10 Signs You Need Glasses

Visual impairment has become a common problem these days. Nowadays, when everyone has a mobile, tablet, laptop, and one cannot avoid its advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we will discuss some major symptoms that tell if your eyes are deteriorating or you need glasses or not. However, in the instance that glasses aren’t for you, contact lenses such as dailies aqua multifocal lenses might be :

Pain in eyes

Our eyes act as a lens that adjusts itself to see objects at different distances, whether it is a few feet away or on the other side of the road. If you find it difficult to see things that are far away, you have to work harder on your eyes, which results in symptoms such as pain and fatigue.


Pressure or tension in the eyes causes headaches because the eyes have to work harder to do their job which results in pain around the eyes, especially after reading a book and blogs like Huffpost continuously over the laptop, or looking at the board. If you are doing something with attention, take a break of fifteen to thirty seconds.

Frequently shrinking your eyes

Closing your eyelids slightly makes you look clearer, which means your eyesight is deteriorating. Shrinking your eyes helps you see better, but doing so for too long can make your eyesight worse and cause headaches.

Having difficulty seeing in bright light

If the eyes start to sting in the bright light, it means that the vision is deteriorating because this bright light forces the eyes to shrink, as a result of which it has to work harder. Our sensitivity to eyes is highly increased.

Frequently adjusting the computer

If you have difficulty working on a computer while sitting in a normal place, it may be your eye problem, not the screen because distant or near-sightedness, in the case of sitting near or far from the computer, does not look right and your feel the need to adjust it back and forth. 

Very blurred or double vision

Your two eyes form two kinds of images, which the brain combines to form one but when the vision of one eye is deteriorating, the image formed in the brain is not correct, which makes one feel sick. According to experts, in such situations, the brain sees two different images and it is difficult to combine them. If this happens you may have complaints of vomiting, blurred vision, or dizziness. 

Vision like floating or “spider web”

These are the kinds of spots in our vision. For an old man, experiencing such a floating vision is quite natural as it appears with age. But for a child or a young person, such experience is not a normal thing. It may indicate some weak eyesight and must be checked immediately.

Lack of concentration on daily activities

Are you tired of managing your daily tasks? Are you upset about not performing your duties well? It could be due to your hectic routine or due to something unusual happening to your sight. Your daily affair like walking, watching T.V, tablet, or working on a computer screen, driving may be highly effective because of your poor eyesight. It reduces our ability to focus and participate in activities that stimulate our brains. 

Itching and burning eyes

Itching and burning might be because of some inflammation, due to bacterial and viral infection. This condition is treated with timely diagnosis and medical treatment from our consultant. But, if the problem persists, it may lead to blepharitis – see here Repeated scratching of eyes with fingers is a common symptom of itchiness that can be the result of poor eyesight.

Tired and sleepy

When you have taken sufficient sleep overnight what causes you to desire more sleep? When we are suffering a headache, pain in the eyes, blurred vision, and inability to focus on anything, we get tired. We feel lazy and sleepy all the time. This is because something is stopping us to keep our eyes open. That “something” might be a drastic decline in the health of your eyes. We must immediately rush towards our doctor for our eyesight checkup. 

We see glasses are worn from an early age, but if you try, you can protect your eyes from premature ejaculation or aging. You may avoid wearing spectacles with precautions and medication prescribed by a doctor. Even if you have constantly worn your spectacles since the time of your diagnosis is it possible that there will be not much damage anymore.

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