Figs That For Your Health

One of the world’s oldest trees, the fig tree can be traced to the earliest historical doucments and features prominently in the Bible. Figs or anjeer, are seasonal fruits which have been used for ages for various health benefits.

Feed your Feelings With Food

Today, we are used to eating when we are sad, happy or semi-conscious on the sofa watching TV. Food no longer just about nourishment; it’s an emotion. To know more Click here  

Luxurious Indulgence

On the occassion of the International Women’s Day, we bring to you a range ofspa treatments to pamper yourself to the fullest. To know more Click here   

Winters Nurture Your Skin

Winter is the season to snug in woolen clothes but the cocoon of winter clothes doesn’t protect our skin from its dryness. Winter skin remedies are needed to keep the skin moisturised, healthy and glowing! To know more Click here    

Maintaining a Healthy Heart What We Need To Know

South Asians have a genetic predisposition to heart diseases. Food and lifestyle amplify these risk factors to a great extent. By making changes to the food you eat and your lifestyle you can reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke. To know more Click here