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korean wolf cut

Your new Korean wolf cut will make you look daring and self-dependent. Are you up for the challenge? If so, read on to find out about fashionable Korean wolf cuts and styles. 

The Korean wolf cut female in the Philippines is the popular choice as it can be styled in a number of different ways and works well with a wide variety of hair types and lengths. It’s best to consult a specialist before setting on a hairstyle. 

With the hashtag “Korean wolf cut,” millions of people watched videos and read tweets that demonstrated how to get a Korean wolf haircut using only a high ponytail and some scissors. However, go to a barbershop if you want to look forward-thinking and contemporary with a wolf haircut.

The wolf haircut female is a result of mixing aspects of the traditional shag with the contemporary mullet. It features wavy strands at the ends and a lot of volume on top. 

What Is Korean Wolf Cut Haircut?

The wolf cut hairstyle allegedly has South Korean roots and later gained popularity on Tiktok. Many individuals are curious as to what a wolf haircut is. The conventional shag and a mullet are combined in the wolf haircut style. At the crown, it has thick layers, while the back has wavy ends.

The now-ultra popular wolf cut is jagged and full of texture, framed by delicate, graduated layers around the face and named for its untamed character. Favored in South Korean salons, the cut is easy and has choppy layers with a shorter front and tapering back.

Bangs & Korean Wolf Cut:

The short bangs of the Korean wolf cut are widely attractive. Any hair type, any hair color, and any outfit can all be worn with this textured cut. You can wear your hair down or in a ponytail if you wish to appear simple and humble.

Wolf Cut Female: 

However, everyone knows that the Korean woman looks like a doll with a Korean wolf cut hairstyle. It’s very seductive and very natural. Actually, the hairstyle should be like that. See, our collections in this category. 

1. Korean Hair Cutting: 

This cute haircut is done with long hair bangs at the end of the hair and shorter ones in the middle. This haircut takes off years from your age and it gives your face a fresher and younger look. This type of haircut is perfect for those who have a wider forehead. 

2. Korean Wolf Hair: 

A playful combination of the shag and a mullet is called a Korean wolf cut. It’s a woolly style with short layers up top that blend into curtain bangs that frame the face. Wolf cut is a favorite haircut in South Korean salons. The style is shorter in the front and tapered in the back which part is effortlessly jerky like a shag. 

3. Short Hair Wolf Cut:

Choppy layers on top and lengthier layers around the sides of your head define the wolf-cut hairstyle. And this fashion was influenced by the 1970s-era vintage rock ‘n’ roll trend. The wolf cut gets thinner as the hair grows out.

4. Chin-Length Wolf Cut: 

This shorter variation of the well-known wolf cut Korean is a wonderful way to rock the trend and is the best haircut for air drying. Around the top, there are choppy, short layers that gradually get longer toward the ends. The style is finished off with a thick front fringe.

5. Shaggy Korean Wolf Cut: 

To keep the volume concentrated at the top, the ends of this shoulder-length style are thinned out. The outcome is a pretty haircut that plays up the textured, disheveled ends without looking too out there.

6. Tamed Wolf Cut: 

With the small layers beginning lower down on the hair shaft, this wolf cut is a little more subdued. As a result, the top has less oomph but still has a wild, carefree appearance. This variant is ideal if you’re concerned that the traditional wolf cut is a touch too much for everyday wear.

7. Sleek Wolf Cut: 

Wolf cuts often emphasize volume, but with a few adjustments, folks with pin-straight hair may still pull this look off. You too may get this cold, futuristic style by utilizing color contrast and uniform layering.

8. Blunt Bang Wolf Hairdo:

Although curtain bangs with a Korean wolf cut female are more typical, we also really like how full blunt bangs look with this cut. A canvas with long, shaggy layers is ideal for textured waves.

9. Curly Wolf Cut: 

A wolf cut is also a great option for those women who have naturally curly hair. The wolf cut looks entirely different with an intense natural curl as opposed to waves or straight hair. The ultra-short layers and bangs of this style can be ideal for your ringlets if you subscribe to the “the bigger, the better” philosophy.

