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Does Microsoft Certification Have High Gold Content?

Microsoft Certification

The Introduction of Microsoft Certification:

Microsoft certification examination is a senior computer technician certification examination launched by Microsoft. It is the globally recognized computer software senior talent certification, issued by Bill Gates certificate in more than 90 countries have been recognized. Microsoft certification represents the technical strength of enterprises and individuals, and its owners can enjoy high employment opportunities, high salaries, free treatment of related studies all over the world, and even in some countries in North America, it can be used as the technical assessment standard for immigrants. At present, Microsoft has more than 120 authorized examination centers in China. There are four kinds of Microsoft Certification in China: Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCP), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Software Development Specialist (MCSD), and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA).

Features of the Certification:

Microsoft certification examination is different from the general computer universal examination, its main purpose is to cultivate senior computer professionals. The content subjects of the Microsoft certification examination have strong pertinence. They are all aimed at the products of different stages of Microsoft this site. After upgrading the products, the content, type, and even quantity of the examination should be changed accordingly. There is no fixed time for the exam, you can go to the authorized exam center to register at any time, if it is your first time taking the test, the registration must provide detailed personal information, such as the name, name of the Chinese Pinyin, the company’s English name, English address, telephone, postal code, ID number, etc.; Provide exam information, such as exam number, exam name, exam language, and exam date; and pay the examination fee. The issuance of the certificate is generally responsible for the certification company, part of the certification company’s website home page has results and certificate inquiry function, you can use the examinee’s ID number to land inquiry. Certificate issuing period of each company slightly different, generally for a month.

The Content of Microsoft Certification Examination:

The content of the Microsoft certification examination is very professional, mainly includes the following aspects:

1、 Operating system (Windows NT 4.0 installation, system configuration, account management, file and printer resource management, remote access service, domain planning and building and management, enterprise domain model design, NT network analysis and optimization and troubleshooting, etc.)

2、 Windows 2000 (Windows 2000 platform series, installation, DNS, active directory, remote installation service, group policy, terminal service, file and disk management, disaster protection, directory service foundation, naming policy, permission delegation, active directory logical structure, object structure, implementation, etc.)

3、 Network technology courses (network design, implementation of protocol networking, network connection, planning, configuration, management, monitoring, etc.)

4. Database (installation, configuration, and management of database, security management, backup and recovery of the database, performance adjustment, user account management, multiple table query, transaction processing, view, storage process implementation, etc.)

5、 Development Engineer (database development, com development, MFC development, collection and analysis of business needs, design of business solutions, design of data services and data models, etc.) 6. E-commerce (creation of network industry, creation of COM components and use of MTS, establishment, maintenance, and optimization of e-commerce sites, etc.).

of data services and data models, etc.) 6. E-commerce (creation of network industry, creation of COM components and use of MTS, establishment, maintenance, and optimization of e-commerce sites, etc.).

The Candidates of Microsoft Certification:

The requirement of the Microsoft certification examination is high for the examinee. They must master basic computer knowledge and have certain computer operation skills to apply for the examination. At present, there are three kinds of people who take part in the examination:

The first group is young people who are ready to go abroad, immigrate or study abroad, if they have a Microsoft certificate, it is relatively easy to find a job abroad, and the salary should be higher. Some schools abroad can also exempt some credits;

The second group is people who are working or preparing to work in the IT industry. Product upgrades or technical improvements require employees to improve their skills as well.

A third group is a small number of students in school, they are preparing for finding a job in the future.

Comments on Microsoft Certification:

A person in the industry said that Microsoft certification has the highest popularity in foreign IT certification, and the number of people who take the exam and pass the certification is also the largest because Microsoft has the largest market share in computer operating system, so it has more significance to pass the Microsoft certification. Researcher Zhong Cuihao, a doctoral supervisor of the Institute of software research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that some multinational enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have higher requirements for their employees, especially in the IT industry. Microsoft certificate has almost become a gate pass to apply for. Without its certificate, its products can not be made well. So if you want to work in Microsoft, you must get a certificate of Microsoft.

Microsoft certification is an exam of the ability and level for computer technologists to use Microsoft’s software products, which is presided over by Microsoft, the leader of the global software industry. Before the examination, Microsoft Certified Senior Technology Education Center (CTEC) located in all parts of the country will train the trainees, so as to improve the technical level of technicians and users of Microsoft in the fields of software development and application, guide the trainees to master the key technologies of Microsoft application software and improve their ability for developing and using the software. After the authorized training by Microsoft, the computer science and technology personnel who have passed the Microsoft exam will obtain the Microsoft technology certificate in the corresponding software field issued by Microsoft. This certificate can prove that the holder’s working skills in the corresponding field are highly authoritative and valid in the world.

