5 Best Travel Pants Styles for Women

Being able to travel is one of the best things you can do so but doing so in style makes it even better. There are so many fashion blogs out there dedicated to women, but what about travel pants for women? Women can’t be expected to wear maxi dresses and pencil skirts while traveling on an airplane or train for hours at a time. Pants are going to be a women’s best friend when it comes to traveling, but what style pants are available to women that make for great traveling pants? That’s a great question and one we’ve already answered for you. Here are the # best travel pant styles for women.

Ankle Pants

Ankle pants are ideal for traveling because you don’t have to worry about tripping over any extra fabric when you’re running to catch your plane. We recommend finding a pair of ankle pants that are tailored and slim-fitting for optimal comfort. When searching for the ideal travel pant style, look for ankle pants that are stretchy, breathable, and thermo-regulating. Almost all ankle pants come with pockets which is essential for traveling.

Pant Leggings

Pant leggings are slimming and form to your body to provide maximum movement. Feel like putting your feet up on the train or airplane? In these pants, you can. Most leggings these days come with pockets on the side of the thighs and in the waistband, which is perfect for stashing your headphones and passport. Not to mention, pant leggings are extremely flattering. They’re made of mostly spandex and sometimes part polyester. You can’t go wrong with this pant style.


Joggers is essentially a fancy word for sweatpants and who doesn’t want to wear sweatpants while traveling. Joggers offer the most comfort and when you’re looking for a pair to travel in, we recommend finding ones that come with pockets and a flexible waistband whether that’s with a drawstring or other material. Joggers are made of soft fabric and lightweight fabric so there’s nothing holding you down. If you keep up with fashion trends, then we’re sure you’ve seen a lot of hype over the athleisure trend. Pair your joggers with a tank top and denim jacket to pull off the ultimate travel look.

Hiking Pants

We know what you’re thinking and yes, we purposely added hiking pants to this list. Hiking pants have come a long way from the bulkiness and heaviness. These days hiking pants are made with lightweight, breathable material that is waterproof and wind and rain resistant. You can find a pair that’s slim-fitting or straight leg for the most flattering of the options available. What we love most about hiking pants is the breathable material and flexibility it offers. Of course, hiking pants wouldn’t be complete without pockets which is the icing on the cake and always a great thing when traveling.


Chino pants are Travel Pants that are made from 100% cotton making them extremely comfortable for any traveling needs. Most chinos for women are minimal meaning there’s no pockets or added features. They’ve been described as “genie” pants before, but for traveling purposes, you’ll want to find a pair that are more slim fitting and come with pockets. The style is out there and very practical for traveling. They’re lightweight, airy, and provide a lot of comforts. No one wants to be stuck in a pair of pants that aren’t breathable or that restrict movement while traveling which is why we’ve added this to our list. Regardless of your preference, there is a traveling pant style for every woman. 

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