10. Wolf Cut & Micro Bangs: 

A wolf cut with short bangs is a trendy layered haircut. It’s a great option for ladies who are wanting to flaunt a tousled effortless style. Therefore, this hairdo is a comfort zone for those who can’t commit to a traditional mullet. However, here the significant thing is the hair length in achieving that layered shape. 

Do All Hair Types Suit The Wolf Cut?

The Korean wolf cut female is popular, but not everyone should have one. If you already have thick hair, it might be best to avoid getting a wolf cut unless you really want to add volume to your hair. A wolf cut looks best on someone searching for volume.

Wolf cuts don’t need many styles and have a carefree appearance. They also function on all hair lengths, albeit too-short hair tends to look less well-groomed than longer hair.

How Do Style A Wolf Cut? 

Your wolf hairstyle won’t be too difficult to style if the layers are cut properly. You’ll achieve a faultless, voluminous wolf haircut after daily spending two to three minutes in front of the mirror. Here are the fundamental actions to take:  

  • Keep it tidy and pristine.
  • Early in the morning, brush your hair.
  • Sprinkle the hair lightly with water, then use your hands to apply a pea-sized amount of hair gel throughout the top part. Alternatively, use a texturizer at the roots with a light mousse throughout the length, then lightly comb your fingers through the hair while you blow-dry it.
  • As desired, shape the bangs around your face.
  • To create a face-framing appearance, keep in mind to style the lower layers away from your face rather than curling them inward.

You Can Make Your Hair Look Better By Curling It: 

The Korean wolf cut looks well on various hair lengths and kinds.

Yes, if you were wondering, wavy hair does suit a wolf hairdo. Our naturally curly hair becomes even thicker and voluminous with the addition of layers.

Curls give hair a fuller, softer appearance and feel than straight hair does, and the result is a gorgeous style. You can look chic and subtle with a Korean wolf cut with bangs and hair that is loosely hanging across your face.

Why Is Korean Wolf Cut Called A Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut likely gets its name and features from the wild and untamed appearance of a real wolf. The cut’s shaggy layers have a subtle wolf-fur-like appearance. The wolf cut is well-liked by both sexes and has a shape that is very comparable to that of the actual lone grey predator.

Will you look good in The Wolf Cut?

Well, mindset is perhaps the key to the solution.

If you’re willing to play with retro imagery, enjoy mixing trends, and have fun with that sort of thing, the stylish wolf haircut will probably suit you. The majority of wolf cut adopters are younger than 25 active TikTok and Instagram users, but stylists believe this trend will soon transcend all age restrictions.

Relax if you’re concerned that your particular hair texture will prevent you from sporting a wolf cut. The majority of hair types and textures can use it. It goes without saying that the layers and volume look different on various types, but they still function.

Only if your hair is really fine and completely lacks structure should you definitely think twice before getting a wolf cut.

Does A Wolf Cut Suit Straight Hair?

In general, people with long, straight hair should wear this hairstyle. More suited to people with large curl ends and natural hair. You will then have the appropriate underlayer. Straight hair works incredibly well with wolf cut Korean.

Is A Wolf Cut Pricey?

Actually, no.

Most of the styles you’ve seen in our portfolio can be had for between $80 and $120 (price includes simple cut, styling, and blow-drying).

Since the layers must be cut correctly and at the correct angle so that they are easy to style later, the cut itself demands specialized expertise. This is something to consider when choosing a hairstylist.

Final Word:

The Korean wolf cut hairstyle has been inspired by the body hair and tall hair design of a real wolf. The lower part of the hair is layered on the shoulder in layer mode. Which is actually a mixer of the traditional shag and slight mullet. And after getting the style on the whole note, a woman gets a sexy look. 

Therefore, shoulder touching wavy layered look is only possible with straight hair. With super silky natural hair, women get an impressive look with the application of the Korean wolf cut hairstyle. 

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