Celeb Talk

Deepika Padukone

Delectably Yours- Deepika Padukone, Though she is at the zenith of her career, Deepika still aspires to be better. She likes to face her fears and loves new challenges. The girl with dimples-to-kill for gets rather excited when takling about food…  To know more Click here

Shah Rukh Khan

Living through the Magic of Romance with SRK.. He might be the ‘King of Romance’ and the ‘Badshah of IShq’ but the one thing Shah Rukh Khan truly loves is ‘simple, home-cooked food’. In the month that celebrates love, he insists that the best way to woo a girl is with a romantic tune on … Continue reading “Shah Rukh Khan”

Aamir Khan

I am Either Bingeing or Dieting.. Aamir Khan- The Aamir’s transformation from fit to fat and vice versa for his recent movie Dangal was not easy is common knowledge. However, what many people may not know about the perfectionist actor is that Aamir Hussain Khan actually has an eating disorder because of which he binge … Continue reading “Aamir Khan”