How To Prep Your Hair Before Professional Styling?


Many people wonder about taking various steps before visiting the saloon. In professional styling, it is the most asked question and the most significant source of confusion. When it comes to hairstyling, it is all in the preparation. Although professional styling can create sleek, straight, or bouncy curls, the risk of hair damage is also present. Both physical and heat damage from brushing, towel drying, straightening, curling, etc., can happen if you are not prepared. Improper hair preparation can leave a professional stylist’s work wasted while damaging your hair, leaving them limp and lackluster. To ensure the best possible style, here are some tips and tricks to prepare your hair.


Fresh and clean hair feels excellent; however, it is difficult to work with freshly washed hair. Our hair has natural oils that keep them in condition and manageable. If you wash your hair right before a professional styling, it will appear dry. Additionally, there will be some static present preventing the hair from staying in place. Simultaneously, your stylist will want to work with clean hair; washing them before the process might prove counterproductive. Although it is not easy to work with washed hair, dirty hair is not a remarkable sight. Firstly, unwashed locks do not manage easily, and second, working on greasy hair is not a pleasure for anyone. Keep some details in mind to decide whether to wash or not before styling. These include:

  1. Remember that thick hair takes longer to dry, so washing them 24-hours before styling is most suitable. Thin hair dries quickly, and you can wash them some hours before your appointment. The point here is to determine the thickness so you can give them a better time to dry before appearing for a professional style.
  2. If your hair is dry, then it is best to wash them in the morning for an afternoon appointment. You can clean the hair at night if you have them in the morning. If you have dry hair, give them a wash 24-hours before styling time to allow necessary oil buildup. Keep your hair thickness in mind and wash accordingly.


When you see the most popular hairstyles of America, you will notice that styling starts with shampoo. Every professional hairstylist recommends proper shampooing to have the best style and high-volume. They recommend rinsing the hair with a shampoo that does not weigh them down. After the shampoo, use a blow dryer to remove the residue moisture. Use your fingers to untangle your hair, and then use a comb or brush. Ideally, use a natural bristle brush to have an extra luster in your hair. As a precaution, use a heat defense spray or mousse to protect your hair from heat damage from a blow dryer. 


There are different opinions about using hair products before professional styling. Some stylists suggest using mousse or gel after washing to hold the style; others do not recommend anything. It is best to consult your stylist about their styling method and recommendation about using a product. In this way, you will keep yourself in line with the necessary steps of professional needs before styling. It helps if you consider using hair products daily and continue the routing if it works.

On the other hand, if you let your hair rest without using any product, it is also a better styling approach. It all depends on the recommendation of your stylist and your hair condition. Following hair care tips is the best practice to keep yourself prepared before professional styling. 


An essential part of keeping yourself prepared before professional styling is to keep them healthy weeks prior. Have regular trims every four to six weeks to prevent split ends and dull hair. Split ends can cause even the best stylist to fail, and trimming them will keep them from dividing. Try to reduce the use of heated styling products like curling iron or straightener to avoid hair damage.  For curly hair styling tips we recommend reading what British Curlies has to say


Regular washing and shampoo is an essential part of keeping the hair healthy. You may also want to consider using good quality conditioner before getting professional styling. Regardless of whether you want a fancy hair do-over or professional styling, proper hair care is necessary. Remember to make it a practice and take care of your locks to achieve the best look. If you do not use a conditioner after shampoo, now is the best time to consider using it to achieve a healthy look in your hair. You will see the difference soon enough and have the beautiful hairstyle you always wanted.


According to hairstyling professionals, using volume powder makes hair more manageable and creates a matte appearance. Use a gel to straighten the hair or use a straightener to prepare. Here, the idea is to prepare your hair using various products and methods to ensure they remain in a suitable condition. Be sure to use the best quality products recommended by your stylist or use the right tools to keep the hair clean. Keep your hair prepared before your professional styling to achieve the look you desire.

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