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The world of fashion is a confusing one for sure. It also is the industry that constantly changes at a rapid pace, offering something new each and every day. It also differs a lot from a country to another one and even within individual nations. Every part of the world has its own approach to fashion and that is what makes it so popular in culture. Moreover, the modern fashion industry is more inclusive and diverse than ever, playing a big role in social change.

Besides the cultural aspect of the fashion industry, clothes are essentials as well. We wear them in different situations from gyms to business meetings and theme parks. All of these places need their very own, suitable pieces of clothing that are made by thousands of internationally acknowledged and successful designers, as well as retail chains and famous brands. These businesses, big-name brands, and individuals create the fashion industry which always is on front pages, read by millions of people around the world.

However, fashion was not always such a widely discussed topic. Rather, it was pretty much the opposite and the subject of a public taboo. Clothing was rarely discussed in middle or working-class families and communities up until the late 19th century. Even then, clothing was simply being appreciated for their practicality rather than beauty. Appearances were only important during significant public events, such as weddings, birthdays, or carnivals, as well as festivals and theater plays.

The early 20th century changed a lot as people started to wear more ‘situation appropriate’ clothing. For upper-class families and individuals, the casino became the place where they could unleash their wildest fashion dreams. High-end societies used to meet there to play card games that only the rich could afford. The most significant fashion trends within the gambling industry were in Canada, more particularly in the city of Montreal. Here, influenced by the French culture, casinos had some very unique, European uniforms leading to the uniform printing trends. They were later spread across the Americas, including in the United States.

Yet, the trend is being reversed now as more play Baccarat online in Canada than in casinos. The casino culture is being substituted by digital platforms that are more convenient than physical ones. This is only fair in the times when time is the most valuable asset one holds.

Yet, fashion remains to be big but in a different way. Some of the most influential shows across the globe in Milan, Paris, London, and New York actively advertise social responsibility and eco-friendly clothing brands. Leading fashion houses are bringing more innovation rather than purely posh-looking elegant pieces. For instance, Balenciaga, one of the most successful and significant companies focused on major social problems in its dystopian 2020 campaign video. The footage includes a road crossing plastic bag, as well as uncontrolled vehicle traffic.

All in all, the modern fashion industry is changing faster than ever before. More importantly, fashion is no longer a concept only affordable and known to the rich. Today, anyone can dress well without spending a fortune on pieces. Social media platforms play a crucial role in making fashion more accessible to people from different backgrounds. Thus, whatever your perception of the industry is, whether its to crash a party or to impress those around you on campus, here are some incredible fashion ideas for you and your group of friends.

T-shirts are always a great idea, plus incredibly practical

This is the one idea that works perfectly in any situation and for everyone. T-shirts are so simple yet immensely convenient, versatile, and practical. They can be worn with shorts, jeans or even classical trousers and there are so very many kinds of them. Some are more loos while others are tight and well-fit. All in all, when it comes to T-shirts, it is really difficult to go wrong.

The way one can wear them is also very versatile as the vast majority of T-shirts are not made with ultra-sensitive materials. Their fabric tends to be flexible and easily adaptable. Thus, feel free to wear them the way you want to, there are high chances that you will not manage to ruin them.

Moreover, in a general sense, T-shirts as well are much more affordable than specialized costumes or high-end clothing items. Thus, in terms of dressing up a group of people, T-shirts can truly be affordable for anyone.

When it comes to getting creative with T-shirts and groups of friends, the possibilities are practically endless. In recent years, a soaring number of advanced local custom t-shirt printing companies have been opening up, offering better quality fabric prints than ever before. Therefore, whatever you might want to put on the T-shirt, companies out there will most certainly be able to do it.

Groups of friends always have something in common: A TV or a movie show they all love, high school, or a mutually favorite joke. Therefore, in whatever way you want to use ‘the T-shirt opportunity’, do it for sure!

Bring some spice to it: replicate celebrity styles

The fashion world is dominated by international celebrities. They, in basic terms, tell us what to wear all year round. Some of the most iconic looks have been created by celebrities for award ceremonies, big Hollywood parties, or film premiers. They make international headlines and inspire millions of people around the world to experiment in fashion and try new, different styles out.

For instance, one of the most significant events that made a gigantic impact on fashion recently was the 2019 Met Gala, with the theme ‘camp’. Celebrities attending the event introduced real artworks in the shape of clothes under this incredibly complex and vague theme.

Replicating famous celebrity looks or styles can be an interesting and enjoyable activity for a group of friends. Divide the roles and try to impersonate some of your favorite celebrity looks from different events. For instance, recreate top Met Gala outfits and then storm some of your workplace, school, or a shopping mall. Everyone will notice the correlation between your group!

Come up with something profound and important

Every group of close friends has something very meaningful and special that only they share. Whether its a childish inside joke or something much more serious, it surely can be translated into outfits.

For instance, if you were to dress according to card suits that each one of you relates to the most, black color items would be for Spades, yellow for Diamonds, blue for Stars, and red for Hearts. Anything alike can be adapted to fashion! 

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