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How You Need to Dress for the Moving Day


“ What to Wear on Moving Day? ” is perhaps a question many individuals have before the moving day arrives. Being the busiest and most stressful day, you need to give some thought to what to pick for the day.

Read on, as we talk about a practical guide on dressing for your moving day:-

Wear Close-Toed, Comfortable Shoes

With household items being packed, it is easy to accidentally step on anything or damage anything as fragile as a glass shield or anything valuable.  So, to avoid any such accidents from happening, set aside close-toed, comfortable shoes to wear on the moving day.

Since you will be on your toes throughout the day than usual, opt for runners that you can handle running around for hours without feeling uncomfortable.  Having anti-slip soles for better protection & traction would be an added advantage.

Your sandals, high-heels, and flip-flops must be better off packed safely rather than wearing them on your moving day.

Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Even if you’re not lifting boxes, moving is no less than a physical workout.

Check the weather forecast a day or two before, so that you can plan your clothing accordingly. Forget about fashion, what matters is your comfort.

If it’s chilly outside, then wear layers that can shed the cool breeze. And, a light shirt and shorts is a perfect combo for a sunny day. If possible, consider wearing clothes made out of breathable fabric, especially during the summers.

One thing to note here is that even during the winters, do not wear extra layers of warm clothes elese the strenuous activities would make you sweat.

Clothing with Pockets

It is the easiest way to keep all the important stuff such as house keys, wallet, and smartphone all the time with. When packing you can have by your side all the small items like scissors, tape, screws, etc. These pockets could be handy for last minute furniture disassembly.

What NOT To Wear On Moving Day?

  • Avoid wearing heavy or expensive jewellery on the moving day, especially long ones as they can easily hook on something, get damaged, and even harm you. 
  • Baggy clothes may be best for casual events, but not on your moving day.
  • Do not wear new clothes as they may get dirty.
  • Do not wear half-sleeved shirts and skirts, as bruises & scratches you can expect on your moving day.

Work Gloves

One thing which is probably last on the list is wearing a pair of work gloves. Hand protection is imperative as you will handle a lot of awkward-shaped and heavy items with your hands.

Wearing work gloves protects your fingers, wrists, fingers from getting scraped or scratched while lifting items.

Hiring Moving Experts to Take Burden Off Your Shoulders

You can devote time to picking the right clothes for you and your family when you have hired a trustworthy local removalist in Brisbane. Click on and speak to one of their representatives to plan the move.

They will take care of other essential aspects of moving, spanning from packing to loading & unloading your valuables at your new address. However, don’t trust any other moving company; research well to narrow down on the best.

Get more than one estimate, compare the pricing and factors like industry experience, service adds-on to make a thoughtful decision. When obtaining the moving estimate ensure that your mover is aware of the items to be moved. The cost increases if you add something you did not mention in the moving estimate.

Check if your moving agency is insured; what if something valuable gets damaged? Who will pay the compensation? To avoid such a scenario, paying a few dollars extra for insurance is a wise decision. And, finally, pay close attention to the contract. Your mover will issue a bill of lading, which is a legal contract between the client and the mover. Ensure you carefully read the document before you sign it.

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