Delhi Lunch Dilemma !!


When it comes to food the entire city is like one giant eatery. From street food to the fine dining, Delhi plates some of the most exciting cuisines cooked in variations and hence the dilemma what to eat and where ?

The streets of Delhi offer quick and comfort food for the revellers whether be it shoppers on the wedding shopping spree, or students or just people out and about. The streets provide ample choice to suit and satisfy every craving. Although I would love to go out for a street food mania walk but the weather just doesn’t seem to let the heat off hence I would be trying a Fusion Asian restaurant and as the talks go about all the Asian served up in India is very Indianised considering the subtle flavours enjoyed by the Asians and the boombox flavours enjoyed by the Indians. Till the time it tastes good everyone’s happy.

So being in Chanakyapuri, I decided to drive down to Malcha Marg and try Side Wok, a pan asian restaurant. I think “try” would be a wrong word to use as I have eaten at the restaurant more than a few times, but for the sake of this blog let’s consider this as my first visit as a blogger. That should work. Yeah.

The restaurant’s located at the first floor, the ambience is modern but a little dull for my liking but probably it’s just me. The Menu is compact but covers most of the authentic dishes that you might expect to find. Drinks menu is non existent when it comes to alcoholic beverages, as they do not have a licence to serve liquor. Considering the bright sun and my craving for a cold beer it was a let down but hey, there was still hope, Side Wok has another restaurant called Fezz at the ground floor which has the licence so you might have to move, have your beer downstairs and then climb back up for the food. There’s a little bit of work involved but when you need a beer, you need a beer !!!

That said, I had my beer and came straight back up. I had ordered my staple “Crispy Honey Chicken” as the starter. And as always the chicken blew my mind yet again, this dish never disappoints and I hope in the future never will. Crispy, Sweet and Spicy it’s a fusion to die for and Side Wok does it perfectly. Do not forget to ask for their amazing peanut sauce as it goes best with this chicken.

After devouring the Starter, it was now time for main course and I had ordered Thai red curry Chicken and a portion of fried rice. Side Wok is pretty generous in its portions so if you are dining alone like I was please be careful, you will end up with a lot of food so make sure you work up an appetite. The main course tasted great with the curry Indianised to suit the local flavours and potentially you can’t go wrong with the fried rice per se. After the meal, it was now time to reveal the fortune and trust me it was not at all amusing.

All eaten and done Side Wok, is a great restaurant, serving great Asian food. Ambiance could do with a little makeover. Experience wise a thumbs up.

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