out the green eyeliner for flirtatiously beautiful eyes.

Oxyblood Lips

If you are up for a Goth look, then be prepared to impress everyone with oxyblood lips. Some might not prefer the full-on black lipstick as might not be a good fit for all and so options with extra-dark color, oxblood, can help get the same intensity.

Layer two deep purple-brown hues: Exfoliate lips and use a lip stain prior to lipstick for the most lasting power and smoothest-looking application. Recommended Dior Rouge lipstick (886 Enigmatic) with Nars Velvel Matte Lip Pencil (Train Blue).

Wrapping up, we hope this prediction helped you gain insight on the upcoming trends and gird your loins for the same!

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