1.Participants in the Microsoft certification training examination will receive the following benefits:

(1). Public certification: it can obtain the expert certificate issued by Microsoft headquarters, signed by the president of Microsoft, and recognized by the world.

(2). Technical support: get the latest technical information of Microsoft directly and participate in the technical activities organized by Microsoft.

(3). Good for job hunting: Microsoft Certification expert certificate is the evaluation reference for foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises related professional priority employment and technical title, and is a reliable guarantee for obtaining high position and high salary.

(4). Immigration: This certificate is a reliable guarantee for foreign job hunting, which will be conducive to students’ skilled immigration and settlement abroad.

2、 Categories and the general process of Microsoft certification examination:

Microsoft technical certificates are divided into seven categories. The following is a brief introduction:


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. The certificate holder will be able to provide effective system planning, system implementation, system maintenance, and information system support for users using Microsoft Windows NT Server and Microsoft BackOffice.


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet engineer. The certificate holder will be able to manage and configure Intranet and Internet in the IT industry. It includes the Browser, Proxy Server, Host, Web Site and DataBase.


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. The owner of this certificate will be able to build commercial applications based on distributed network environment for Microsoft’s software development tools ( DataBase System, Application Design such as MS SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Transaction Server).


Microsoft Certified Professional. The owner of this certificate needs to have certain expertise in one of Microsoft’s products. They can also further strengthen their ability to use Microsoft software products by taking part in other Microsoft certification examinations.

5、MCP+Site Building

Microsoft Certified Professional + Site Building. The owner of this certificate will be able to use Microsoft’s technology and products to design, build, manage and maintain the site, especially to build interactive pages, multimedia databases, and search engines.


Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet. The owner of this certificate has the specialty of the Internet, which can ensure the security of the network, install, configure and manage the server products and resources, monitor and analyze the status of the network, and eliminate network faults to a certain degree.


Microsoft Certified Trainer. The owner of this certificate must have the ability to go deep into Microsoft’s official courses in both teaching and technology.

How to participate in Microsoft Certification:

To participate in the Microsoft qualification examination, you should have a certain level of English (because all the examination questions are in English, so you should have an English level equivalent to CET-2 or CET-3, so you can understand the requirements of the questions), and have a certain operating basis of Windows operating system. You can enroll in any of more than 800 authorized test centers(APTC: Authorized Prometric Testing Center) around the world (APTC list in China is attached).

Before the examination, you should determine first the number of subjects to take the examination according to the course requirements of the certificate, and then register at the nearby overseas registration center to pay the examination fee. The examination must be conducted within one year after payment. Candidates can inform the examination center of their intention to take the examination six weeks in advance, or at least one working day before the examination. If you contact the overseas registration center at least two working days before the examination, you can cancel or reschedule your examination. Note that some places allow registration on the day of the exam, but it must be done no later than two hours before the exam.

After registration, candidates will receive the confirmation letter of registration and payment from the overseas registration center. Then candidates can contact the authorized examination center nearby and arrange the examination schedule. After the test schedule is arranged, candidates will receive information about the agreed instructions and registration process, the necessary certification requirements for the test, and the location of the test center. Candidates can then plan according to the above operational requirements and take part in the certification examination. (Note: you can sign up for the exam directly without going to the training center authorized by Microsoft.)

The Process of Certification:

1、 Identify the items to be certified and carefully consider the subjects to be examined.

2、 Choose the exam site.

3、 Sign up and make an appointment for the exam.

4、 Take the exam.

Appendix: Rules of Examination Room

1.Making a appointment for the examination.

Different exam sites arrange different exam time, so you should choose exam sites according to our own time arrangement.

After determining the exam site, you need to go to the exam center to make an appointment more than three days in advance (different test sites).

Fill in the registration form of the examination center (in Chinese and English); pay for it.


Candidates should bring valid certificates to enter the examination room at least 15 minutes in advance;

Candidates should sign on the registration form;

Reading exam rules;

Sign the examinee examination room agreement;


Hand in the draft paper, print the examination results, and seal it;

Sign off on the sign in form.

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