Team FNB

Pawan Agrawal
(Publisher & CEO)
The man behind it all. With a 3 decade publishing experience Mr. Pawan Agrawal leads the team through his experience and the swag that most people would dream to achieve. A simple man at heart and a businessman in his mind he chalks the path for the entire team.
Urvashi J Agrawal
Our Editor in Chief, is the true inspiration behind the magazine, A poet & a true cooking lover with an experimentalist in the kitchen. Her vision guides the entire team through our daily grind and keeps us glued to what’s most important, THE FOOD. Her delicacies are a must try whether be it out of the blue lunch parties at the office or well planned dinners at her residence, she exuberates class and perfection in anything she does.
Ashish Chopra
Sr. Consulting Editor
A culinary historian, Ashish Chopra dedicates his quality time to pursue his passion for food. With him, he has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide the editorial content of the magazine.
Diana Mehra
(Assistant Editor)
Famous for her cut throat reviews and scrupulous editing skills Ms. Mehra is very practical and to the face when it comes to editing or accepting the content that forms our beloved Food and Beverage Buzz Magazine. A published author, she keeps the content fresh and intriguing for our readers.
(Manager, PR & Communications)
We would not be wrong giving her the title for the backbone of the entire magazine operations. A bubbly and a cheerful personality, Ms. Natasha makes it all possible starting from follow up’s with the writers, managing PR and media, inter office communications…. The list is endless.. In true sense she is the backbone of entire operations.
Vishal Kishor
Manager: Sales & Marketing
He handles the business stuff which is slightly boring in consideration with the creativity this magazine entails, but it's highly important and Mr. Kishore manages the entire end with utmost integrity and passion.
Manish Kumar
(Sr. Graphic Designer)
To Manish design is neither arbitrarily good nor bad. Rather, he sees it as “effective” or “ineffective” and is energised by working in that rational framework. He is a digital designer by trade but his passion for design keeps his eyes open to all things. As any designer should be, he is observant, genuine, and somewhat obsessive; specially about pizza.
Alka Sharma
(Sr. Graphic Designer)
She is a one woman army, with the design skills that can leave you awestruck. Ms. Sharma is responsible for the mind boggling designs that enhance the foodie in all of us. Extremely hard working she packages two magazines in a matter of days.
Sonia Shaw
(Seo Executive)
Yes we are social and all credit goes to Ms. Sonia, whether be it facebook, instagram or twitter she manages it all. The quirky yet thought after tweets are her speciality and keeps our followers and connections in constant engagement.
Prem Kumar
(Accounts Manager)
Every project needs someone who could crunch numbers and keep us on the right track, while we focus on the creative side. Mr. Prem Kumar our Accounts Manager keeps our banking and paperwork in good shape, a hardworking man whom you can bank upon, quite literally.
Abhishek Bhargava
(IT Executive)
Jolly, hardworking and dedicated, Abhishek is wired with charm and plays the wizard in IT. He assists the team wherever he can and takes a big leap to learn whenever he can. He is the heartthrob of every computer in the office.