9 Simple Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Making time for exercise is already challenging. It becomes considerably more difficult around the holidays. Our regular diet and exercise routines can easily get disrupted by hectic holiday schedules loaded with shopping, traveling, events, and an unending supply of enticing baked treats.

While maintaining your fitness objectives and following an exercise plan can be challenging during the holidays. There are better times to begin setting extreme weight loss goals.

However, with a few tips to help you through the season and keep you healthy and strong, there’s no reason you can’t have fun.

Examine the following suggestions for staying active throughout the holidays so you can begin the new year feeling energetic rather than passive.

Never try to bank calories or skip meals

It might appear excellent on paper to skip meals ahead of time so you can consume more pie at your upcoming Christmas party. However, saving calories frequently makes us hungrier and can lead to a later binge. As a result, you may likely end up eating even more calories.

It might also lead to blood sugar crashes, making you feel lethargic and restless. It may even set off headaches and migraines in some people.

In the long run, skipping meals might cause the body to slow down its metabolism to maintain the energy it needs to operate. Even if you continue to eat the same quantity of food, it can result in a weight increase.

Eat meals with high protein content and snacks frequently throughout the day to maintain your blood sugar even. You might also try to consume fewer carbohydrates and sugars. So, you won’t be tempted to consume the entire plate of grandma’s sugar cookies when you want to indulge later.

Maintain a Routine

Enjoy your holidays because it could be the only opportunity to see some of your loved ones and friends. Even if maintaining your schedule could be challenging, try to keep close. Work out three days a week instead of your usual five.

Find out if the hotel where you are staying has a fitness center. The afternoon is the ideal time to exercise. Your body temperature, protein synthesis, and response time peak at this time. So, take advantage of the holidays, get some rest, and then get going.

Eat Small Portions of Food

Eating smaller servings is the easiest way to control portion size. It allows you to indulge in your favorite meals and sweets. When eating out, place your order with the expectation that you’ll have leftovers. The added benefit of eating the leftovers for breakfast the next day allows you to enjoy the meal in a healthy portion.

If you choose a dessert, think about splitting it with another person so you can enjoy the taste and aroma without eating the entire serving. At home, it’s just as simple to consume fewer portions with the added gratification of enjoying leftovers the following day.

Sometimes, you can transform it into a new meal, such as using leftover steak and vegetables to make a delectable stir fry.

Move Around

Being active and moving around will be essential because it helps you burn calories. And while activities that raise your heart rate are excellent, less demanding exercises are also beneficial.

Keep moving by doing the simple things. Stroll around the mall before you begin shopping, park further away, and skip the elevator. You can even set a phone alarm to remind you to get up and move about for ten minutes every hour you sit down.

Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

Sleep is crucial for making the most of your awake time. Your hormones become out of balance when you don’t get enough sleep, which makes you crave fatty and sweet foods and makes you feel drowsy.

You become less inclined to exercise when you lack sleep. Plan about 8 hours of undisturbed sleep per night to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Going to bed and waking up at the exact time each day is also beneficial. The clarity, vigor, and positive attitude you’ll experience the next day will astound you.

Of course, enjoying yourself is the most crucial aspect of the holidays.  Give yourself the luxury of maintaining your health to make the most of it.

Eat a Meal Before Leaving the House for a Party

Despite their fantastic taste, most holiday events don’t always offer healthy food options. Before leaving the house, eat complete meals like lean meat at home. Even a protein bar can help you feel fuller and satisfy cravings, which can prevent you from overeating at parties.

Be Moderate with Alcohol

The holidays are a time to celebrate, and often you take alcohol with family and friends. In contrast to the typical glass of wine or pint of beer, extra expensive and sparkling holiday cocktails are typically loaded with sugar and pack a hefty caloric punch. Taking them in excess can lead to bloating and weight gain.

You should have fun because the holidays only occur once a year. But be aware of how much alcohol you consume.

Plan an Exercise Routine Ahead

When traveling, being well-prepared can make a huge difference. Spend some time considering your alternatives so that you are prepared for anything.

Find local gyms and inquire whether they offer day passes or allow visitors to use their facility if you are staying with family. Ask your relatives or friends if they have any exercise equipment you may use, such as an electric tricycle or a treadmill.

Create practical workouts that only need a little room or equipment. Look for nearby hiking, running, or park trails. Make an effort to arrange your activities in advance.

You’ve already decided to exercise, even if you have to adjust it, which will probably happen when you travel. When you have things planned out, it is simpler to stick with it than when it is last-minute.


Constantly sip water. Drinking water before meals can help you maintain your weight or even lose it. And you require all the assistance you can get over the holidays.

Additionally, if you’re consuming alcohol, you must accompany each cocktail with a glass of water to stay hydrated and avoid hangover symptoms.

Staying Fit on Holidays

It can indeed be difficult to keep fit with all the events during holidays.

The good news is that just because life becomes busy around the holidays doesn’t mean you have to abandon your health goals. You can keep up your exercise routine and feel your best with some preparation and flexibility.

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